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2014 Acura RLX Brochure by Acura at Oxmoor

Aug 20, 2015



  1. 1. Delete RoofTHEALL-NEW2014ACURARLXTHE ALL- NEW 2014 ACURA RLXLuxury with a mind of its own.To learn more about the RLX, visit acura.comTHE ALL-NEW 2014 ACURA RLXRLX
  2. 2. The Acura RLX.Luxury with a mind of its own.
  3. 3. Because we put people at the centerof everything we do, Acura is more thanjust a luxury brand were a luxury brandthat continually adapts to the driversneeds. So one comes to owning an Acurawith a certain sense of expectation: ofthoughtful sophistication, technologicalexcellence, and superb performance.What one doesnt expect is the all-new2014 Acura RLX: an undeniably assertiveluxury sedan, exhibiting elegance andforcefulness at the same time. And notsomething youre likely to see in all theusual places.
  4. 4. At first glance, the RLX lookslike a nimble, streamlinedmiddleweight. A perfect urbancompetitor, ready to go head-to-head with any number offine automobiles on the roadtoday. And the road is definitelycalling which is where youlldiscover that theres a lot moreto this car than meets the eye.
  5. 5. The vehicles sensuous exterior lines find their perfect complementinside. Of course, the luxurious feeling the vehicle imparts isa product of more than just material luxury and craftsmanship.It also boasts one of the most spacious cabins in its class.
  6. 6. Over the course of its development, the RLX made more than 800 trips to the wind tunnel. By analyzingdriving-speed winds, engineers worked to eliminate surface turbulence that interrupts airflow, createsnoise, and reduces fuel efficiency. From its grille to its tail, from the underbody to the roof, all that effortculminated in one of the most aerodynamic sedans on the road.
  7. 7. Handling: Lane Keeping Assist SYSTEM /blind spot / Adaptive Cruise ControlThe RLX boasts a portfolio ofperformance features aimed athelping you be a better driver:Precision All-Wheel Steer(P-AWS) provides more stabilityduring higher-speed lane changesand hard braking; the availableLane Keeping Assist System canhelp prevent driver error inwandering out of lane; AdaptiveCruise Control (ACC) helps keepa set distance from the car ahead;blind spot information helps tellyou whats just out of sight.**This system is not a substitute for your own visualassessment before changing lanes; system accuracywill vary based on weather, size of object and speed.
  8. 8. A car as advanced as the RLX certainly knows when to shift its own gears, but most RLX owners will occasionallywant to take over and shift gears like a grand-prix driver. The 6-speed transmission outfitted with racing-styleSequential SportShift paddle shifters puts performance shifting at your fingertips, and engaging Sport Modeenhances acceleration, steering feel, and throttle response.performance: sportshift Transmission / Sport Mode
  9. 9. acuralink: personal services*Drive responsibly. Some state laws prohibit the operationof handheld electronic devices while operating a vehicle.For safety reasons, always launch your audio applicationor perform any other operation on your phone or audiodevice only when the vehicle is safely parked.When you drive out of your garage and/ordocking station, AcuraLink turns the RLX intothe worlds ultimate mobile device. It canread your incoming emails and texts aloud.You talk back and it can respond with apreset message.1It interfaces with your cellphone or tablet to stream music, podcastsand internet radio.*It can alert you if yourvehicles theft-deterrent system is triggered,call the live operator in an emergency, andeven help locate your car if its stolen. Youcan even access your own 24/7 AcuraLinkpersonal assistant whos much smarterthan any smartphone.2
  10. 10. acuralink: navigation / trafficThe Acura RLX is a quiet, comfortablesanctuary during your travels, but the worldstill requires your attention. AcuraLink canoffer you navigation guidance, continuouslyupdated traffic conditions for both freewaysand surface streets, even in-vehicle LocalSearch.2Notwithstanding the 310 hp at yourcommand, knowledge, as they say, is power.
  11. 11. How can a car this thrilling todrive also be this fuel-efficient?A robust 310-hp V-6 engineoffers all the thrust youd everwant, from a full stop or atcruising speeds. And yet it stillmanages to rate 30 mpg on thehighway3the highly advanced3.5-liter i-VTECdirect-injectionengine uses Variable CylinderManagement(VCM) to employonly as much combustion asrequired, maximizing efficiencythroughout the powertrain.performance: hp / efficiency
  12. 12. Acura is not like other automobilemanufacturers. We dont think a carshould be described only in termsof horsepower and torque, fuelefficiency and acceleration tests.We prefer to focus on how a carfeels to the driver. And as youlldiscover with the RLX, we believe acar should feel like a masterpiece its only a success if it gives you asense of exhilaration youve neverencountered before.
