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2012 Lexus LS For Sale NV | Lexus Dealer Nevada

Jan 21, 2015



2012 Lexus LS brochure provided by Lexus of Reno. Find the 2012 Lexus LS for sale in Nevada. Call us about our current sales and incentives at (866) 996-8187.

  • 1. Lexus of Reno3225 Mill St.Reno, NV 89502(866) 996-8187

2. LUXURYIT DOESNT JUST LEAD AN INDUSTRY.PERFORMANCEHYBRIDINNOVATIONSPECSOptional equipment shown. 3. LUXURY PERFORMANCE HYBRID INSPIRES ONE. INNOVATIONITWith multiple worlds first technologies offered in the 2012 LS, you mightsay that surpassing tradition is becoming a tradition in itself. As our flagshipvehicle, the LS is available in four unique versions: the LS 460, the long-wheelbase LS 460 L, the LS 460 Sport and the revolutionary LS 600h L.All are steps forward in our pursuit of perfection, each remarkable in its ownway. Because while being an industry leader can be an incredibly gratifying SPECSexperience, being an LS driver should be even more so.LS 460LS 460 LLS 460 Sport LS 600h LRWD + AWDRWD + AWD RWDAWDOptional equipment shown. 4. LUXURYLUXURYLUXURY INTERIOR EXECUTIVE PACKAGE AUDIO CRAFTSMANSHIPPERFORMANCEHYBRIDINNOVATIONWELCOME TO LUXURY ON AN UNPRECEDENTED SCALE.The luxuriously appointed LS cabin has always been an industry benchmark.Andthe interior of the 2012 LS is no different. Featuring world-class design, innovationSPECSand style, it seamlessly blends old-world craftsmanship with state-of-the-artamenitiesall to help make the driver as content and comfortable as possible.Optional equipment shown. 5. LUXURY PERFORMANCE HYBRID INNOVATION Optional equipment shown. Who wouldnt want to enjoy more time inside the LS cabin? SumptuousMORE REASONS TO OPT FORavailable semi-aniline leather trim is hand-chosen from premium full-grain SPECS stocks and carefully treated to maintain a soft, supple feel. And an available THE SCENIC ROUTE. four-zone climate-control system, heated steering wheel and adjustable rear- seat heaters can offer personalized comfort for all passengers. Interested in seeing even more of the LS cabin? Please view the video tour on the left. 6. LUXURYWELCOMETO THE BACK SEAT.CARE FOR A TOUR? PERFORMANCEFew automobiles are so well-appointedthat they warrant guided exploration. Butthe LS Line is the exception, especiallywhen you consider the Executive-ClassSeating Package* available on the LS 460 Land LS 600h L. It helps you take advantage HYBRIDof the extra legroom provided by thelong wheelbase, replacing the standardrear bench with two individual seats, foran experience more reminiscent of aprivate jet than an automobile. The rightrear seat has power reclining capability, INNOVATIONa built-in ottoman-style leg rest 1, 2 and amultifunction massager. And both rearseats benefit from bendable butterflyheadrests that cradle your head for morecomfortable dozing and infrared sensorsthat guide the four-zone climate control.For a more extensive look, please viewthe Executive-Class Seating Package* SPECSvideo demonstration.*Please see pages 68, 80 for more information regarding options/accessories/packages.This feature is intended for use only when Optional equipment shown.the vehicle is parked. See disclaimers on page 97. 7. LUXURY DISCOVER YOURNEW FAVORITE VENUE.PERFORMANCEHYBRIDINNOVATIONThe available Mark Levinson Reference Surround Sound Audio System3was designed specifically for the interior of the LS. It offers 7.1-channelarchitecture surround sound capability and 450 watts at 0.1% THD,2020,000 Hz4 of power thats carefully channeled to 19 speakersplaced throughout the cabin. It even features SiriusXM Satellite Radio5,6capability and the ability to control your portable audio player throughthe systems interface using a USB input or wirelessly with BluetoothSPECStechnology.7 The result is an enveloping, exceptionally clear listeningexperienceone that is worthy of nearly any concert hall. Want to hearmore? Please click on the LS speakers.Optional equipment shown.See disclaimers on page 97. 8. LUXURYSOMEDETAILS REQUIRE THE ONE THING ROBOTS LACK: PASSION.PERFORMANCEHYBRIDINNOVATIONEven in a car this forward-thinking, to build it to our standards we had to return to atime when passion and craftsmanship prevailed. We did it by recruiting and training 10experts to become Master Craftsmen to oversee all aspects of the LSs developmentfrom paint to fabrics to engine. Their passion is apparent throughout. The steeringwheels leather is hand-buffed for hours with a soft bristle. The headlamps were pains-SPECStakingly developed to accurately mimic the look and effect of Baccarat crystal. And tohelp match color and grain, all the LSs interior paneling is hand-selected. As a finalquality check, each LS is individually track-tested before it is released.Optional equipment shown. 9. ANOTHER REASONAHEADLUXURY YOULL FIND ITOF THE PACK.PERFORMANCEPERFORMANCEPERFORMANCEPOWERLS 460 SPORTEIGHT - SPEEDALL - WHEEL DRIVEHYBRIDINNOVATION You wouldnt expect one of the most luxurious sedans on the road to be soSPECS powerfully capable. But surpassing expectations is something the LS does well and often. Buckle into the drivers seat and youll quickly understand. The engine easily delivers all the power needed to put it, and you, well to the front.Optional equipment shown. 