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Jan 28, 2017




  • ' C_ T5 U T? founjiei igg5 Vol. Cl. Sw. |7 maAIIMPIIU, Tuesday, frbruars 19. IVH5 CopyngN IMS tha Omt, "t~^n*i

    Courting the CIA Students try agency for its'crimes'

    H> no in M BI yi nqi i. lu.i .ampus groups protested the

    Rival "I a the Blue Ridge Institute in Ferrum.

    Virginia (iraduate lolklore Dcpanmcnl Chair

    man Kenneth (ioldstein said Thurvlay

    that he is extremely pleased with their wink, adding that Ntth nominations are

    deserved "The |.>bs done by MatjOTM Hunt and

    Dkaaa Hinson were superb and would be hard to match, he said

    Hunt, who now lives in Washington. I) C and works as lolklore specialist at

    the Smithsonian Institution - Office of I olkhlc Programs, said Thursday that she was "abvtlutely thrilled' about the nomination, which she leels will help

    the carvers she documented gain

    publklts It will help the stone carvers and

    their cratt to gain recognition die -aid "It is important lor such traditional crattworierv to be given credit - Hone ..users are rare these days doc to our modern technology and recent archne.

    tural advances, which have made their

    work obsolete Hum graduated from Simmons Col-

    lege in Boston, where ihe majored in history and politics She said she became interested in folklore because of a job she still holds in the Smithsonian InsiuutkMi

    Hunt is working on a dissertation on

    the same topic as her documentary stone carvers working on the National Cathedral in Washington while continu- ing her work at the Smithsonian. "researching and preserving traditional American culture through films.

    writings and folk festivals '" 7*r Slime Cuners a a film Hunt

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    By LAURA SHAH vvharion poKM IWinainin Maldonado

    was telease.l trom ctlitod) alter being changed with allcgedlv rap ing a Koscmoiu ( ollege Ireshnun in the I'hi Siguu Kappa Iratemitv h.Hts*-

    Mal.lana.lo lelt the PollH IKparlmenl iHlention ( enter at M jn.1 kace St! vevlei.lav nhtrning when an undisclosed

    individual poatcd H' peronM Ol the 190,000 s-| m his airaignim-ni \ prelimmarv healing is sclk'.tiile.l lor 'I a in nevl Wednc-sdav attornev NuM I man sai.I sesier.las thai his .lienl is inoocent

    aivl Ik- will light Ilk- charee again-i him

    Ibis boy i- complete!) n-'t emits luian -aid vV re c'oine to pursue it until he s linallv

    linari a t eniei City lawvet said he thinks the- ciicumatancca nirround the- alleged iikKleiil aie -u-pi. I.HIS

    Ihe behavior ol ilk voung girl is

    reprelk'nsihle * Ul in the carls iik>rn ing hours eoine to two .litierent pal

    tie- linari said NoOMCr) So pro test No iniunes nothing at all that W.HII.I even sh.w a forcible act on the part ol Maldonado

    Tinan said he belk-ses Maldonado is

    rx-ine Healed unlairlv h\ the adminsira

    thin which MMpanded him pendr I incet-iiv nnestigaiion He added that

    students invoiced in an all., iapt at Mplia I an I lilk'ga tlalelllllv Iwo seats ,11:^ weie th'i SUS|VIKU.1

    llu- difference is that there is an mi mediate suspension he s.u.l I here is

    a presumption ol guilt ralher than in assumption ol innocence lhal is what is

    disturbing ma at this point \ .or.ling to a I nuctsils slaleiiienl

    the woman allelule.l a parts Sallir.lav \l|>ha lau Omaga tralernils

    house with two triends The three w.iiik-n lelt at a|piociniaieli t a in and

    Women's community is outraged

    By I \l H\ s||\N\ Ilk- alleged rape ot a woman at Ilk

    pii Sigma Kappa fraternity h.msc 1 .lav morning drew harsh criticism ft tik- I niver-itv women - comnaatai which .ailed loi a re es.ilualM.ii ot the

    I .reek

    \ Biaaiiiaaa Cortege rrethmaa am ,iic raped .ails Sutvias iiaiwinj

    VS hai ton tumor Heniaintti

    MaJdoaado He *> am and and h on hail ve-lei.I as a wail in |

    preliminary heanng laaet this naoMk Hi. Peiin Womea i MII.UK. jaa*

    > yeaaerday prauing the *i lllinisllalion . actions hut asking NM liiither insfstigalioil ol ttk tlalernilv

    sc.iem rhe Women's Studaet Advt

    ' iued a itattfl I 'K I niser-its .i| : 'aking

    Ihc propel -up- lo m-iire lhal the

    indicia! will 'H fall atkl the lc -olulion |usl the Women -,,- naniima taad *hii. t( imlinurd on pugr v*|

    went to ilk- Phi Sigma Kappa II.HIS.