  13. 13. To achieve maximum performance and optimize fuel efficiency, a car has to watch its weight. So the RLX utilizesmaterials that havent been put together before in quite this way at least, not for automotive purposes.More aluminum throughout the frame and body panels for lighter weight. A magnesium intake manifold, becauseits lighter than aluminum. Lighter noise-reduction materials throughout to preserve a quiet ride. And to enjoythe quiet ride, available speaker cones made with Zylonfiber, some of the toughest fabric known to man. Turn it up.
  14. 14. Safety: Forward Collision Warning /CMBS / Lane Departure Warning / ACE II*Lane Departure Warning (LDW) only alerts drivers when lane drift is detected without a turn signal in use. LDW may notdetect all lane markings or lane departures; accuracy will vary based on weather, speed and road conditions. Systemoperation affected by extreme interior heat.Driver remains responsible for safely operating vehicle and avoiding collisions.Forward Collision Warning (FCW) cannot detect all objects ahead and may not detect a given object; accuracy will varybased on weather, speed and other factors. System operation affected by extreme interior heat. FCW does not includea braking function. Driver remains responsible for safely operating vehicle and avoiding collisions.Among its long list of safetyattributes, the RLX features theLane Departure Warning system,using cameras to help alert youto an unintended move fromthe detected lane;*the ForwardCollision Warning system, whichwarns you of potential collisionswith vehicles detected in front ofyou,and the available CollisionMitigationBrakingSystem(CMBS),which uses radar to actually helpyou brake when a collision isimminent. If a frontal collisionis unavoidable, the RLX chassisfeatures Acuras next-generationAdvancedCompatibility Engineer-ing body structure, which goesbeyond crumple zones bydistributing frontal crash energymore evenly.
  15. 15. People love how they look in an RLX, but they really love how they see. The stylish Jewel Eyeheadlight designincorporates LED lights that are brighter than halogen or HID lamps, provide a wider illuminated area, and bestof all, show colors more vividly so signage, traffic, and people are all more visible to the driver. For what youcant see, the available Collision Mitigation Braking System uses radar, which hides behind the part of the grillecoated with indium, a metal-like substance used on stealth aircraft, Jewel Eye Headlights / cmbs
  16. 16. In the real world, you cant counton a banked curve to help keepyour line.The solution is the worldsfirst Precision All-Wheel Steer(P-AWS) system, which allowseach rear wheel to independentlyadjust its toe angle to achieveexceptional stability in the turns.Combined with Agile HandlingAssist, Acura brings new meaningto cornering and lane changes,while amplitude reactive dampersprovide a unique solution to theride vs.handlingconundrum,providing the best of both.Handling: Precision All-Wheel Steer / AgileHandling Assist / Amplitude Reactive Dampers
  17. 17. The way an RLX comes togetherin the factory, with an assemblyline moving parts, robots weldingframes, and over 1,400 peopleputting it all together you mightwonder how they achieve avehicle that seems made just foryou. Whether its the welcomingcomfort of the cabin or how thecar responds to every flick of yourwrist and touch of the pedals, theJapanese word youre searchingfor is inomama,Acuras philosophyof carrying out the will of thedriver surely a concept thattranslates best out on the road.
  18. 18. Concert halls may transport you, but not in a literal sense. The Acura RLX, however, will get you thereboth actually and musically. Available audio systems offer you the finest automotive sound anywhere,among them one designed by GRAMMYAward-winning recording engineer Elliot Scheiner, anothercreated by KrellIndustries a company true audiophiles know as the premier source for high-end hometheater audio equipment. With either system, everyone will know youve arrived.Audio: Krell / ELS
  19. 19. The RLX comes with a key, but itsmostly for the valet. With theremote in your pocket or bag, theRLX will recognize you, unlock thedoor or trunk when you reach forit, and start the ignition when youpush a button. This ease-of-usephilosophy is part of what it meansto own an RLX, from the on-demand multi-use touch-screento the voice recognition to theconcierge experience youll enjoyat the dealership.
  20. 20. All cars are mechanical, withmetal parts churning, rubber tiresturning, and explosive gasesburning. In the RLX, Acura exteriordesigners have orchestrateda unique mix of technologies toensure a quiet, peaceful ride.Active Sound Control generatessound waves that cancel outunwanted engine noise. Acousticwindshield glass reduces windnoise. And even noise-reducingwheels play a part in keepingthe sound of the road outsidewhere it noise reduction