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2019 Virginia Traffic Safety Legislation

2019 Virginia Traffic Safety Legislation · HB 2079, HB 2370 & SB 997 (Failed) Marijuana; decriminalization of simple possession, penalty Distracted Driving SB 1768 Handheld personal

Sep 30, 2020



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  • 2019 Virginia Traffic Safety Legislation

  • Presented By:

    Kurt Erickson, Washington Regional Alcohol Program

    Janet Brooking, DRIVE SMART Virginia

    Dana Schrad, Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police

    Patrick Cushing, Williams Mullen (on behalf of AAA)

  • TOPICSAlcohol, DUI and Drugged Driving

    Distracted Driving

    Law Enforcement

    Occupant Protection

    Transportation/Safety Funding

    I-81 Funding

    Additional Bills of Interest

  • Alcohol, DUI and Drugged Driving

    HB 1941 Driving while intoxicated or operating watercraft while intoxicated; maiming, etc. of other

    HB 2512, SB 1037, & SB 1380 (Failed) Underage alcohol possession, etc.; expungement of certain offenses

    HB 2267 (Failed) Hospitals; drawing of certain blood samples

    HB 2794 (Failed) Refusal of tests; restricted license

  • Alcohol, DUI and Drugged Driving

    HB 1720 & SB 1632 Public elementary and secondary school students; possession or distribution at school

    SB 1349 Overdoses; safe reporting

    SB 1557 Pharmacy, Board of; cannabidiol oil and tetrahydrocannabinol oil, regulation of pharmaceutical

    SB 1719 Cannabidiol oil and THC-A oil; registered and pharmaceutical processors

    HB 2371 & HB 2373 (Failed) Marijuana; legalization or simple marijuana possession; penalty

    HB 2079, HB 2370 & SB 997 (Failed) Marijuana; decriminalization of simple possession, penalty

  • Distracted Driving

    SB 1768 Handheld personal communication devices; use while driving in a work zone

    HB 2273 Handfield personal communication devices; use while passing stopped school bus

    HB 1811 & SB 1341 (Failed) Handheld personal communication devices; prohibition on holding while driving

  • Law Enforcement

    HB 1911 Duties of drivers approaching stationary vehicles displaying certain warning lights; penalty

    SB 1521 Handheld photo speed monitoring devices; DSP may operate in or around a highway work zone

    SB 1550 (Failed) Bicyclists & other vulnerable road users; person who operates a motor vehicle in a careless manner

    SB 1578 (Failed) Reckless driving; exceeding speed limit from 80 to 85mph

  • Occupant ProtectionHB 1662 Child restraint devices and safety belts; exempts emergency and law-enforcement vehicles

    HB 2264 (Failed) Safety belt system; all occupants of motor vehicles to utilize

    SB 1282 (Failed) Safety belt systems; use by rear passengers

    HB 1872 (Failed) Motorcycle and autocycles; protective helmets, organ donor exemption

    HB 2446 (Failed) Motorcycle; driving on shoulder of highway

  • Transportation/ Safety FundingHB 2514 Motor vehicle safety inspections; increase maximum charge from $16 to $20

    SB 1765 (Failed) Restoration of certain highways; payment of costs

  • I-81 FundingHB 2718 & SB 1716 Interstate 81; Interstate 81 Corridor Improvement Fund created

    Creation of Interstate 81 Committee that shall hold 4 meetings each year and consult with stakeholders

    Revenue Sources:

    Additional registration fees on all motor vehicles not designed and used for the transportation of passengers (trucks);

    Fees for farm vehicles having a gross weight of 7,500 pounds or more;

    Additional taxes levied on diesel fuel; and

    Levy of tax in Interstate 81 Corridor

  • Additional Bills of InterestHB 1695 Passing a stopped school bus; civil penalty

    HB 2143 Air bags; counterfeit or nonfunctional bags prohibited

    SB 1481 Commercial driver’s licenses; entry- level driver training

    HB 2465 (Failed) Photo-monitoring systems; requirements for localities

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    Janet Brooking-

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    Patrick Cushing-