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2nd october,2015 daily exclusive oryza rice e newsletter by riceplus magazine

Jul 23, 2016



Riceplus Magazine shares daily International RICE News for global Rice Community. We publish daily two newsletters namely Global Rice News & ORYZA EXCLUSIVE News for readers .You can share any development news for readers. Share your rice and agriculture related research write up with Riceplus Magazine contact [email protected] , [email protected] For Advertisement & Specs [email protected]

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    Daily Exclusive ORYZA Rice E-Newsletter Contents are published with permission of


    Vol 5.Issue XIV

    October 02, 2015

    Daily Exclusive ORYZA Rice E-Newsletter

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    Daily Exclusive ORYZA Rice E-Newsletter Contents are published with permission of

    Cambodia Rice Exports Declined in September 2015 Due to High Prices, Say Exporters

    Oct 02, 2015

    Cambodia's rice exports declined to around 26,969 tons of milled rice during the month, down

    about 10% from around 29,819 tons in August 2015; and about 24% from around 35,511 tons

    exported in September 2014. The fall in exports is mainly due to high prices of Cambodian rice

    compared to the prices of Thai and Myanmar rice, say exporters.

    One of the leading exporters told reporters that lower supplies due to below-average rains in the

    beginning of this year also led to increase in both domestic and international prices. He also

    noted that while Cambodia's jasmine rice exports increased to around $880 per ton from around

    $750 per ton in the beginning of this year, export prices of Thai jasmine rice declined to around

    $810 per ton from over $900 per ton during the same period. However, exporters are expecting

    exports to increase in the remaining three months of this year if rains continue and supplies


    The Acting Secretary-General of the Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF) told reporters that the

    Agriculture Ministry is expecting the country's paddy output at around 9 million tons.

    Cambodia has exported around 369,105 tons of milled rice in the first nine months of 2015, up

    about 37% from around 269,370 tons exported during the same period last year. The government

    of Cambodia aimed to increase rice exports to one million tons (including official and unofficial

    exports to Thailand and Vietnam) in 2015 but noted that it is unlikely to achieve the target due to

    inadequate milling facilities and infrastructure as well as lack of access to funding.

    USDA estimates Cambodia to export 1.1 million tons of rice (including official and unofficial

    exports to Vietnam and Thailand through borders) in 2015, up about 10% from an estimated 1

    million tons in 2014.

    India 2015-16 Main Paddy Rice Slightly Ahead of Last Year Despite Poor Monsoons

    Oct 01, 2015

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    Daily Exclusive ORYZA Rice E-Newsletter Contents are published with permission of

    Total area planting to India's 2015-16 Kharif (main) rice crop (June - December) is continuing to

    be ahead of the last year despite weaker monsoon rains in the second half of the monsoon season

    (August-September). Total rice planted area stood at around 37.59 million hectares as of October

    1, 2015, slightly up from around 37.52 million hectares planted during the same time last year,

    according to a press release by the Agriculture Ministry.

    India received 14% below-average rainfall as of September 30, according to the Indian

    Meteorological Department (IMD). The North-west, Central, Southern and North-East regions

    received 14%, 17%, 15% and 8% below-average rains respectively. The IMD has been expecting

    most parts of the country to receive normal to above normal rains between September 19 to

    October 3, 2016.

    A likely drought-inducing El Nino this year is expected to lower production prospects in India

    this year. Extending drought conditions are already dampening production prospects in Thailand,

    Indonesia and the Philippines. Rice prices in Asia are expected to surge due to expected lower


    The government of India forecasts 2015-16 kharif (June - December) rice production at around

    90.6 million tons, slightly down from around 90.86 million tons in 2014-15.

    The total Kharif crop sown area stands at 103.14 million hectares as on October 1, 2015, slightly

    up from around 101.79 million hectares during the same period last year, according to the

    Agriculture Ministry.

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    Daily Exclusive ORYZA Rice E-Newsletter Contents are published with permission of

    Paddy Procurement for KMS 2015-16 Begins in

    Indian State Punjab

    Oct 02, 2015

    Government agencies have begun paddy procurement for the 2015-16 Kharif marketing season (KMS) in

    the Indian state Punjab, according to local sources.

    The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has reportedly released Rs.18,972 crore (around $2.89 billion) for the

    purpose. The state's Food and Civil Supplies Minister noted that the government is taking all possible

    efforts to ensure hassle-free procurement and timely payments to farmers.

    The Central government has directed the Punjab government to procure basmati 1509 variety and the

    coarse variety at R.1,450 per quintal (around $221 per ton).

