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2015 Advent & Christmas Christmas Carols. Christmas Eve Cookies and Coffee Again this Christmas Eve, we plan to serve cookies and coffee in between church services. If you would

Feb 12, 2020




  • Christmas Eve Worship Services Be sure to make plans to a end one of these services and to invite a friend.

    2pm & 4pm for Children and Families Children’s “Happy Birthday Jesus” Party at 3pm It is Jesus’ birthday, so let’s throw him a party!

    6pm & 8pm—Telling the Christmas Story through scriptures and car- ols, including choirs, soloists and hand bells.

    10pm with Holy Communion All services are candlelight services.

    Sunday 11/29 1st Sunday in Advent "Thy Kingdom Come" Ma . 1:1-8 Monday 11/30 Annual Church Conf. 7p / “Tablegate” Supper 6p Thursday 12/3 Advent Study week 1- 1 or 6p. “Unity of the Spirit” Sunday 12/6 2nd Sunday in Advent "Bap zed By An cipa on" Mark 1:1-8

    Messiah Performances at 8 & 9:30a Li le Blessings Christmas Program 1p & 2:30p

    Wednesday 12/9 Gingerbread House Event for Parker Task Force 5:30p

    Thursday 12/10 Advent Study week 2—1 or 6p “Love One Another” Saturday 12/12 Joyful Noise Christmas Produc on at 10a

    Sunday 12/13 3rd Sunday in Advent "The Witness of Light" John 1:1-14

    Encore of Joyful Noise Produc on at 9:30a

    Thursday 12/17 Advent Study week 3-1 or 6p “Everlas ng Presence” Sunday 12/20 4th Sunday in Advent "Servants of the Lord" Luke 1:26-38

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  • The 1st Sunday in Advent is 11/29. Advent devo ons begin Monday 11/30. There is a devo on for each Monday through Friday during Ad- vent. Be sure to pick up your devo-

    on booklet star ng next Sun- day, 11/22. You will also be able to pick up a copy at the Informa on Desk or in the Office.

    Weekly Advent Study gatherings will be on Thursdays at either 1p or 6p on 12/3, 12/10 & 12/17. The overall theme is “The Kingdom of God” and the 3 weekly sessions are ”Unity of the Spirit (12/3), “Love One Another” (12/10) and “Everlas ng Presence” (12/17).

    Sunday Sermons During Advent are: 11/29 “Thy Kingdom Come (Ma . 1: 18-21); 12/6 “Bap zed by An cipa on” (Mark 1: 1- 8), 12/13 “The Witness of Light” (John 1: 1-14) and 12/20 “Servants of the Lord” (Luke 1: 26-38). Make plans to be here each Sunday and Thursday. Invite someone to come with you to the Advent Studies and Sun- day Worship.

    2015 Advent Devo ons “Beyond The Manger”

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  • MISSIONS ‐ HOLIDAY GIVING: TURKEYS: Thanksgiving dinners for Parker Task Force clients. This year the Parker Task Force expects to provide Thanksgiving dinner to many families. Currently, the Task Force provides short-term food bank visits and lim- ited financial assistance to over 600 families in need in the Parker, Franktown and Elizabeth areas. To help you can either donate a food basket or provide money. 1. Food Baskets: Compile complete Thanksgiving dinners that families can prepare at home, packaged in baskets/tubs/boxes for a family of 4-6 people. Deliver to the new Parker Task Force building at 19105 Longs Way between 9:00 am & noon on Saturday, Novem- ber 21, 2015. Clients will pick them up later that day. What to put in the basket/box/tub - a complete Thanksgiving dinner - for example: Frozen turkey, aluminum turkey pan, canned vegetables, pota- toes, bu er, stuffing, can of sweet potatoes, pie/dessert, gravy (packets or jars), can of cran- berry sauce, dinner rolls, box of flavored Jell-O, and a can of fruit. Please put items needing refrig- era on/freezing in grocery bags so we can keep them cold un l the meals are picked up later in the day. Please bag freezer items and refrigerator items in sepa- rate bags. Or if you prefer to make a monetary contribu on 2. Monetary Dona ons: Contribu ons will be used to purchase prepared Thanksgiving dinners from local grocery store deli depart- ments for clients with special circumstances. Each meal for a family of 4-6 costs $50. Please make checks payable to Parker UMC no ng ‘PTF Thanksgiving dinners’ in the memo line and place them in the offering plate through Sunday, November 22. Any funds not need-

