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6 New YouTube Ads Features to Try Next Year

May 01, 2021




Plenty of brands already know about the incredible advantages connected to YouTube Ads, including the fact that mobile ads receive viewer attention around 83% of the time, which is significant. They’ve been proven to drive brand awareness, increase brand recall, and boost sales. In order to get results, though, you need to always be at the top of your game so you can connect with users in the most effective and meaningful ways possible. Sometimes, this means adapting to new changes on the platform and updating your campaigns accordingly, and there’s no time to do that like moving into a new year!

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YouTube’s ad platform doesn’t seem to roll out major new features quite as fast as other social PPC systems, but the past two years have given us some great developments. Whether these features are new to everyone or new to you, make sure that you’re including any of these new YouTube ad features in your campaigns in 2020.