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2016 Franklin County 4-H Pre-Fair Packet · PDF file 2016 Franklin County 4-H Pre-Fair Packet . This packet does not include horse project information. Go to . for horse

Apr 30, 2020




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    2016 Franklin County 4-H Pre-Fair Packet This packet does not include horse project information. Go to for horse project info.

    This packet of information is provided so that 4-H families can get through the 4-H project evaluation process with an increased knowledge of what to expect. Included in the packet are:

    1. Specific times for members to check-in for their project evaluations 2. Samples of project evaluation score sheets 3. Schedules for club duties such as Ganyard Building Watch, Burke Building Cleanup, and Pop Stand Shifts 4. Special forms for cats, ferrets, and clothing projects 5. Other fair event information

    Evaluation Schedule: The Evaluation Schedule is developed using the number of 4-H members enrolled in a given 4-H project. It is difficult for us to predict what percentage of 4-H members will participate in county evaluations. Please exercise some patience and flexibility when waiting for your judging time. Not everyone can go first and not everyone can be judged at the same time. Our goal is that everyone has a positive and equitable evaluation experience.

    Please understand that it is not our intention to make you wait long periods to see the judge. Trying to predict who will show up for evaluations makes it very difficult to know how long you will wait. Each project can only be evaluated by one judge so that the evaluation is fair. If a judge must evaluate 30 kids’ projects, it takes a lot of time. We want every child to have a fair amount of time to share his/her experiences.

    There are many, many youth who have spent a lot of time and effort working on their projects. We must give them all equal time with the judge so that they can experience what it is to complete a project and feel the accomplishment of sharing their learning experiences in an interview – that’s a great life experience! Note that the awards are not announced until all members have been evaluated for that day’s event which often means the first kids through will have to wait several hours for awards. Enjoy the fair!

    Evaluation Check-In: Exhibitors should arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled project evaluation judging time to complete check-in procedures at the Junior Fair Activities Tent.

    Criteria for Judging: The judging/evaluation process will include:

    A. An interview with a judge(s); B. Exhibition of a project item(s) and/or educational display; C. A completed project book D. Participation in a skills component (for livestock projects) E. All score sheets and blue/red/white ribbons for non-livestock projects will be distributed after seeing the judge.

    Required Exhibit Display: After project judging, all exhibitors are required to place their project exhibit or something to represent their project in their club booth or the countywide 4-H booth located in the Ganyard Building.

    Awards: Recognition awards of blue, red and white ribbons will be given at the discretion of the judge. These will be presented at the end of the interview. State Fair Selection and Alternates or Best of Class, Best of Show and Honorable Mention, where appropriate, will be selected by the judges after all evaluations have been done for a given class. Only members with a completed project book and blue ribbon will be eligible for the above mentioned awards.

    Awards Ceremony: All awards, including Superior and Outstanding ribbons will be presented at the conclusion of the judging event in the Junior Fair Activities Tent.

    “The schedule says I was supposed to check in an hour ago! Why am I still waiting to be evaluated?

    “My project was evaluated three hours ago! Why haven’t they announced awards yet?

  • 4-H Project Evaluation Tips &


    Plan to be there a while. Enjoy the ambiance of the

    fair. Meet new people. Set a good example for the youth.



    Download the Franklin County 4-H Project Requirement Guidelines here: VERY


  • GANYARD BUILDING BOOTH SETUP TIMES Wednesday, July 13, 5pm-9pm

    Thursday, July 14, 3pm-9pm Friday, July 15, 9am-9pm

    See Junior Fair Premium Book – Junior Fair COMMUNICATIONS for complete guidelines.

    Exhibit Release: Exhibits will be released Sunday, July 24, between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm. Exhibitors whose exhibits leave the fairgrounds prior to this time without written authorization from the Junior Fair Board will not be allowed to show at the Franklin County Fair the following year. This includes all displays and trophies.

    Sample Booth Score Sheet

    Club/Group______________________________________ Size of Booth ______________ Theme__________________________________________

    Things done well: Things to improve:

    % of score

    Excellent Good Needs improveme nt

    35% OVERALL VALUE - one central idea or theme - idea presented clearly, yet briefly - promotes organization or fair

    30% INTEREST AND ORIGINALITY - eye-catching design - holds the interest of people until they have gained

    the essentials of the information presented

    30% APPEARANCE - general appearance is neat and attractive - lettering is easy to read and neatly done - correct spellings are used

    5% QUALITY OF DISPLAY MATERIALS - durable materials used - exhibit will still look good after 7-8 days


  • 4-H Dog Project Judging

    Show and Evaluations: Saturday, July 9 Agility and Rally for Fun Center

    1000 Morrison Rd, Suite I, Gahanna

    Agility Registration: 8:00AM-8:30AM All Other Classes Registration: 8:30AM-9:00AM

    Skills: Anatomy, Conformation, Breeds, Grooming

    Jr. Fair Snack Squad Schedule

    Saturday, July 16, 1:00pm Tuesday, July 19, 3:00pm Buckeye Clover Express Hellbranch

    Sunday, July 17, 3:00pm Wednesday, July 20, 5:00pm Fantastic Futures Great Expectations

    Monday, July 18, 3:00pm Green Machine

    Writing Projects

    587 Writing & Reporting for Teens 588 The Writer in You

    • Original copy of work (at least one story or a collection of three activities from the 588 book) must be submitted (postmarked) by July 7 (This is an extension from original deadline of July 1.), to: Franklin County Jr. Fair Board, P.O. Box 288, Hilliard, OH 43026.

    • Each entry item must be submitted on an 8½”x11” inch paper, typewritten or neatly printed. • Stories should be double-spaced. Poems should be single-spaced. • In order to keep track of entries, the member’s full name, address and class name should appear on the

    cover page. The member’s last name, county and page number should be on the bottom right corner of each page.

    • Entries must be submitted in a 9”x12” envelope, clearly marked with the member’s name and address. • See the Creative Expressions Evaluation Schedule in this packet for interview/evaluation check-in times.

  • Franklin County Fair Website Resources

    Franklin County Fair General Info: Contact information for the fairgrounds, map, and ticket prices Junior Fair Premium Book: Details and rules for junior fair events including the Junior Fair Schedule Junior Fair Special Events: Contest rules and details for special events like the Interlocking Block Contest, Dutch Oven Contest, Arrangement Challenge, Photography Show, and many more Daily Fair Schedules: Schedules with details about all of the fair events and entertainment Senior Fair Premium Book: Details about Open Class Events and Camping Information Cow Town 10k & 5k: Information about the first ever run at the Franklin County Fair Grandstand: Schedule for the Franklin County Fair Grandstand


    Saturday, July 16

    Parade of 4-H Clubs 7:30pm – Clubs line up by the Rigsby Building. Parade begins at 7:45 in front of Grandstand.

    Club Team Building Challenges 8:00pm – Clubs can still register their team, sign their waivers, and pay the $10 fee the night of the event in the track infield. Contact Kathy McNutt for more information at

    Outhouse Races 8:00pm – Grandstand

  • 4-H Public Speaking Contest Monday, July 11, Check-In: 6:00pm

    Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center 2201 Fred Taylor Drive, Columbus, OH 43210

    *Pre- registration was required on electronic fair entry site. 5:00-5:30pm - Drop off for Thank You Card, Holiday Card, & Infomercial Entries PARKING PERMIT REQUIRED:

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