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2013 Marketing Prediction: Hits And Misses

Jul 02, 2015



Presentation by iSmart Communications

When it comes to making predictions, we're all in the business of throwing darts—whether to our bosses, our investors, or even our loved ones.

And in marketing, we love, love, love our annual predictions.

The very best in the business carefully weigh each dart before they throw it. They toe the line, balance themselves, steady their arm, and fire as straight and as true as they can. But the rest? They're flinging darts against a vague idea of the target after one too many bourbons.

So, being of sober mind despite the raging Boston winter outside, we wanted to take a look back at where the darts landed and try to explain why. we also included a few of
our favorite predictions for the New Year. Happy 2014.

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  • 1. Marketing Prediction 2013 HITS & MISSES

2. 2013 Prediction MISSES 2014 Prediction2013 Prediction 3. 2013 Prediction 4. Stop and start Campaigns will Fade and Real- Time will be IN Stop- and- Start Campaign will Fade and Real- Time Will Be IN "The old model of marketing built on a company timeline doesn't work so well, but after decades of 'campaigns' planned way in advance, its difficult for marketers to change to a mindset based on speed" Real-timemarketing did indeed make hugestrides in 2013. Half of all marketers used real- time tacticson social media David Meerman Scott Best-SellingAuthor & Marketing Speaker 5. Inbound marketing will spread Enterprise- wide Consumerscomplete 60% of buying decisions before talking to a sales representatives Investing heavily in free products intended to support this inbound sales style 6. E-mail will live on- thanks for personalization "The ability to segment email lists and personalize the content will help to maximize the e ect of each email, resulting in more qualified needs.74% of consumers prefer to receive commercial messages via email over othersources The improved technologiesaround email marketing and contextual marketing have shown huge returns for marketers JohnBonini Directorof Marketing IMPACTBranding& Design 7. Content and social will Matter Even more for SEO- Bulleye! For the past decade, half, marketers have often thought of SEO, social media, and content as separate channels and segmented practices. But these barriers are crumbing Social signals and recommendations from social media links account for seven of the top eight mosthighly correlated ranking factors in Google results Rand Fishkin Founder,MOZ 8. 2013 Prediction 9. Mobile or Bust- be PREPARED! Consumerspay attentionto multiplescreens, be mobile- ready 10. Marketing Becomes Accountable for Revenue Generation A lack of measurement and, related, IT support to marketing Prepared for multiple screen according to our specific customers and marketing research 11. Big data become real for business Technology can be the key factor in steaming the process and making it effective to implementbig data marketing 12. Print is dead ?? Print is not dead, norwill it die in the next few years. A opportunity is in print. 13. 2014 Prediction 14. Marketing Departments Will Become More Like Engineering Departments Podcasting Will Continue to Grow substantially Social Listening Tools Will Gain Context, Get Smarter (Mark Fidelman, CEO, Raynforest) (Joe Chernov, VP of Content, Hubspot) (Michael Stelzner CEO & Founder, Social Media Examiner) 15. 2014 Will Be the Year of Self- Doubt for Marketers Consumers have all the power, and researchand buy across many channels and screens, inbound marketing will be dominant field. The Economy will Become Highly Collaborative (via Forbes) (Mike Volope CMO, HubSpot) (Kipp Bodnar, VP of Marketin, Hubspot) 16. Thanks for Reading! iSmart Communications is an Internet marketing agency based in Singapore. We realize that the world is going to the web first, we work with our clients to cost-effectively manage their marketing programs using an innovative and time-tested Inbound Marketing System developed by HubSpot, the worlds No. 1 Inbound Marketing Software Platform. [email protected] +65 6325 2685 12, Prince Edward Road, #04-06 Podium A, Bestway Building Singapore 079212

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