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4th april,2016 daily global regional,local rice e newsletter by riceplus magazine

Jul 27, 2016



Daily Global Rice e-Newsletter is a news gathering service related to Rice stake holders. It is designed to help you keep up to date with the rice news you need to know everything about RICE. Riceplus Magazine has a range of services available for individuals and organizations from free email alerts to professional monitoring with real-time email delivery. News letters are shared under the umbrella of Riceplus Magazine (RPM). RPM also delivers more customized services and tailored News Feeds to media, websites, internet in a variety of formats. You can promote services and producing by giving advertisement in daily news letters and blog including website Daily global news is highly and widely circulated to rice industry, R&D organizations and policy makers including related organizations across the globe. Contact: Mujahid Ali [email protected] &

  • Daily Global, Regional & Local Rice E-Newsletter

    1 | w w w . r i c e p l u s s . c o m , w w w . r i c e p l u s m a g a z i n e . b l o s g s p o t . c o m

    April 04,2016 Vol 7 Issue III [email protected] 92 321 3692874

  • Daily Global, Regional & Local Rice E-Newsletter

    2 | w w w . r i c e p l u s s . c o m , w w w . r i c e p l u s m a g a z i n e . b l o s g s p o t . c o m

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    Falak Naz Shah Head Food Science & Technology ART, Peshawar

    Today Rice News Headlines...

    Pak-Iran pact to remove non-tariff barriers in trade


    Promote Basmati Rice In Global Markets

    Aromatic Pusa basmati rice brings new hope

    Monsoon likely to be above normal, well-distributed

    VN's rice supply may decrease due to drought and saline intrusion

    Indonesia Targets To Export Rice To Ten Countries

    Gov`t Sets Rice Export Target for 10 Countries

    Rice growers need help with earning carbon credits to sell

    TPP will push Japanese farmers to grow cheaper rice in bid to boost


    Rice price strongly hikes due to speculation

    Vietnam plans to replace rice with more profitable crops

    Drought forces Thailand to turn away from rice

    Arkansas Rice Update 4-1-16

    04/04/2016 Farm Bureau Market Report

    Shifting Sands in Iraq

    Basmati rice industry may see revival from H2 of 2016-17: Icra

    From Thai to Indian: 9 Easy Ethnic Recipes Your Family Will Love

    TPP will push Japanese farmers to grow cheaper rice in bid to boost


    Variety is Key When Serving Grains

    Pressure on basmati exporters to stay for 6 months: ICRA

    Mississippi farmers watch rains, markets as planting moves ahead

    Rice Prices

    News Detail...

    Pak-Iran pact to remove non-tariff barriers in


    LAHORE Pakistan Industrial and Traders Associations Front (PIAF) Chairman

    Irfan Iqbal Sheikh said that the pact between Pakistan and Iran would remove non-

    tariff barriers in bilateral trade and prepare ground for a free trade agreement


  • Daily Global, Regional & Local Rice E-Newsletter

    3 | w w w . r i c e p l u s s . c o m , w w w . r i c e p l u s m a g a z i n e . b l o s g s p o t . c o m


    April 04, 2016, 2:49 pm

    Talking to journalists

    here, he said that it was

    remarkable that both the

    countries agreed to work

    on issuing long-term

    multiple-entry visas to

    businessmen and

    increasing direct air

    flights to boost the

    prospects of trade. Trade in agriculture and mineral

    sectors offered

    tremendous scope, and

    Pakistan and Iran were

    ideally placed and capable enough to complement each other, he added.

    The prospects of export of services are far greater in transportation, financial, communication, insurance

    and IT fields. We can get cheaper oil from Iran and by exporting rice to Iran, we can get millions of

    foreign exchange, the PIAF chairman mentioned.By formulating a better strategy we can get our share

    back from Iranian market as India has overcome nowadays. The trade is extended to up to USD 7

    million, he added. He termed the signing of five-year Strategic Trade Cooperation Plan (2016-2021) as

    the beginning of a new era, which provides a great opportunity to the two nations to enhance economic

    cooperation to new heights.

