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4th Qatar BIM User Day, BIM Solutions and Strategies

Aug 19, 2014



Speaker: Sam Collard

  • 1SAM COLLARD BIM solutions and strategies and that you can deploy today
  • 3SAM COLLARD BIM solutions Integrated Project Delivery
  • 4SAM COLLARD What is BIM ? An integrated digital process providing coordinated, reliable information about a project throughout all phases, from design through construction and into operation Image by courtesy of Autodesk
  • 5SAM COLLARD BIM technologies - software
  • 6SAM COLLARD BIM software Software with an established volume Consider the fastest selling software Can the project team access your output Engage with your software vendor Evidence based solutions 80 % of what you expected would work will work! Consider the cost of investment, hardware and licensing Consider library content Offset by the return on investment. BIM technologies - software
  • 7SAM COLLARD What can be achieved?
  • 8SAM COLLARD Sample Project - Existing Building Refurbishment of Grade II* Listed Building Team: Ryder - BIM Academy URS SW, BDP, LOR, NG Bailey Co-location of project team BIM deployment in Design, Construction, FM NEC3 form of contract
  • 9SAM COLLARD All Disciplines working in BIM High Contractor Engagement MEP Structure Architecture
  • 10SAM COLLARD Viewing Software Model Viewer Free Viewers Limited capability Third Party Engagement?
  • 11SAM COLLARD Design Coordination
  • 12SAM COLLARD Data creation and extraction Schedules Quantities Object Libraries, Content and structuring for data migration IFC COBie : - Construction Operations Building Information Exchange Record and Asset Databases Information and solutions derived from Data UK 2016 Level 2
  • 13SAM COLLARD Defining Room and Space Requirements
  • 14SAM COLLARD Optimisation and offsite manufacture
  • 15SAM COLLARD 3D Model Time & Resources 4D High Level Programming
  • 16SAM COLLARD 3D Model Time & Resources Cost 5D High Level Costing Design to Cost
  • 17SAM COLLARD 3D Model Time & Resources Cost FM 6D Early FM Engagement
  • 18SAM COLLARD What were the enablers? Simple BIM ?
  • 19SAM COLLARD Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We thought about working in a new way? Albert Einstein
  • 20SAM COLLARD Improved design reliability Reduced design risk Reduced waste More time to get the design right Enhanced coordination and fewer errors Improved decision making Greater productivity Higher quality of work Downstream uses for FM Supports sustainability Improved safety Computation of material quantities Improved planning, control, management of construction Enhanced communication Effective resource utilisation and coordination of activities Reduction in costs associated with planning, design and construction Reduced number of RFIs Improved collective understanding of design intent Less time documenting more time designing Quantity takeoff Client engagement Improved spatial coordination Programme reduction Offsite prefabrication with confidence Why adopt BIM ?
  • 21SAM COLLARD 30% of projects do not meet original programme or budget 92% of clients said that designers drawings are typically not sufficient for construction 37% of materials used in construction become waste 10% of the cost of a project is typically due to change orders 38% of carbon emissions are from buildings not cars De-risk the project The client wanted BIM. Why we will do BIM ? CMAA Owners survey 2005, CMAA Industry Report 2007, Economist Magazine 2002 ROI- Return on the Investment
  • 22SAM COLLARD BIM and Procurement routes? Large project De-risk process? More than one phase ? Do something different? high on innovation? The client wanted BIM? DfMA prefabricate? BIM capable team?
  • 23SAM COLLARD Why adopt BIM ? Early Design Decisions
  • 24SAM COLLARD Why adopt BIM ?
  • 25SAM COLLARD Why adopt BIM ?
  • 26SAM COLLARD BIM benefits Clients Designers Contractors Suppliers Operators By allowing Better informed decisions Quicker decision making Improved quality Improved safety Reduced waste Greater cost certainty Increased profitability Why adopt BIM ?
  • 27SAM COLLARD BIM - So we are going to do it?
  • 28SAM COLLARD Insanity: Doing things differently and overcomplicating them so much that people wont use them We thought about working in a new way? Nom de Plume
  • 29SAM COLLARD BIM Documentation and Protocols 196 countries 189 191 192 193 195
  • 30SAM COLLARD BIM Documentation and Protocols Learn by Doing Evidenced based solutions beta tested on projects.
  • 31SAM COLLARD BIM Documentation and Protocols
  • 32SAM COLLARD BIM Documentation and Protocols EIR Employers Requirements including Data and Model exchange BIM Execution Plan response to the Employer Requirements Scoping Documents Who What How and When (Project Management) BIM Protocols - Templates available Level of Detail What Do we Model Level of Development What use do we assign Data Drops or Exchange COBie? Handover Strategy Extent of Record Information FM and Asset
  • 33SAM COLLARD BIM Execution Planning Deliverables Level of Detail Competency Interoperability Technologies Model Naming Conventions Workflows Quality Management Responsibilities Project Phases
  • 34SAM COLLARD BIM process
  • 35SAM COLLARD BIM - Roadmap implement Resource Design Build and Commission Lessons Learned Governance Agreed Standards
  • 36SAM COLLARD BIM Documentation and Protocols Managing Change EIR Employers Requirements BIM Execution Plan BIM Protocols RIBA Plan of Work 2013 60 years of service COBie BSRIA BG6 BS 1192:2014 PAS 1192 - 2013 2, 3 and 4 GSL Government Soft Landing Various advisory documents on library object creation Classification Guidance dPOW digital Plan of Work
  • 37SAM COLLARD Data creation and extraction - COBie Construction Operations Building Information Exchange Database often represented in a spreadsheet Simple to understand Stage drops : - 1 - Massing Model 2 - Outline Solution 3 - Construction Information 4 Operation and Maintenance 5 Operation and Maintenance Post Occupancy Construction Operations Building Information Exchange Database often represented in a spreadsheet Evidence based solution : - 1 - Deployment in the FM world 2 - Data captured and used by Government Departments 3 - Cost to implement v ROI 4 Extent of use 5 note if the BIM Model is set up for COBie, there are direct extraction tools available. 6 - Manual input of data is necessary Visualisation, checking and Mapping tools are required to implement COBie
  • 38SAM COLLARD PAS 1192 -2:2013 Specification for information management for the capital/delivery phase of construction projects using building information modelling. Amongst other things : figure 20 levels of model definition for building and infrastructure projects 1 Dimensionally correct and coordinated - design 2 Accurate model of the asset - before and during construction 3 Accurate record of the model - handover 4 Confirmed clash free design 5 Detailed routing of systems build and commission 6 Objects and assemblies accurate in terms of specification ,size, form, function and location - design 7 accurate in terms of specification ,size, form, function and location with detailing fabrication ,assembly, and installation information build and commission 8 Geometric and installed product information, detailed maintenance methodology, defect actions status - Handover and Close out GAME CHANGER 3D Plus Information
  • 39SAM COLLARD BIM PAS 1192 - Design Dimensionally correct and coordinated - design