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2010.7.2. 1. Underline the unknown words and phrases so you can see them clearly. Try to work out the meaning by reading the whole sentence. Read

Mar 27, 2015



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2010.7.2 Slide 2 Slide 3 Slide 4 Slide 5 1. Underline the unknown words and phrases so you can see them clearly. Try to work out the meaning by reading the whole sentence. Read the words before the unknown word and the words after to the end of the sentence. Guess what the unknown word means. Slide 6 unknown words the sentences with the unknown words your understanding of the words the meanings in the dictionary 2 Slide 7 Slide 8 M5 Unit3 R eading First impressions Slide 9 n. capsule mask seat belt carriage steward switch adjustment lack adj. unsettled uncertain exhausted swift constant v. tolerate lack bend press remind Phrases. take up be back on ones feet lose sight of in all directions sweep up Slide 10 1 a vehicle with wheels that is pulled by horses _______. a man whose job is to look after the passengers on a plane, train, or ship, esp. serving them with food and drink _______. carriage steward Slide 11 The part of a space vehicle in which people travel ___________ Something you wear to cover part or all of your face_________ A narrow piece of leather, cloth etc. that you wear around your waist in a car or plane etc. _________ capsule mask seat belt Slide 12 People space guide visitors steward stewardess Machines\equipment time capsule space capsule hovering carriages mask safety belt flying vehicles Space travel Effects Time lag uncertain jet lag pessimistic or optimistic feelings headache exhausted --- --- Slide 13 a. We were transported into the future by a comfortable time capsule. b. I arrived at Wang Pings home and everything in his house made me surprised. c. I took up my prize ----- a travel to the year AD 3008. d. I have my first try to master a hovering carriage. Read the text quickly, then put the following sentences into the correct order: cabd Slide 14 I took up my prize ---- a travel to the year AD 3008. A. I decided to take up the chance some time after I won it. B. I took up long-distance race when I was at school. C. Ill try not to take up too much of your time. D. She fell silent, and her brother took up the story. A------ make use of B------ start doing sth. as a habit or interest C------fill a particular amount of space or time D------continue to discuss or deal with Slide 15 timefeelings of the writer Before the journey During the journey (1) in the capsule During the journey (2) after the arrival After the journey worried unsettled nervous uncertain comfortable sleepy relaxed difficult to tolerate be back on his feet again a time lag flashback strange magic exhausted Slide 16 The seats in the capsule are very comfortable. How did I feel when I was in the capsule? seats in the capsule comfortable Slide 17 The air seemed thin, as though its combination of gases had little oxygen left. Hit by a lack of fresh air, my head ached. As I tried to make the necessary adjustment to this new situation, Wang Ping appeared. Soon I was back on my feet again and following him to collect a hovering carriage driven by computer. Slide 18 a hovering carriage You can drive it swiftly by bending and pressing down on the driving stick strongly. Slide 19 The problems he met when driving the hovering carriage lose sight of in all directions sweep up Slide 20 carriages fly by in all directions Slide 21 worried unsettled time lag lack ached Li _________ a prize to take a journey to AD3008. Before the journey Li felt _______ and ________ at first. As a result he suffered from _______. During the Journey, Li was transported safely into the future in a ________. by the new surroundings, Li was hit by the ____ of fresh air and his head ______. With the help of Wang, he ________________ again. Arriving home Li was shown into a large bright, clean room with a green wall, a green floor and soft lighting. After the journey _________, he slid into bed and fell fast asleep. capsule was back on his feet exhausted took up Slide 22 Write down the main idea and add the details. Para1- main idea: how I came to take a time travel journey. - details: my prize; my excitement. Ss: The writer was taking up his prize. I have to remind myself constantly that Slide 23 Para2- main idea: the journey. - details: how I felt; the spaceship; the journey. Ss: worried about the journey, I was unsettled for the first few days I was nervous and uncertain at first. Slide 24 Para3- main idea: my impressions of life 1000 years into the future. - details: little oxygen; masks to provide oxygen; hovering carriage; how to drive them; a time lag moment The new surroundings were difficult to tolerate Slide 25 Para4- main idea: staying in Wangs home. - details: appearance of house; trees as walls; where furniture stored; ate meals; prepare for sleep Wang flashed a switch on a computer screen Slide 26 Discussion of ideas Do you think Li Qiang is impressed by what he finds in the future? Why or why not? What ideas do you think were believable in this story? Which ideas are too unrealistic? Why? Slide 27 homework 1. 