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4th may,2015 daily global rice e newsletter by riceplus magazine

Jul 21, 2016



Riceplus Magazine shares daily International RICE News for global Rice Community. We publish daily two newsletters namely Global Rice News & ORYZA EXCLUSIVE News for readers .You can share any development news for readers. Share your rice and agriculture related research write up with Riceplus Magazine contact [email protected] , [email protected] For Advertisement & Specs [email protected]

  • Daily Global Rice E-Newsletter by Riceplus Magazine R&D Section: Riceplus Magazine

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    Thailand occupies more than 60% of rice market in Hong Kong 2015-05-04THAILAND


    Thailand occupies more than 60% of rice market in Hong Kong

    BANGKOK, 4 May 2015 (NNT) The Hong Kong Trade and Industry Department imported 49,900 tons of rice from Thailand in the first quarter 2015, a 48.9% increase

    compared to the same period last year. The higher rice exports to Hong Kong brought

    Thailands rice exports to all markets to 62.2% in the first quarter 2015. Spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce Duangkamon Chiambut said the Hong Kong Trade

    and Industry imported 80,400 tons of rice during the first three months this year, increasing by

    0.75%. Drop in Thai Hom Mali rice price and importers higher confidence in Thai rice were important factors which led to the first quarter growth, the spokesperson added. The

    strengthening of relations between the Thai government and Hong Kong rice importers also

    helped Thai rice exports achieved a growth target of higher than 60%, she said.In 2013, Thailand

    Daily Global Rice E-Newsletter

    May 4 , 2015 V o l u m e 5, Issue I

  • Daily Global Rice E-Newsletter by Riceplus Magazine R&D Section: Riceplus Magazine

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    exported 6.6 million tons of rice, worth 4.42 billion USD, worldwide. In 2014, Thai rice exports

    were 10.9 million tons or 5.34 billion USD

    PM calls for a halt to collusion

    Tue, 5 May 2015

    Chan Muyhong

    Prime Minister Hun Sen urged provincial governors yesterday to stop government officials from

    colluding with traders to fix agricultural commodity prices, giving farmers no choice but to sell their

    products at below-market rates. The PMs call comes a day after the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries released an announcement stating that an investigation would be launched into the possible

    scheme.Please look into the issue. Do not only wait for the Ministry of Commerce or the Agriculture Ministry [to take action], he said speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony of National Road 55 in Pursat province.This is a serious case. If found to be the case, officials who are found plotting with traders will be punished, he added.

    The premier went on to say that prices for agricultural products should be determined by free market mechanisms.Those who offer the highest price will get the products. Let the price be set by the free market, he said.Chan Sophal, the governor of Battambang province, said there were no such cases of official involvement in price rigging schemes in his province.He said, however, that he would encourage

    rice millers to trade directly with farmers instead of having to go through traders.Now I have talked to rice millers to be more open to buying paddy from farmers and giving them a good price instead of

    buying from traders.

    Big traders often block smaller brokers from competing with them, said Kan Vesna, a rice farmers representative in Battambang province, leaving fewer options to farmers who are often under pressure to

    sell because of outstanding loans.It is good that the government is now trying to strengthen the local authorities capacity to tackle this issue, but we still need to wait and see how effective the

  • Daily Global Rice E-Newsletter by Riceplus Magazine R&D Section: Riceplus Magazine

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    implementation will be, he said.So far, there is not much action. It would be more effective if there was a hotline so farmers could report any irregularities to officials.Middlemen dealing Cambodian agricultural commodities are mainly traders from neighbouring countries who round

    up goods from farmers to sell to buyers across the border, said David Van, senior adviser to the

    Cambodia Rice Federation.