    Irfan urged the Ministry of Commerce to explore various avenues to enhance bilateral trade to USD five

    billion in five years, in accordance with the vision of the top political leadership of the two countries

    during recent visit of the Iranian president. He also termed it a good omen that Iran would hold a trade

    and investment exhibition in Pakistan in September this year. He also said that the private sector of two

    countries should take lead in strengthening bilateral relations in all sectors.

    On this occasion, the PIAF Vice chairman Tanveer Sufi also welcomed the recent trade ties with

    Iran and hoped that with the re-continuation banking system, the import-export would start and

    LCs would open from both the sides which would be beneficial for Pakistan as exports needed

    some support for going in upward direction.

  • Daily Global, Regional & Local Rice E-Newsletter

    4 | w w w . r i c e p l u s s . c o m , w w w . r i c e p l u s m a g a z i n e . b l o s g s p o t . c o m


    To Promote Basmati Rice In Global Markets

    The Rice Syndicate of Pakistan lamented that the basmati rice of Pakistan has lost ground to Indian

    competition due to lethargy and lack of proactive action and urged the ministry of commerce to make

    serious efforts to revive the basmati rice industry to its past glory.Convener RSOP Haji Mohammad

    Saeed held a meeting with the Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) president Zulfikar

    Thaver and invited his immediate attention to the prospects available and urged him to seek the

    opportunity to promote basmati rice in Arab, African, European and America and also Latin American


    He told the participants that it is now or never and if serious promotion is not done, Pakistan will lose the

    markets forever as India is taking advantage of our shortcomings and laziness. Effective marketing and

    promotional activities like gifts, festivals, deals and superior packing is required to do handsome

    promotion of the king of rice, our super basmati rice he emphasized.Haji Saeed said our super basmati

    rice is really superior to our competitors grains and is aromatic, tasty, good looking in length and look.

    elongates when cooking. It is liked by basmati lovers all over the globe. It is indeed the best rice in the

    world and rated as banquet rice by the middle class and well to do.UNISAME chief assured the

    participants that every effort will be made to promote basmati rice in the social media by experts and

    offered all help to the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) to aggressively promote the

    basmati variety of Pakistan.

    Aromatic Pusa basmati rice brings new hope High yield of 1,600 quintals last year has encouraged farmers to cultivate this new variety

    Farmers busy thrashing Pusa basmati rice that has been grown for the first time in Tehri Garhwal district.

    Tribune photo

    Ajay Ramola

    Tribune News Service

    Mussoorie, April 3 Gutta Devi, a farmer from Dadoor village in the Chamba block of Tehri Garhwal district, was amused

    when Chief Agriculture Officer Suresh Singh in May 2015 asked her to grow basmati rice instead of

    traditional crops.Gutta Devi was not keen to grow basmati rice in her fields as she had never seen anyone

    grow it in her village. However, Suresh bought around 30,000 seeds of new variety called Pusa basmati

    1509 rice through the district plan budget and assured the then District Magistrate of a successful yield for

    the first time in the district.

    Suresh, who had procured 10 quintals of Pusa basmati seeds, was able to persuade skeptical Gutta Devi to

    buy 3 kg of seeds and sow these in her fields. Although fearful of the yield, she obliged Suresh Singh and

    sowed basmati seeds on June 10, 2015. To her pleasant surprise, she was able to grow around 45 quintals

  • Daily Global, Regional & Local Rice E-Newsletter

    5 | w w w . r i c e p l u s s . c o m , w w w . r i c e p l u s m a g a z i n e . b l o s g s p o t . c o m

    of basmati rice per hectare in her more than 10 naali agriculture land in her village.The aroma of new

    basmati rice variety attracted farmers in the nearby villages to have a look at the yield, says Gutta Devi.

    The experiment was replicated in 75 nyay panchayats across the district and the results were heart-

    warming, as around 1,600 quintals of production was recorded last year, says Suresh.My colleague had

    argued that what would happen if you failed and I had responded that I would bear the cost of the seeds in

    that case. I was absolutely sure about the success of the new variety, says Suresh.The fragrance of the

    Pusa basmati variety has not only attracted farmers but also cattle, which find husk and straw to their

    liking, says Vimal Kothari from Hadmatallah village in Dikhol Gaon nayy panchayat of the Chamba

    Block. Kothari was able to produce around 48 quintals of basmati rice per hectare i

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