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2012 Wellness & Safety Fair Packet

Mar 07, 2016



Vendor packet sent to Wellness Fair participants prior to the day of the Fair outlining the details and procedures for setting up, event schedule, and taking down.

  • 1240 W. Sims Way, Mail Stop #77

    Port Townsend, WA 98368 (360)385-6357 or (360)385-3555

    Hello Wellness & Safety Fair Vendors, Thank you for participating in the 5th Annual Jefferson County Wellness & Safety Fair. This document is to help you in coordinating your setup for next Saturday, March 24th at Fort Worden. Setup The doors will be open for vendors to begin setting up at 10:00AM. We will have tables labeled with the name and table number for each organization when you arrive. We ask that all vendors be set up by 10:45AM. If you do not need a table and just the space or need to adjust the placement of your table within your space we will be happy to assist you the morning of the Fair. We will be distributing maps of the layout to attendees so it is in everyones best interest to try and maintain the layout as close as possible to the one published. Vendor Parking We ask that all vendors drop off the materials for their table at the Commons and park near the parade grounds. Each table will come with one vendor parking placard you can place on the dash of your vehicle and should be displayed when you park at the parade grounds. We will have some local student volunteers at the Commons to help with directing traffic. Electricity & Wifi If you have already signed up for electricity please bring at least one extension cord to ensure that you have enough reach to the outlets or electrical strips provided. Wifi connections have been request for the Commons for the day of the event for those of you who have information to display on laptops or other mobile devices. We highly encourage you to get setup as early as possible to ensure there is time to troubleshoot any technology glitches. Outside Food & Beverages The Commons WILL NOT allow any outside food or beverages for sale during the event, or any prepared foods to be distributed at the Fair. If you have pre-packaged items like granola bars, individually wrapped candy, whole fruit or the like, these items are acceptable for handing out to attendees. Raffles We know that many tables will be hosting raffles of items to collect names or draw attendees to their table. If youd like to raffle the items off and have the winners announced over the microphone please be sure to let us know by Wednesday, March 21st so that we have time to put together a schedule for our emcee. (If you have more than one item to raffle please indicate in which hour youd like it announced and we will do our best to accommodate your request) Lunch We are working with Discovery Memory Care and Bon Appetit to provide two lunch tickets per vendor table; in exchange there will be donation boxes set up inside the Food Service area to accept donations for the Alzheimers Association. Please be sure to acknowledge both of these organizations for their contributions by giving a small donation. (Tickets for lunch will be distributed the day of the Fair.) In addition, Bon Appetit will be open for lunch during the Fair to sell items to attendees and is working with the Food Coop to provide samplers. Water will also be provided at no cost. Closing Up Shop We expect that all vendors should be at the Fair for the duration of the event and would ask that you do not start breaking down your table until after 3:00PM. Please clean up after yourself and leave the space as you found it. Did We Forget Something? If you have any other questions please feel free to contact the Wellness & Safety Committee at [email protected] or call one of the following individuals:Sandi Bird (360) 643-3555, Angela Gregory (360) 316-9258 (mobile), or Sandy Boughner (360) 385-6357.

  • 1240 W. Sims Way, Mail Stop #77

    Port Townsend, WA 98368 (360)385-6357 or (360)385-3555

    Schedule of Events March 24th, 2012 The Commons Building Fort Worden State Park 11:00AM 3:00PM (Commons Building Fort Worden State Park) Wellness Fair Open to Public

    Vendor Showcase Screenings, Massages, Giveaways, Health &

    Safety Information Servery Open for Purchasing refreshments

    11:00 AM (Servery)

    Cooking Demonstration How to Prepare your at Home Salad Bar for a Week.

    (Local Goods Caf) Guest Speaker- Menopause Basics: The Best Treatment for Menopause is Information presented by Jane Albee, ARNP Certified Menopause Practitioner with the North American Menopause Society

    12:00 PM (Servery)

    Cooking Demonstration - Chef Dusty will be preparing a healthy lunch option which will be enjoyed by the winners of the lunch raffle.

    (Local Goods Caf) Guest Speaker - Diabetes: Understanding Tools for Prevention & Maintenance Presented by Wes Schott, MSN, ARNP NP-C, Jefferson County Healthcare

    12:30 PM (Vendor Showcase Room)

    Door Prize Raffle

    1:00 PM (Servery)

    Cooking Demonstration: Healthy fruit based desserts that will satisfy a sweet tooth while adding a serving of healthy fruit and fiber to your diet.

    (Local Goods Caf) Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness: What is it and why should we care? Presented by Deborah Stinson, Community Preparedness Co-coordinator 20/20 Emergency Preparedness Action Group

    1:30 PM (Vendor Showcase Room)

    Door Prize Raffle 2:00 PM (Servery)

    Cooking Demonstration: Replace high calorie, non-nutritive drinks with low calorie flavored waters and healthy snack drinks.

    (Local Goods Caf)

    Guest Speaker - Menu for Our Healthy Future: Fresh, Local and Seasonal Food Presented by Judith Alexander, MSW

    2:30 PM (Vendor Showcase Room)

    Door Prize Raffle 3:00 PM Wellness & Safety Fair Closes

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