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Nov 19, 2014




CHAPTER- I INTRODUCTION1.1 PROFILE OF THE COMPANY PONDICHERRY AGRO FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED, the pioneers in the field of manufacturing Wheat Flour (Maida & Atta), Semolina (Cream of Wheat or Rava) and Bran under TV-TOWER brand name. 1.1.1 PROMOTOR









Shri.G.N.SARAF, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who has wide experience and expertise in running flour mill successfully for several years. The entire expansion effort is being undertaken by the next generation and is spearheaded by Mr. S.RAJESH KUMAR SARAF and Mrs. R.SARIKA RAJESH SARAF, Directors of Pondicherry Agro Foods.1.1.2 HISTORY OF COMPANY PONDICHERRY AGRO FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED.., was set up in 1981 to process flour based products under its original name Pondicherry Flour Mills near the erstwhile French Colony of Pondicherry. Veteran Industrialist Mr.G.N.SARAF established this manufacturing and processing facility to cater to the domestic demand for flour products like Wheat Flour (Maida & Atta), Semolina (Cream of Wheat or Rava) and Bran. The facility was unique at the time since it was the first to incorporate State-of-the-Art German machinery to ensure a World Class Product in an essentially common food industry. The intention of Pondicherry Agro Foods from the beginning was to be a premium and high quality producer of agro food products. When they started, their production was less but there was a huge demand in the market for the wheat products.

2 During this 26 years they have undergone so many expansion with well financial background formed from the income of the company. Now there are around 4 other units also in Pondicherry itself and even after that they are moving with all the customers with new products and Developments. This thinking continues even today as the CRYOGENIC SPICE DIVISION takes to its wings to supply a range of high quality spices unmatched in its aroma, color, texture and hygiene. The customers are being given very good services and they also satisfied and the repeated orders are coming from the market. They have good reputation in payments to the suppliers and to their employees too. When the unit started they were aiming to cater to all the regional markets in Southern India and they worked on it. They got good reports from the customers about the quality and it had a wide spread in the market indirectly and the customers are increased by giving the good quality products, they are gradually growing in their vision on To be Pioneer in FLOUR DIVISION. 1.1.3 ISO-22000:2005 and AGMARK CERTIFICATION The company is certified by ISO-22000:2005 and AGMARK for quality management system. The company has its own laboratory inside the concern to check the quality of raw material hired and the finished products too on day to day basis. The company also sends their finished products to ISMT (INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MILLING TECHNOLOGY), CFTRT (CENTRAL FOOD & TECHNOLICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE), Mysore for their quality check. This process is a routine work and is carried often by checking once in every three months and the Institute assures for the companys product. 1.1.4 FACTORY AREAS The company is located at Thiruvandar koil in 14 acres with good greenish parks and noise free environment. There are vast stacking points to store the raw materials and finished products separately in a safe way. The company has a well equipped laboratory with sufficient testing tools for their quality check. Weighing, packaging tasks are separately carried out in a division with proper care and clean. Separate dinning halls and dormitory provided with basic facilities for both in and for outsiders and being taken care of separate cleaning units.

3 1.1.5 PRODUCT LINE Wheat Flour (Maida & Atta) Semolina (Cream of Wheat or Rava) Bran This is most useful for daily use to the humans. Their products are extremely elegant and widely used by the people. The products made are manufactured in a more hygienic and regular check for their finished products is often made to attain a good quality. 1.1.6 PRODUCTS AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING READYMADE PACKAGES The retail market of Pondicherry Agro Foods is extensively covered under the "T.V. Tower" brand which has been a well established name in households across the region. PRODUCTS Maida Sooji Atta MAIDA Maida flour is super refined wheat flour used to make a wide variety of food items like Poori, Chappathi, Parathas, etc. Maida is sometimes referred to as "All purpose flour." In India, Maida is used to make pastries and other bakery items like bread, biscuit, pizza, toast etc ATTA Atta is a form of wheat flour commonly used in South Asian cooking. It is whole wheat flour made from hard wheat. Hard wheats have high protein content, so doughs made out of Atta flour are strong and can be rolled out very thin. Breads made from Atta flour include Chappathi, Roti and Poori. 90 90 90 50 50 50 IN KILOGRAMS 10 10 10 5 5 5 1 1 1

