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5 Hidden Problems slashing at your eCommerce Stores

Oct 18, 2014



Get the hidden problem that can slash your e-commerce stores and fix it soon.


5 Hidden Problems slashing at your eCommerce StoreseCommerce Software for Indian SMEs

5 Hidden Problems slashing at your eCommerce Stores

You have all the latest designs and tech-wiz in your e-store. It could also have some of the best brands and the most classy of attractive deals. But when you create your e-site you could have unknowingly used a few things that inhibit your progress even without your knowledge. You probably dont even know what they are and how badly they might affect your business. Well no problem! Lets sort this mess out.

1. Emphasis of Headlines

Yes the first word with headline is catchy. But using them makes me personally feel really desperate. Like my page is screaming Read me! Please read me! But then it doesnt matter what you feel. If it sells, use it and sell.

Headlines outperform to images almost always. Glittery and attractive pictures are no match to a smartly written header. Research shows that people only scan the first couple of words in a headline before they make their decision to leave or stay. Frankly you bet a lot on the heading. It is just one line that is responsible to not only convey your message to the viewer but also grab the focus of your customers.

It should be crisp, clear and concise. You have a limited time to confront your visitors with your purpose. And if they dont like what they see there is a rare chance they will buy what you have to offer. So put up the best and most amazing few words together to add juice and substance to your titles.

2. Avoid the register option

I know these options are very well intentioned. In fact they are to make the site more interactive and user-oriented. But they are usually a huge turn off for any potential customers. It generally implies the person cannot access stuff on your site without first signing in. And signing in is not as easy as eating an ice-cream. On the contrary its as difficult as making ice cream at home. Its a bogus task with a lot of tapping on the keyboard and thinking and then typing some more. And it just keeps going on. What is the point of registering on a site when you can buy stuff on a little lesser site without the formalities?

So usually when users encounter this option even remotely, they back right off the sites home screen. Avoid the whole thing until absolutely necessary. And if you cant do without this information I advise you to keep it all super short. With only a couple of really significant details like the name and email-id, as this might not deter your customers very highly.

3. Optimum Navigation Mechanisms

Once upon a time when the internet was just the World Wide Web and there was no google searching anything on it for information was an exasperating and annoying task. Not only this but the task was generally a rather unpleasant failure too, because however hard you might try there was no way you could locate what you wanted.

Now however Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has made the world easier and everybodys temper a lot cooler. Information is really easy to seek and use but more importantly it is now accessible for common man.

Now imagine an eager buyer who is scrolling through some of the sites for any particular items he wishes to buy. He comes to your site, finds it rather attractive and decides to give your services a shot. He stays on your page but cant find what he is really looking for. He gets rather jumbled up in the process of his searching as you have no particular working methodology in your search. He will obviously snap at one point or the other and probably shift to a more convenient and organized eCommerce site. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you just lost a really great customer because you were unable to provide the ideal amount of ease your users deserve.

One of the most efficient search mechanisms is the breadcrumb search. You choose from a few limited options which then has its own options and so on. But you always know where all the options are leading you and you can henceforth go where you please on the site without any problem.

4. Tricks of great typography

This one is rather difficult to master since there is just so much you can improvise on. Also every style is different and someone or the other always supports even the weirdest of designs. So what to do here to get optimum amount of consumers. To stick to the commonly preferred and admired typography schemes is a really neat trick. After all if the users dont like the way your content reads, they wont let you know about it, theyre just going to leave.

Improving margins and line height on every page with text, adding white space both between lines as well as around is a must.

Ever seen those flashy pages with red background and yellow font colour? Well you obviously saw them and then clicked right away, so you probably dont remember them.

Well no one likes these weird combinations that are so horrible to look at and impossible to read without getting a headache. The easiest colours to read? Good old fashion black text on a white background it may not be original, but its a safe bet to attract customers.

5. Site loading time

The following button is a pain in the neck to everyone whenever it might appear.In fact as per research, people do not wait longer than 3-5 seconds for a site to load. And they wait even less than 3 seconds when they are accessing eStores on their phones. So your site might be using high scale images that take hours to load, but the customer who was there is now gone. Users really are impatient beings and will rather classify you as a bogus site than wait and evaluate your work.

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