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2014 best life insurance plans in india

Aug 17, 2014


This is information about 2014 Life insurance plans in India.

  • 2014 best life insurance plans in India
  • Different Types of Insurance Policies Term Insurance Property Insurance Health Insurance Personal Accident Insurance Travel Insurance Liability Insurance Motor Insurance
  • Whole Life Policy Limited Payment Life Policy Endowment Policy Double Endowment Policy Joint Life Policy With or without profit policies Convertible whole life policy
  • Convertible term assurance policy Fixed term (marriage) Endowment policy & education annuity policy Annuities Sinking fund policy Multipurpose policy
  • Money-Back Plan Unit-Linked Insurance Plans(ULIPs) Pension Plans Children Plan Saving And Investment Special Plans
  • Term Insurance Term life insurance or term assurance is life insurance which affords coverage at a secure rate of payments for a limited period of time, the relevant term.
  • Property Insurance Property insurance provides safety against most risks to property, such as fire, robbery and some weather damage.
  • Health Insurance Health insurance is insurance against the risk of incurring medicinal expenditures between persons.
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Travel Insurance Travel insurance is insurance that is proposed to cover medicinal expenditures, financial default of travel dealers, and other losses incurred while traveling.
  • Liability Insurance Liability insurance is a part of the common insurance scheme of risk financing to shelter the customer (the "insured") from the risks of liabilities.
  • Motor Insurance Vehicle insurance is also known as auto insurance, GAP insurance, car insurance, or motor insurance is purchased for cars, trucks, motorcycles etc..
  • Whole Life Policy Whole life insurance, or whole of life assurance, is a life insurance policy that remains in force for the insured's whole life.
  • Endowment Policy An endowment policy is a life insurance contract planned to pay a lump sum after an identified period (on its 'maturity') or on death.
  • Joint Life Policy A Joint Life Policy is an assurance policy taken on the joint lives of the partners.
  • Annuities An annuity is any continuing payment with a fixed total annual amount.
  • Sinking fund policy A sinking fund is a fund recognized by a financial entity by setting aside revenue over.
  • Money-Back Plan
  • Unit-Linked Insurance Plans(ULIPs) A Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) is a product presented by insurance companies that is different a unalloyed insurance plan bounces investors.
  • Pension Plans
  • Children Plan