    Basmati 1509 variety, which received around Rs.4,000 per quintal (around $609 per ton) last year is

    currently being sold at around Rs. 1,200-1,300 per quintal (around $183-$198 per ton) due to low export

    demand. Exporters are complaining that demand for the variety is low due to higher breakage content in

    the seeds.

    The Punjab state government also re-imposed total taxes of 7% on the procurement of basmati paddy

    for private millers and traders to avoid price manipulations. Punjab is one of the major rice-growing

    states in India and accounts for about 11% of the country's total rice production.

    The government of India is planning to procure around 30 million tons of rice in the KMS 2015-16.

    Oryza U.S. Rough Rice Recap - Quiet Market as Buyers are Reluctant to Pay Higher Prices

    Oct 02, 2015

    The U.S. cash market was unchanged today with limited trading to report as most buyers have

    not been keen to pay the prices farmers have been asking for. Analysts note that the market will

    remain quiet until more demand shows up and convinces buyers that prices are going higher or

    until farmers need to raise cash and are forced to sell.

    In the meantime, the USDA reported that cumulative net export sales for the week that ended on

    September 25th

    , totaled 70,500 tons, an increase of 19% from the previous week and 5% higher

    than the prior 4-week average.

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    Daily Exclusive ORYZA Rice E-Newsletter Contents are published with permission of

    Increases were reported for the following destinations including: 24,100 tons to Japan, 23,200

    ton to Mexico, 11,500 tons to the Haiti, 5,900 tons to unknown destinations, and 2,100 tons to

    Canada while decreased of 400 tons were reported for Taiwan.

    U.S. rice exporters shipped 42,200 tons, a decrease of 55% from the previous week and 60%

    lower than the prior 4-week average. Increases were reported for the following destinations

    including: 15,200 tons to Haiti, 12,000 tons to Japan, 3,100 tons to Mexico, 2,900 tons to South

    Korea, and 2,400 tons to Canada.

    Oryza Afternoon Recap - Chicago Rough Rice Futures Rebound, Supported by Firmer Wheat and Corn; Soy Falls as Traders Digest Yesterday's Grain Stocks Report

    Oct 02, 2015

    Chicago rough rice futures for Nov delivery settled 10 cents per cwt (about $2 per ton) higher at

    $13.300 per cwt (about $293 per ton). The other grains finished the day with mixed results;

    Soybeans closed about 1.7% lower at $8.7725 per bushel; wheat finished about 1.1% higher at

    $5.1825 per bushel, and corn finished the day about 0.3% higher at $3.8875 per bushel.

    U.S. stocks traded mostly lower Thursday, the first day of trade for the fourth quarter, as

    investors weighed declines in Apple and biotech stocks amid key domestic economic reports.

    The major averages turned lower after a positive open on the back of slight gains in the futures

    market. The monthly nonfarm payrolls report is due Friday at 8:30 a.m., ET. The key economic

    report of the day, the September ISM manufacturing index, fell to the lowest level since May

    2013 at 50.2, a decline from August's 51.1 print. Other economic reports out Thursday continued

    to show strength in the housing and auto sectors. August construction spending rose to its highest

    level since 2008, driven by residential projects. Initial jobless claims showed a slight increase to

    277,000. The September U.S. Markit manufacturing PMI came in at 53.1.

    In Europe, the pan-European Stoxx 600 index turned lower despite rallies in Asia and Wall

    Street overnight. In Asia, Japan's Nikkei finished 1.92% higher. Chinese stock markets in both

    the mainland and Hong Kong were closed for the National Day Holiday. On Wednesday, the

    Shanghai Composite index closed up 0.50%.In midday trade, the Dow Jones Industrial Average

    declined 189 points, or 1.16%, at 16,095. The S&P 500 fell 16.6 points, or 0.87%, at 1,903, with

    utilities leading all 10 sectors lower. The Nasdaq declined 52 points, or 1.14%, at 4,567. Gold is

    trading about 0.2% lower, crude oil is seen trading about 0.2% lower, and the U.S. dollar is seen

    trading about 0.2% lower about 1:00pm Chicago time.

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    Daily Exclusive ORYZA Rice E-Newsletter Contents are published with permission of

    Wednesday, there were 2,174 contracts traded, up from 1,020 contracts traded on Tuesday. Open

    interest the number of contracts outstanding on Wednesday decreased by 78 contracts to 11,512.

    Global Rice Quotes October 2nd, 2015

    Long grain w

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