    wheie ilk- alleged tape look f A I niselsilv slu.leiil aikl a lemplc

    siudeiu I.Hiikl lk-r walkine aboat an hour laiei on l.kusi vs alk and ItJoi ! Puhli, Saieiv it',-, -la i" .1 them ol the

    It onlmurd on pagt III

    letter Apptal The I iklergraduatc Assembly is

    -pins,.ring a letter writing drive to in form Congressmen about students' view- ,.n the Reagan administration s

    proposed financial aid cuts Page 4

    Cure Cancer Sight Sigma Alpha hpsilon brothers sere

    ed pitchers ol heer at Smokes loe s

    last week and raked $VX) for the Ank'ncan Cancer Sikiety Page .s

    Animal Debate I aviik-n atkl scientists engaged in a

    lively discussion ahout the ethical im plication- ol animal research last

    week Page ]

    A True Greek New l-raternity and Sorority Al-

    lans Assistant Director Patrick Farley is a Greek in every sense of the word Page i:

    BSL members walk out of meeting Students call administration unresponsive

    By rww KIR! IV Black studenl leadcls walked .Hit ol a

    meeting with I Mvenity aiaanatiiiiai .,-ster.las saving llkv weie talking lo

    a stoik wall In a related .leveli-pmenl I .gal

    Studies Prole.-or Muirav IMIman

    ce-terday issued an i|>,|,e> in response lo racist remarks he made in class last Soc ember

    Members ol the Mack commiinitv nut lesteidav with President Sheldon Hackney. Procosi Thomas I hrlich

    Via Provosi tor I'niversity I lie Jank"- Bishop and other administiators lo seek

    Ikillnun v dismissal Black Student I eague Chairman Alma

    Bone said ycvlcrday that the meeting did not adequately address the- concerns of the black* comniunity

    VA'e were thoroughly dissatisticd

    BoM said last night "\Nc wanted action and thev weten t willing io act

    Vke .hsctissc'd the p.inis on our agenda and thev said thev were

    powerless." she- aaai I here was nothing else to b- said alterwaids ! insulted ecerv hlack student on this campus

    The meeting also addressed the three demands made by the Black Studenl I eague last week

    tligani/ing mandatory racism awareness seminars tor the entire I mcersity community

    Setting up a svsiem which severely punishes prolessors who are found lo have made racist statements

    Activclv seeking an increase in the number ot hlack laculty members

    Former Voi> r I .lit.-r Peter ( Lire said the administration has been deaf to the

    -indents concern We went in there with an agenda we

    aril, ul.ited lo them last week ,%IMI thev .lidn I treat it scnously." he said

    Ihev didn't undersian.1 where we were

    . omUag trom We walked out M the- rik-eting en

    masse- because- n became .lear we were lalkme to a -totk- wall. Clare added

    I , Idiioi Christina Sharpe said vesterdav lhal she leels the I nivcisitv is n.H listening to ihe hlack conmiuniiv s


    "We were ouiraged Sharpe sakl K-rallv leel that the- I niveisiiv i-

    not taking us serumsls We left lowatd the end because we felt there was nothing lelt lo discuss

    "They were itist hedging the issues

    she ad.ic.i fhc minor iwue is Dolfmaa and his dismissal He's part ol a higger

    pic Hue

    But Snarpa Had -he teel- rMAaaai -hould he- dismissed undci 1 ruveisiis

    guideliik- \ tdtng to the 1 ni-er-iic poliej

    >>n ecpial opportunity. it says lhal Ihc

    task is to act positively toward ihe elimination ol all pattern- ol unequal

    Irealment SfcoTpc -aid Wlk-ili IHH the I 'mveisitv will aci ,MI that we

    can I tell " Dolttnan issued a sialetiH-ni ve-terday

    in which he apologltad loi the alleged ract-l remarks made lasi seal

    I do admit that my presentation and leigned reac lion on November |J, l'"U

    was oceldramali. alnl untk-ccs., the statement said I apologized then ui

    those- who were diiedlv affected And 1 apologize now to ttk- entire I niseisitc

    (( unlinurd-tm page 41

    Cart Wars Food trucks move after HUP clash

    By UM IS HAI' The food truck owners around the

    Hospital of the University of Penn sylvania have recently experienced problems with HUP management

    Earlier this rnonlh. they were ordered off their places on the sidewalk on the HUP sale of Uth

    Campus Life Street Most of the carts have moved

    across the street. Can owner Anna Bandis moved her

    truck to the other side of Spruce Street.

    While her business dropped off im- mediately after the move, it bla began to pick up again She said that she is now gaining student customers

    Before, her customers were predominantly hospital empfbyees

    But for other propnetnrs, the move has meant a loss of customers Cart

    owner Costas Zarbalas said business has been only a third of what it was before the move

    The conflict between HUP and the

    can owners has been brewing for three

    and a half years. Vendor Sotilts Vavouras said that in

    18I the sidewalk adja