10. DISCOVER REFINEMENT SHY.LUXURY IS ANYTHING BUTPERFORMANCEHYBRIDINNOVATIONThe LS, being as refined and indulgent as it is, is still more than willingto let loose when given the opportunity. And without question, it is fullyequipped to do so. The LS 460 and LS 460 L feature a V8 that delivers380 horsepower 8 with a worlds first eight-speed automatic transmission.The LS 600h L is a hybrid that takes power to the next level with 438 totalsystem horsepower 8 and a 0-to-60 of just 5.5 seconds.8, 9 And BremboSPECSbrakes10 and a sport-tuned suspension are offered exclusively on theLS 460 Sport. Other features such as direct and port fuel injection anda multi-link suspension are standard on all models and are just a few of themany features that provide drivers with an incredibly capable ride.See disclaimers on page 97. 11. LUXURY PERFORMANCEBORN FOR THE ROAD,BUILT FOR THEDRIVER. HYBRID INNOVATIONThe LS 460 Sport gives the LS distinct, performance-oriented style. To begin with,a perforated Black/Saddle Tan leather-trimmed interior and bolstered front sport SPECSit features a sleek front sport grille, 19-inch split-10-spoke forged alloy wheels,11 seats. In addition, this is the only LS that comes with Brembo performance brakes10rocker panel extensions and front spoiler that dip aggressively low to the ground.and downshift rev-matching. Finally, a special sport-tuned air suspension givesInside the cabin youll find race-inspired paddle shifters on the steering wheel, driving enthusiasts an experience thats both dynamic and exhilarating. Optional equipment shown. See disclaimers on page 97. 12. LUXURYEIGHT SPEEDS,ONE SENSATION.To offer the driver greater acceleration and virtually seamless shifting, theLS is equipped with a worlds first eight-speed automatic transmission. Theadditional gears in the transmission allow closer gear ratios to maximizePERFORMANCEtorque at lower speeds and yet still maintain impressive fuel efficiency athigher speeds. A transmission-control system also allows simultaneousrelease and engagement of the clutches to lessen gearshift shock and delivera smooth Lexus-like rideeven at a blistering 0-to-60 of 5.4 seconds.8, 9HYBRIDINNOVATIONSPECSSee disclaimers on page 97. 13. LUXURYFOR WHEN THE ROAD PLAYSHARD TO GET.PERFORMANCEHYBRIDINNOVATIONTraction can be elusive. Fortunately, both the LS 460 and LS 460 L are available withall-wheel drive (AWD). And then theres the LS 600h Lthe worlds first AWD V8hybrid. This AWD system uses a sophisticated TORSEN limited-slip center differential12to automatically distribute power between the front and rear axles. And then worksin conjunction with Traction Control to transfer power to the wheel(s) with the best grip.SPECS This helps improve traction and control, and delivers greater driver control during acceleration and cornering. By directing engine power to both the front and rear axles, the available all-wheel drive helps provide improved traction and control on a varietyOptional equipment shown.of road surfacesin almost any kind of weather.See disclaimers on page 97. 14. OUR MOST LUXURIOUS VEHICLEIS ALSO A CONSIDERATE ONE. LUXURY PERFORMANCE HYBRID HYBRID HYBRID HYBRID V8 ECO MODE INNOVATION SPECS In our relentless quest to evolve and improve how our vehicles are powered, we have created what we think is our most luxurious vehicle to date, the LS 600h L. By using a highly advanced gasoline/electric hybrid drivetrain, this groundbreaking vehicle reduces fuel consumption and boasts fewer smog-forming emissions.13 See disclaimers on page 97. 15. PURE POWER USED TO BELUXURY AN OXYMORON.PERFORMANCEHYBRIDINNOVATIONThrough innovation, Lexus has helped reshape how the world views the automobile.First and foremost is how to power them. The LS 600h L, for example, is theworlds first full V8 hybrid. By pairing a 5.0-liter V8 gasoline engine with advancedSPECShybrid technology, the vehicle delivers smoother, quieter acceleration; greaterresponsiveness; and 438 total system horsepower.8 Which is about what youd getfrom a far less considerate 6.0-liter V12. More performance with a more efficientuse of fuel. Its no longer a contradictionits the LS 600h L.See disclaimers on page 97. 16. THE FUTURE HASIMPECCABLE MANNERS.LUXURYPERFORMANCEHYBRIDINNOVATIONThe LS 600h L now features an ECO indicator display on the instrumentpanel that helps guide you to the most efficient use of fuel. Theres also anECO mode function that, when engaged, automatically reduces the throttleSPECSThe instrument cluster in the LS 600h L uses a crispresponse and switches the climate-control system to an energy-savingThin Film Transistor (TFT) display to provide the mode. By allowing you to monitor and control energy consumption, thedriver with a variety of information, from turn-by-turndirections and hybrid energy consumption to menus vehicle is mindful of both your preferences and the worlds resources.where yo