4 It is obtained when the complete wheat grains are ground to get flour from which nothing is removed. It is creamy / brown in color and relatively coarser as compared to flour. Since there are no removals from Atta all the constituents of the wheat grain are preserved. Traditionally, Atta is made by stone grinding process, a process which imparts a characteristic aroma and taste to the bread. High Bran content of Atta makes it a fiber rich food. The high temperatures of friction reached in a "CHAKKI" (stone grinder) are of the order of 110-125 deg C. At such high temperatures the carotenes present in the bran tend to give out the characteristic roasty smell of Atta and contribute to the sweetness of the Atta. RAVA/SOOJI/SEMOLINA Semolina is used to make such delicacies as Rava dosa and Upma. It can be used as an alternative to corn meal to 'flour' the underside of fresh pizza dough to prevent it from sticking to the peel. In bread making, a small proportion of semolina added to the usual mix of flour produces a tasty crust. 1.1.7 QUALITY POLICY We, at Pondicherry Agro Foods Private Ltd, are committed ourselves to process and supply safe and quality wheat products from Flour Mill Division and spice product from Spice Division to our customers at all times through the following initiatives and maintenance. Ensuring HACCP plan is implemented and followed. Training all employees periodically on GMP and food safety. Continual improvement through modern tools and methods for ensuring Safe and Quality product. Periodically review of HACCP study and review after any changes in process. Continuously interact with suppliers and educating suppliers for upgrading them to supply safe products and materials. Conforming to relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.


1.1.8 CLIENTELE Bulk users consumes directly from company are CAVIN CARE BRITTANIA ANIL VERMICILLI MODERN BREADS MODERN BREADS KALYANI FOODS VENKATRAMANA FOODS Cuddalore Pondicherry Dindugal Chennai Chennai

Pondicherry Villupuram

1.2 PPP-PRODUCTION PROCESS1.2.1 MANUFACTURING FACILITY The flour mill industry is one of the need based industry. This industry came in to existence to produce good flour. The manufacturing plant is most modern, spread over an area of 1.5 acres. All our-products are manufactured on latest machineries which are imported from GERMANY, FORCHRITT, NAGEMA and BUHLAR machines are used for various stages. All our machines are operated and maintained by highly trained superiors and employees. The unit has a capacity of consuming 80 tones of wheat per day to produce its products. 1.2.2 FUNCTIONING OF THE UNIT The unit is functioned by three shifts per day. It is a routine process which is carried apart from the National holidays. Each shift carries 8hours duty, such as I-SHIFT 6am-2pm II-SHIFT 2pm-10pm III-SHIFT 10pm-6am

6 There are weekly off to the employees who are working in the unit and the administration personnels has their weekly off on each Sundays. 1.2.3 OPERATION OF THE UNIT The objective of the unit is to extract as much as possible endosperm in as pure flour form as possible with least or no contamination with bran or germ, and to reduce the endosperm so obtained into the desired particle size. The unit is processed with highly equipped machineries. Where they produce wheat based products. They have got a range of products such as ATTA, MAIDA, SEMOLINA, and BRAN. The raw materials (wheat) are hired from northern states such as Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan. The process of wheat products consists of four stages Storage and Pre cleaning. Main Cleaning and conditioning of wheat. Milling of wheat for different products. Packing and Forwarding.

They use different types of high qualified wheat such as, RAJ WHEAT, TUKDI WHEAT, LOKWAN WHEAT, MILL QUALITY WHEAT In the mill lots of activities are taking place to get the required finished product. Primarily they are Procurement store of raw materials. Pre cleaning and storage in bins. First cleaning. Second cleaning. Milling. Finished product handling and storage. The company has a good cleaning and milling section apart from the raw material stacking points. Wheat is a naked kernel. It is not having any husk like in paddy to protect it. The wheat is

7 also having a crease unlike other cereals. It has only bran layers for protection and they are very rough. Dust will get accumulated onto its surface and inside ifs crease. The growth of microorganism is there over the surface of the kernels. The wheat on arrival at the mill will have a lot of impurities like immature kernels, broken wheat, cha1f, sticks, mud balls, stones, seeds and weeds etc.. Cleaning is done to separate very coarse impurities like big stones, sticks, hollow kernels. Some medium type impurities like shriveled wheat (immatu