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6-word memoirs

Feb 22, 2016




6-word memoirs. YOUR Own . Memoirs. Memoirs are a literary nonfiction genre much like an autobiography. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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6 word memoirs

6-word memoirsYOUR Own MemoirsMemoirs are a literary nonfiction genre much like an autobiography. However, unlike an autobiography, which tells a complete life story, a memoir tells a story from someones life, such as one event or memory OR an overall theme that has helped shape him/her as a person.

Not Quite What I wasPlanning, a collection of Six-word memoirs, the stories aresometimes sad, often funny andalways concise

Sample 6 word memoirs

Sample 6-word memoirs

Sample 6-word memoirs

Sample 6-word memoirs

The slide on the right has multiple 6 word memoirs. The last one(the baby shoe one) has been cut off, but was on the second slide of examples.6Starting Your own 6-word memoirReflect on events, themes, and memories (both good and bad) you have experienced in your life thus far. In your notebook list out these events, themes, and memoriesConsider what is most important to you & choose your top idea for your own memoir

How to write a great, concise memoir1. Make your six-word memoir personal and honest.2. Use the six-word requirement to inspire creativity, not limit it.3. Think about the emotion/tone you wish to express.4. Put the six best words in the best order to express exactly what you want to communicate.5. Consider where you will place capital letters and punctuation marks.6. Start drafting!