2. + Slide 28 Slide 29 traffic jam : lack press constant The drivers who_____ patience _______the horn _________. lackedpressed constantly Slide 30 News: A new vehicle ------- Sky Car in The Future New York The engineers from the US space agency said a new vehicle known as skycar would be designed to carry people along skyways. a car which can move swiftly in the sky. What is a skycar? ( : swift) Slide 31 Previous efforts to build flying vehicles have not been very successful. Why has it not very successful? The skycar has been designed ________ but not very successful. previously ( : cost\ take up\master) News continued: paraphrase Slide 32 They are generally costly and noisy; take up much space, require drivers to master the skills of flying like a trained pilot. What will the new generation skycar be like? News continued: Slide 33 take up much space take up a prize take up English take take off take in take over take away take down take back take out take on take Slide 34 Nasa researchers hope to develop technology for a new skycar that takes up little space, costs less than $100,000, is as quiet as a motorcycle and simply operated by _________ and _______ down the driving stick. The hovering carriage Li Qiang takes in 3005 bendingpressing News continued: Slide 35 The problems LiQiang met I got lost when we reached a market because of the people flying by in all d______. There were so many carriages that I lost s_______ of Wang Ping. He was s______ up into the center of them and my l____ with him was broken as I was c_____ up to the top of a high building nearby. directions sight swept up link carried Slide 36 What unsettled the engineers? how to police the airways and prevent confused situations. What unsettled them is ______________________ ______________________ Complete the last sentence of the news Slide 37 Drivers should be constantly reminded of the flying rules. (Driver constantly remind rules) Slide 38 The picture __________________ _____________. remind sb. of sth. remind sb. to do sth. The stop sign _______________ ___________. reminds me of the film ET reminds the driver to stop the car Slide 39 remind sb. that The computer ________________________ _____________. reminds you that you cant type something nasty Slide 40 wanted: good workers for space reminded You are ________ of the job opportunities on space stations. Space cooks, cleaners, teachers, and engineers are _________ needed. You may be _________ at first.But you can be _______ trained for your new job from using _______ skills. At first people may find the _________ to space life difficult to _________. However, they will be able to overcome the difficulties if their families encourage them to ________ the job. That is why we persuade families not to _______ the advantages in space. For health reasons, only one stay of three years is allowed. Many people want to stay longer but the ______ between illness and length of stay on a space station is too strong. Its sad but the rules cant be ________ for anyone. unsettled adjustment bent constantly swiftly previous link take up constant adjustment remind tolerate unsettle previous bend swift link lose sight of tolerate take up lose sight of Slide 41 bend He bent the bar into the right shape. He bent his steps from the path. She can't bend him to her will. All the teachers bend their energies to the teaching task. Slide 42 remind master lack take up lose\catch sight of Work in pairs and use the following key words to make a short story. Assessment: 1.Do they include all the key words and use them correctly? 2. Does their story creative? Slide 43 The _________ dropping water wears away a stone. Enjoy some proverbs: constantly Swift sight Within ______ but beyond reach. _______ to hear and slow to speak. Slide 44 People do not _____ strength; they _____ will. lack He that is _____ himself will soon be ______ of others. master Ideal is the beacon. Without ideal, there is no secure _______; without ______, there is no life. ----Lev Tolstoy., ;,.----. direction proverbs Slide 45 Without imagination, there would be no future. Task: work in groups of four and try to design a future vehicle in your mind. Describe it and tell the advantages or possible problems. Draw a picture if Possible. Slide 46 These expressions may be useful We suppose that Suppose that It is likely that Im sure Perhaps\Maybe\Possibly In my opinion, a solar energy car Be creative, practical and use the words and expressions weve learned in the reading passage ! Slide 47 Write a passage about your design and prepare to show it in the whole class Slide 48 Slide 49 sight at first sight, come in sight, at/on sight, go out of sight at the sight of, 1.Father was happy ___________ the car after we cleaned it. 2. In the garage, I ___________ the man who was wanted by the police. 3. Victory did not yet _____________. Slide 50 , Slide 51 Slide 52 Many thanks!