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2010 Lincoln Navigator Nelson Auto Center in Fergus Falls MN

May 19, 2015



2010 Lincoln Navigator color brochure provided by Nelson Auto Center located in Fergus Falls, MN. Find the 2010 Lincoln Navigator for sale in Minnesota; call about our current sales and incentives at (877) 468-9301.
Nelson Auto Center is centrally located between Fargo-Moorhead, Alexandria and Detroit Lakes in Fergus Falls, MN. Shop with us and choose from 200+ new and used cars, trucks, SUVs and vans. Our dealership is a bit unique since we offer Ford, Lincoln and Mercury, plus the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep lines and GMC, all under one roof! Nelson Auto Center's focus is on providing courteous, honest service. Our customers appreciate the way we do business, and we know you will too.

  • 1. Nelson Auto Center 2228 College Way Fergus Falls, MN 56537 Sales: (877) 468-9301 Auto Center is centrally located between Fargo-Moorhead, Alexandria and Detroit Lakes in Fergus Falls, MN. Shop with us and choose from 200+ new and used cars, trucks, SUVs and vans. Our dealership is a bit unique since we offer Ford, Lincoln and Mercury, plus the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep lines and GMC, all under one roof! Nelson Auto Center's focus is on providing courteous, honest service. Our customers appreciate the way we do business, and we know you will too. 2010LINCOLN NAVIGATOR/L