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  • ed for Thanksgiving meals will be used to provide PTF clients lim- ited assistance with winter hea ng bills. TOYS: “Share the joy, give a toy.” The Denver In- ner City Parish has been providing toys during the holidays to deserving families in Denver since 1978. Every year there is an increase of families in need. The program invites parents to “shop” their toy warehouse for one gi per child. They accept brand new toys for children of all ages 0-18. If you’d like to help, please bring new unwrapped toys to church by noon on Decem- ber 13. Look for collec on boxes & more info at the Mission’s table/display in the Narthex.

    In December look for the Global Hope Christmas Giving Tree – select a tag to learn about various and specific needs where

    you can provide monetary contributions for children supported through Global Hope programs.

    XYZ Christmas Carol Sing /Pizza/Salad/Dessert Party: Sunday, Dec. 13th. Noon-1:45 in the Fellowship Hall. All persons with “60+Xtra Years of Zest” (XYZ members and others within our church commu- nity) are invited to join us. A sign-up sheet is posted in the Narthex. Please join us and enjoy friendship, food and singing your favorite Christmas Carols.

    Christmas Eve Cookies and Coffee Again this Christmas Eve, we plan to serve cookies and coffee in between church services. If you would like to donate cookies to share, please bring them to the church kitchen by Wednes- day, Dec. 23rd. Put up to 2 dozen on a paper plate, wrap them with plas c wrap and label them, please. Gluten-free cookies and cookies

    containing nuts should be labeled as such. Thank you for helping! - Your Hospitality Team

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  • The season of Ad- vent is invi ng us to wait for the full ex- perience of Christ- mas and the com- plete celebra on of the birth of Jesus. Once again, we are

    called to the manger and then in- structed to move out into the world as the people of God. We come to the manger with hearts that are filled with memories of the past and a hopeful faith in the future. The experience of considering the birth of the Christ Child always s rs me with memories of family tradi ons but more than that…it con nually chal- lenges me to live a life of gra tude and generosity. Indeed, the holiday season of Christmas is not just about gi s and trees. It is about gra tude and generosity that takes shape in our mind, shi s to our hearts, and is best expressed through our hands and our lips. Living a life of grace and speaking words of hope are central to our call as the people of God. I hope this season of Advent is preparing you to live in grace and hope. We cherish the opportuni-

    es to speak joy into the lives of

    our friends and family during this me of year. We love to see the

    smiles of children, hear the songs of our faith, and be a part of bring- ing something special to the earth once again. As a church, let me invite you to find some new and fresh ways to express your natural gener- osity this year. Find a place to serve, share your table with some- one new, open your heart to a neighbor, or offer a gi to support your favorite mission. Make some- thing good happen through your generous spirit! The season is special for the church in many ways. We are blessed with special mes of wor- ship, beau ful music, and the flow of faith that brings us to a new year. I hope you will be a part of the full season of Advent and Christmas this year. Join your sis- ters and brothers as we read Scrip- ture together with the Beyond the Manger devo ons, be a part of worship from Messiah to Christmas Eve, and be sure to take in one of our programs for children as Christ- mas begins to grow in our hearts. Be sure to do it all with a spirit of generosity in your heart and mind. Plan now to give gener- ously as we come to Christmas Eve

    “Looking Forward” by Randy Jessen, Senior Pastor

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    worship. This year our offering will support the Parker Task Force and the United Methodist Commi ee on Relief. The Task Force helps people in our own area with food, jobs, and essen al resources. The ministry of UMCOR reaches out to touch people all around the world when natural disaster strikes. Both are outstanding ministries. Be generous in spirit and in giving this year. Last year our Christmas Eve offering was $19,740.00! That was wonderful, but I think we can top that this year with a fresh spir- it of gra tude and generosity. Be sure to be a part of the blessing!

    Christmas! Some say it is the most beau ful me of the year. Others wonder if they can make it through another day. Our task is to be the people of God in every se ng. Live for the Lord, bless your family, and express your faith in every moment. If we do that, the year 2016 will be off to a great start. God bless you all! Randy Jessen

    DECEMBER ACOLYTE LIST 8:00 am 9:30am


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    As we enter into this sea- son of Advent

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