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Aug 17, 2014



  • A PROJECT REPORT ONMARKET RESEARCH ON COLOR TELEVISION45 DAYS SUMMER PROJECT TRAINING WITH VIDEOCON 2008 Submitted by: ROHITASH KUMAR MBA SEM. III Department Of Management Studies Poornima College of Engineering ISI-2, RIICO Institutional Area, Goner Road, Sitapura Jaipur-302 022 (Rajasthan)
  • POORNIMA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING (Department of Management Studies) CERTIFICATE Of Summer ProjectTraining during July-August, 2008Certified that Mr. Rohitash Kumar student of MBA, 3rd Semester hassubmitted his report on market research on color television aftersuccessfully completing the summer practical training at VideoconIndustries from 1st July 2008 to 15th Aug. 2008, towards fulfillment of thesyllabus requirement prescribed by Rajasthan Technical University forMBA, 3rd Semester Paper. Date (Dr. B.R. Singh) Principal, PCE
  • AcknowledgementAs no task is a single mans effort, various factors situation and persons areintegrated to prove the background for the accomplishment of a task. Therewas a time when the goal seemed to be out of my reach. But as workprogressed, my determination and the will-power grew stronger and thecompletion of this work further confirmed my belief that where there is awill there is a way.I am grateful to Mr. Deepak Solanki, Branch Manager, VIDEOCONIndustries Limited, Jaipur for allowing me to undergo this project.I am much indebted to my project guide Mr. Shobhit Raizoda,senior executive of marketing in VIDEOCON Industries Limited, Jaipurwho has been to good for words. I sincerely thank him for the constant co-operation, guidance and incessant inspiration and his guidance withoutwhich this project would have been like a rudderless boat. Well to put in anutshell, without his guidance and support this project would have beenfutile.I also express my sincere thanks to Mr. R. K. Agarwal (Advisor) andextend my sincere thanks to all the PCE-DMS faculty members.
  • PrefaceThis project report has been prepared as per the requirement of the syllabusof MBA course structure under which the students are the required toundertake industrial internship. We look our training at VIDEOCONIndustries Limited at its corporate office at C-Scheme, Rajasthan. Our jobduring the training was to get an overview of the CTV of Market of Jaipur.It was a first hand experience for us as that we were exposed to theprofessional set-up and were facing the market, which was really a greatexperience.During training period, I had very touching experiences. When business isinvolved, experiences counts a lot, as we know, experience are aninstrument, which leads towards success. As we all know working withVideocon Industries Ltd., has been a pleasure.Now I take this opportunity to present the project report and sincerely hopethat it will be as much knowledge enhancing to the readers as it was to useduring the fieldwork and the compilation of the report.
  • The Department of Management studies started in academic year 2006 aimsat providing comprehensive managerial skills to the incumbents. At large,for an able technocrat, combinations of technical and managerial skills areessential to meet the challenges of industry/corporate world. TheDepartment of Management Studies, has been doing yeomen service in thisfield.Organizing regular workshops for academia-industry interface, trainings forGovt. officials, professionals and students is just a glimpse of thedepartments myriad activities.Encouraged by the performance of the department of management studies,PCE, and in view of the growing interest of students in pursuing MBAcourse, the management decided to add new institution PSOM.The goal of DMS, PGC right since establishment, has been to create adynamic environment that facilitates interaction and dialogue. The focus ofthe department is on developing the ability to think, analyze and solveproblems, work in a team have good communication skills and continue tostrive for lifelong learning.
  • ContentsChapter 1 Acknowledgement Preface Table of Contents Executive SummaryChapter 2 Company Profile History Products Financial Profile Organization Chart Type of Organization Human Resource Market ShareChapter 3 Area of Study Research Methodology Data analysis and Interpretation Findings Comparative Analysis SWOT Analysis Recommendations Limitation of Study Questionnaire Bibliography
  • Executive SummaryIn order to obtain an esteemed position and moreover maintain this positioninnovation ideas are required. The path of replication doesnt give success.In modern era, where customer is becoming more and more importantorganization should become more innovative.There are varieties of factors, which have prompted countries/firms toventure in the global market: Recession in domestic market, and overseas opportunities. Government incentives. Emergence of global consumers in many product fields.But in all these conditions success goes to those companies that matched tothe current environment imperatives and are ready to deliver what peoplewant to buy.It is my goodness that in such kind of competitive era I joined Videoconinternational ltd for summer training. After visiting all of the abovedepartments I came to know about the sales and distribution, marketingAt the end of my formal introduction to the company and its otherdepartments I have assigned to work on the project market potential ofVideocon Color Television.It was learning experience for me. I came in close contact with market trendsand learned about various advantageous things to be achieved in the market.Company can have competitive edge over its competitors in domestic aswell as international market. It was the best opportunity for me to study suchan important subject, which gave me great industrial exposure and also anintroduction to corporate world.
  • Videocon is an industrial conglomerate with interests all over the world andbased in India. The group has 17 manufacturing sites in India and plants inChina, Poland, Italy and Mexico. It is also the third largest picture tubemanufacturer in the world.The Videocon group has an annual turnover of US$ 4.1 billion, making itone of the largest consumer electronic and home appliance companies inIndia. Since 1998, it has expanded its operations globally, especially in theMiddle East.In India the group sells consumer products like Colour Televisions, WashingMachines, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Microwave ovens and manyother home appliances, selling them through a Multi-Brand strategy with thelargest sales and service network in India.Videocon Group brands includeSansui,Toshiba,Electrolux ,Kenstar,Next etc.Videocon is one of the largest CPT Glass manufacturers in the world,operating in Mexico, Italy, Poland and China.On May 23, 2008, Videocon announced that it is studying an invitation fromGeneral Electric (GE) to bid for its century-old appliances division, , whichit has put up for sale.Today the group operates through 4 key sectors:Consumer Durables Thomson CPT CRT Glass Oil & Gas
  • Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances & Compressormanufacturing in IndiaWe enjoy a pre-eminent position in terms of sales and customer satisfactionin many of our consumer products like Colour Televisions, WashingMachines, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Microwave ovens and manyother home appliances, selling them through a Multi-Brand strategy with thelargest sales and service network in India. Refrigerator manufacturing isfurther supported by our inhouse compressor manufacturing technology inBangalore.Display industry and its components With the Thomsonacquisition Videocon has emerged as one of the largest Colour Picture tubemanufacturers in the world operating in Mexico, Italy, Poland and China,continuing to lead through new innovative technologies like slim CPT, extraslim CPT and High Definition 16:9 format CPT.Colour Picture Tube Glass Videocon is one of the largest CPTGlass manufacturers in the world with a high level of experience andtechnical expertise operating through Poland and India. Videocon willleverage on this synergy after the Thomson acquisition to internally sourceglass for its CPT manufacturing increasing efficiencies and lowering costs.Oil and Gas An important asset for the group is its Ravva oil field withone of the lowest operating costs in the world producing 50,000 barrels ofoil per day. The group has ambitious plans for expansion in this sectorglobally.
  • This is the new Videocon symbol. It reiterates the ethos of a companydedicated to maintaining the highest international standards of excellencethrough quality, technology and innovation. For over a decade now,Videocon has been bringing the latest and very best in Consumer Electronicsand Home Appliances. Successfully adapting the best of internationaltechnology to suit Indian needs, and crafting it to improve the quality of life as million of satisfied customers will agree.The new symbol of Videocon asserts its