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Ilao, Mariel R. Bragas Lanie Pesigan Anjanet Bragas Christian Bihag Mira

3d e43 Ilao, Mariel r.g1

Nov 25, 2016



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Ilao, Mariel R.Bragas LaniePesigan AnjanetBragas ChristianBihag Mira

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Genghis Khan

Father Dominic

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Saladin was a Muslim ruler in the 12th century, during the time Europeans led Crusaders to the Middle East. Saladin fought the Crusaders several times, and recaptured Jerusalem for Muslims in 1187. This portrait of Saladin is in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy.


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Genghis Khan (1167?-1227) Mongol conqueror and founder of the Mongol Empire, which spanned the continent of Asia by the time of his death. Originally named Temujin, he was born on the banks of the Onon River.


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Pope Honorius III gives Spanish priest Domingo de Gúzman (Dominic) formal approval for his Order of Preachers (Friars Preachers)

Dominic commits his order to poverty, scholarship, and .

Father Dominic

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Early Printing EquipmentWatchworksPainting

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Early Printing Equipment In the early days of printing, type had to be set by hand. First, a compositor arranged type into words from right to left on a tray called a stick (top). Then the complete type was locked into a metal frame called a chase.


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Watchworks were developed when coiled springs were introduced as a source of power. This type of spring was used in Italy about 1450. About 1500 Peter Henlein, a locksmith in Nürnberg, Germany, began producing portable timepieces known popularly as Nürnberg eggs.


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Dancing and Singing: Peasants Returning from Work is by Chinese artist Ma Yuan, a leading painter of the Southern Song dynasty.

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Conquest of DamiettaSiege of JerusalemRaphael School of Athens

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Conquest of Damietta From 1096 to 1291 many western European Christian leaders conducted Crusades, military expeditions in the Middle East for religious purposes. This page of an illuminated manuscript depicts the conquest of Damietta.


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Siege of Jerusalem The western European Christian armies of the First Crusade surrounded the city of Jerusalem in June 1099. In mid-July, after a long siege, the Crusaders took the city by storm and massacred many of its inhabitants.


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Raphael’s School of Athens The School of Athens (1510-1511) by Italian Renaissance painter Raphael adorns a room in the Vatican Palace. The artist depicts several philosophers of classical antiquity and portrays each with a distinctive gesture.

Raphael’s School of Athens