    In this instance the middlemen are rich and even lend money to farmers to buy seeds and fertilisers to use, and in return buy back the crops from farmers at harvest time, he said in an email yesterday.The government has not been able to provide any assistance to alleviate the burden of access to loans or working capital for millers/exporters despite repeated pleas over the

    last few years.Van added that provincial departments of ministries like the Ministry of Commerce should provide weekly updates on global market prices to farmers and traders so they

    do not fall prey to manipulation

    A girl adds rice to a stockpile in the middle of a rice paddy in Battambang province earlier this year. Heng Chivoan

    FG Rice Policy: Adesina Lacks Power To Waive Import Duty


    Bode Gbadebo, Edegbe Odemwingie

    May 5, 2015 4:42 am

    The House of Representatives Ad-Hoc Committee on Rice Imports Quota and Duty Payments

    has said that the minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, has no

    power to grant duty waivers to rice importers under the current rice policy of the federal

    government.The committee chairman and deputy leader of the House, Hon. Leo Ogor, made the

    disclosure yesterday during on-going investigative public hearing being conducted by the Ad-

    hoc Committee on alleged fraud, abuses and non-payment of import duties by some rice

    importers and investors in the country.

    The lawmakers also resolved to invite Adesina to appear before the public hearing to tell the

    committee what he knows about the flagrant violations of rice import quota and illegal waivers

    granted to some importers, who refused to pay import duties on their excess importations.The

    committee therefore questioned the powers of the minister to grant such waivers on the basis of

    encouraging investment and job creation when in actual sense, the practice is discouraging local

    investors who dont even have the capacity to utilise their allotted quotas.The minister lacks this power, he shouldnt even deceive himself. He need to come and explain to us, Nigerians want to hear and rice millers want to hear, Ogo said.

    Earlier in his welcome address to declare the session open, Ogor stated that the public hearing

    was sequel to a resolution of the House. mandating the Ad-hoc Committee to investigate alleged

    fraud abuses, evasion of import duties by rice importers in the country.The aim is to uncover

  • Daily Global Rice E-Newsletter by Riceplus Magazine R&D Section: Riceplus Magazine

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    fraud and expose the endemic corruption in the importation of rice with a view to stemming the

    tide and boost employment generation as well as strengthen the nations depleting foreign reserve.The minister has no reason not to be here because the Ministry was duly served the invitation. I see no reason why people would be invited to a hearing thats for the benefit of the people and will not turn up.

    You are a servant of the people just like we all are. What we are doing here is for the benefit of our nations economy. So, before the end of the hearing, we are hoping to see people from the Ministry come in, otherwise we might be forced to make some very strong pronouncements, he declared.One of the concerned importers, Olams Nigeria Ltd, who has failed to pay duty accruals

    for exceeded importation quota to the tune of over N3.5billion, the companys representative, Mr. Anil Nair, told the committee that as the largest farm owner on the African continent, it

    couldnt have grown its business by disobeying the rules, insisting that there was no directive asking the company to pay import duties for exceeding its quota.

    According to Nair, Olams will gladly pay what is due to it as import duty or levy if the

    government require it to do so, a development which confirmed that the minister actually waived

    such duties without due diligence.Olams farm is the single largest farm on the continent of Africa with the capacity to import 243,747 tons of rice on 10% levi and 20% duty. If you look at

    all the rice value chain, we have made up to date payment of duties and levies as applicable for

    which we made presentation previously.If we are asked to pay for the excess in importation, we will oblige and pay without any hesitation,, Nair said.

    The Customs delegation led by ACG Adeoye Ajade had told the Committee in a position paper

    that import duty defaulters were communicated to after the rice policy was reviewed in July,

    2014.Olam import was over 245.000 metric tons with excess quota amounting to over N3.5billion which is the duty liability arising from that importation.Given the review of the policy, rice millers tried to make false declaration of duty values by under-declaring their actual

    import volume. So the policy review now came with dual rate of 10per cent duty raise and 20 per

    cent levy, Ajade said.

    No relief to rice consumers


    The consumers of rice, the staple food of people in Telangana, are facing a paradoxical situation with no signs

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