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3 Energy Stocks Making Double-Digit Moves This Week

Aug 02, 2015


1. 3 Energy Stocks Making Double- Digit Moves This Week 2. Energy investors have been eagerly anticipating a wave of mergers to hit the sector. That's almost always what happens when energy prices plunge. However, this time the wave has yet to hit. That said, this week rumors were flying of merger offers being on the table, which sent several energy stocks soaring higher. Heres a look at the top three movers this week. Photo credit: 3. What: The stock of pipeline company Williams Companies (NYSE: WMB) surged nearly 19% this week. 4. So What: Key driver: Williams Companies received an unsolicited buyout offer from rival Energy Transfer Equity (NYSE: ETE) Williams rejected the offer, which was for $64 per share and a 33% premium, saying it undervalued the company 5. Now What: Despite rejecting the offer, Williams says its open to a deal, but at a higher price It has hired banks to explore strategic alternatives Key takeaway: With Williams considering its alternatives, investors are betting that a deal will eventually come to fruition 6. What: Natural gas producer Magnum Hunter Resources (NYSE: MHR) stock jumped 22% this week. 7. So What: Key driver: Magnum Hunter Resources disclosed that it intends to pursue the sale of its interest in Eureka Hunter It currently owns a 45.5% stake in the company, which it values at $600 million to $700 million 8. Now What: A sale of Eureka Hunter would provide Magnum Hunter Resources with cash it desperately needs to bolster its balance sheet Key takeaway: With Magnum Hunter addressing its balance sheet, investors are breathing a sigh of relief 9. What: The stock price of oil producer Penn Virginia (NYSE: PVA) leapt nearly 27% this week. 10. So What: Key driver: Rumors surfaced this week that oil giant BP (NYSE: BP) offered to buy Penn Virginia for $8 per share The company was said to have rejected the offer as it is seeking at least $10 per share 11. Now What: Penn Virginias largest investors, including George Soros and Lone Star Value Management, are calling on the company to sell Key takeaway: With top shareholders pressing management to sell, investors are betting that a deal will eventually be made 12. This $19 trillion industry could destroy the Internet One bleeding-edge technology is about to put the World Wide Web to bed. And if you act right away, it could make you wildly rich. Experts are calling it the single largest business opportunity in the history of capitalism... The Economist is calling it "transformative"... But you'll probably just call it "how I made my millions." Don't be too late to the party -- click below for one stock to own when the Web goes dark.

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