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2022 FIFA World Cup - Engineers Best Practices Session at ... 2022 FIFA World Cu · PDF file 2022 FIFA World Cup - Engineers Best Practices Session at Al Wakra Stadium on 18th...

Oct 06, 2020




  • 2022 FIFA World Cup - Engineers Best Practices Session at Al Wakra Stadium on 18th Feb’2017

    Supreme Committee for deliver & Legacy (SC) arranged a site visit to Al Wakra Stadium. The committee invited the various community Engineers to visit their FIFA 2022 project site. Each country was represented by one Engineer.

    I had the opportunity to meet Eng. ArshardHossain from Pakistan (Institution of Engineers Pakistan), Eng. Seenu Pillai from India (Institution of Engineers India), Eng. Mohd Ayyob from Nepal (Institution of Engineers Nepal) and Eng. Arif Uddoula from Bangladesh (Institution of Engineers Bangladesh). Many other Engineers from various countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Ghana, Japan, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Sudan, Nigeria were participated.

    On Behalf of IESL-Qatar Chapter I would like to thanks to SLCC (Sri Lankan Coordinating Committee) for the offer and the Supreme Committee for providing opportunity for Community Engineering Members in Doha.

    It's great honor for me that I was representing Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka-Qatar Chapter. The visit was very informative and worthwhile.

    Al Wakra Stadium will host major Football event with capacity of 40,000 (40,542) spectators during the tournament & 20,000 seats in legacy mode, covers an area of more than 580,000 M2. Expected to complete by Dec 2018.

    The project briefing was done by SC PM, Eng. Thani and CM from Project Management briefs the safety induction, followed by site visit. The project team explained various elements of the project. There were many technical aspects covered during the technical Presentation. Eng. Thani did an outstanding job by sharing his expertise and knowledge with us. The Q&A session was enlightened the stadium design & construction challenges. The project team has done several simulations in the foreign University laboratories including wind "Tunnel model" and Tested for 40,000 spectators return the seats within 15 minutes’ break during the Tournament. TIA (Traffic impact assessment) has been done.

    It’s our duty to promote and share this informative visit experiences widely in our social media channels to communicate with our community.

    Project PM: KEO (Design& Build) Supervision: AECOM Constructor: MidMac, PORR, Six Construct JV Structural steel: 10,000 tons 11% recycle materiel (sourced from Korea & China) Fabricated; In France Sustainability: 4-star rating Temperate inside the stadium: 26'c Labour force: 5,000 at peak (end of 2017)

    Eng. M A M Kamil Vice Chairman Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka - Qatar Chapter

  • Q ATAR F I F A - 2022 Stadiums

    S# Name of the Stadium Cap.

    @ Game

    Legacy Mode

    Comp Date

    Contractor Consultant PM QR Bn


    Al Bayt Stadium – Al Khor City



    Q4, 2018

    SaliniImpregilo G &Cimolai

    KEO Projacs 3.1


    Al Rayyan Stadium (sand dune shape)



    Q1, 2019

    Al Balagh T&C and L&T

    Ramboll AECOM 1.3


    Al Wakra (ZahaHadid Architect)



    Q4, 2018

    MidMac, PORR, Six Construct JV



    Khalifa International Stadium, Al Rayyan



    Q1, 2017

    MidMac, Six Construct JV

    Dar Al Handasah



    Qatar Foundation Stadium



    Q4, 2019

    Cyprus Joannou & Parakevaides (J&P)

    FIA Fenwick ASTAD

    6 Lusail Stadium (British Arch Foster + Partners)



    Q4, 2020

    HBK, China RCC JV KEO Time Qatar

    (Turner) 2.8

    7 Al Thumama 40,000 20,000 2020 Al Jaber Engineering QATAR with Tekfen Construction Turkey

    AEB Time Qatar



    Ras Abu Abound (Populous)




    Time Qatar