2. 2010 L INCOL N N AV IGATOR/LLincoln Navigator in Ingot Silver Metallic with available equipment. POWER TRIP. The 2010 Lincoln Navigator and Navigator L. Power-deployable running boards extend automatically whenever you open adoor. A Rear View Camera displays whats behind you when backingup, while a virtual assistant handles your calls and music. Power-foldingsideview mirrors, a power liftgate, and a PowerFold 3rd-row seatoffer additional assistance. 3. 2010 L INCOL N N AV IGATOR/L Lincoln Navigator in Tuxedo Black Metallic with available equipment.PERFORMS WITH AUTHORITY.ACHIEVES 20 MPG ON THE HIGHWAY.1 Teamed with a At the pump, Navigator even allows for a choice of fuel.wide-ratio 6-speed automatic transmission that providesFlex Fuel capability means Navigator can operate on E85precise shifts, the 2010 Lincoln Navigators authoritative (85% ethanol/15% gasoline), gasoline, or any blend of the5.4L 3-valve V-8 FFV engine works with purposeful precisiontwo. As you drive, an advanced Powertrain Control Moduleto deliver 310 hp 2 and 365 lb.-ft. of torque. The fact that itdetermines the ethanol/gas mixture and automaticallyachieves these numbers on regular unleaded (87 octane) adjusts for optimum performance. So whatever your fuelfuel not premium is all the more impressive. Equally of choice, Navigators tenacious V-8 empowers you to passnoteworthy is the engines deceleration fuel-shut-off tuning without pause.that helps the up-to-8-passenger Navigator achieve 20 mpghighway. As you back off on the accelerator when coastingon the highway, the system automatically shuts off fuel,helping to improve fuel economy.1EPA-estimated 14 mpg city/20 hwy. (2WD). Based on 2009 fuel economy. 2 320 hp with E85 4. 2010 L INCOL N N AV IGATOR/LLincoln Navigator L leather-trimmed seats in Camel. Figured Maple wood trim.VIP SEATING. IN ALL THREE ROWS.FRONT-ROW ACCOMMODATIONS. Heated and cooled THIRD ROW. STILL FIRST CLASS. With best-in-class1 legleather-trimmed driver and front-passenger seats provideroom of 37.7," Navigators 3rd row lets even adult passengersthree levels of warm and cool luxury, as well as 10-way power ride in style. Outlets for the Dual-zone Electronic Automaticcontrols for finding the perfect position. Settings for the Temperature Control help keep them comfortable. Choosepower driver seat, power-adjustable pedals and leather- and the available Elite Package, and 2nd- and 3rd-row passengerswood-trimmed, power-tilt steering wheel can be programmed can view the 8" screen of the included Rear-Seat DVDand recalled by two different drivers.Entertainment System. SECOND ROW MAKES IT 7 OR 8. Standard Navigator seatingA CAPACITY FOR CARGO. To access the spacious rear cargofor seven gives 2nd-row passengers dual reclining leather-area, the power liftgate of Lincoln Navigator opens and closestrimmed, heated seats and a large center floor console. For easily. Just press a button on the instrument panel, on yourpass-through access to the 3rd row, a 2nd-row option withoutkey fob, or in the rear cargo area. To utilize 103.3 cu. ft. ofthe center console is available. An 8-passenger configuration cargo space (128.2 cu. ft. in Navigator L), simply fold downfeatures an available 2nd-row 40/20/40 split-folding benchthe 2nd- and 3rd-row seats. In Navigator L, a standard Cargoseat with heated outboard seats.Management System helps you organize the additional24.5 cu. ft. of cargo space youll have to fill. Use the simplepanel divider to split the space for bi-level storage.1Full-Size Luxury SUV 5. 2010 L INCOL N N AV IGATOR/L Lincoln Navigator in Ingot Silver Metallic with available equipment.CARRY YOUR DREAMS IN STYLE.TOW UP TO 9000 POUNDS. Whether its an evening at the New this year, standard Trailer Sway Control works withopera or a weekend of boating at the lake, Lincoln Navigatorstandard AdvanceTrac with RSC (Roll Stability ControlTM )is completely empowering. In fact, when properly equipped,to monitor vehicle motion and, if necessary, takes measuresNavigator 4x2 models allow you to tow up to 9000 lbs.;1 to help bring Navigator and the trailer under control. Its just4x4 models, up to 8700 lbs.1 The Tow/Haul Mode in one more facet of Navigators compelling power.Navigators 6-speed transmission automatically adjuststransmission response to improve all-around performancewhile towing. When going downhill, Tow/Haul Mode helpskeep the vehicle from gaining too much speed. When goinguphill, it helps the engine stay in its power band by holdingthe transmission gear for a longer time.1Towing capacity for Navigator L: 4x2 8700 lbs.; 4x4 8500 6. 2010 L INCOL N N AV IGATOR/LLincoln Navigator leather-trimmed seats in Camel, Figured Maple wood trim. Shown with available equipment. TAKE COMMAND OF THE POSSIBILITIES.YOU ARE HERE. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Navigators premium leather-trimmed 1st- and 2nd-row seats (heated and cooled for the driver and frontpassenger) are available in hues of Camel, Charcoal Black or Stone. Gracing each1st-row head restraint: an embroidered Lincoln Star. Figured Maple or Ebonywood trims each door, the leather-wrapped steering wheel and the instrumentpanel. Satin-nickel and chrome accents create an engaging environment. 7. 2010 L INCOL N N AV IGATOR/LON COURSE AND AWAYS CONNECTED.VOICE-ACTIVATED MOBILE AND MUSIC. Enter NavigatorSTAY IN THE KNOW. EVEN ON THE GO. Youre always onwith your paired Bluetooth -enabled phone or plug yourthe move. So class-exclusive SIRIUS Travel Link,TM includeddigital media player into its USB port. Lincoln SYNC1 knows with Navigators available voice-activated Navigation System,youre there. Press a steering wheel button, say Call office is your link to vital information whether youre on the townor Play Genre: Rock, and it follows your commands. New or far from it. On the generous 6.5" color LCD screen, accessthis year: SYNC with 911 AssistTM can place an emergency real-time traffic with incident information.5 If an accident liescall from your phone if any airbag deploys.2 And unlike otherahead, see how to bypass it. Find the lowest-priced fuel andsystems that send you to a call center, SYNC connects yoube routed there. Check local movie listings and showtimes.directly to a 911 operator. The latest version features otherAccess current and forecasted weather. Even check theDriver Services: 3 up-to-the-minute weather, traffic alerts, scores and schedules of major league sports teams. Thisturn-by-turn directions, and more. All at no monthly fee.4 information only enhances an easy-to-use NavigationDeveloped in concert with Microsoft, SYNC also helps youSystem that plots a course while driving as soon as you staterequest a Vehicle Health Report that can be viewed online. your destination. A birds-eye view includes landmarks forYou talk. SYNC listens. TM additional reference. This multifunctional system even lets you watch your favorite DVDs, in full THX II Certified 5.1 Surround sound, when Navigator is in Park.1Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control. Only use mobile phones and other devices, even with voice commands, when it is safe to do so. 2 The vehicles electrical system (including the battery), the wirelessservice providers signal, and a connected mobile phone must all be available and operating for 911 Assist to function properly. These systems may become damaged in a crash. The paired mobile phone must be turned on,connected to SYNC, and the 911 Assist feature enabled in order for 911 to be dialed. 3 These SYNC services not available with optional Navigation System. See your dealer for details. 4 For original owner, 3 years. 5Real-time trafficmonitoring available in select markets. Some features are unavailable while driving. Subscription required after complimentary six months expire. Service available in the 48 contiguous United States and the District of 8. 2010 L INCOL N N AV IGATOR/L 621 345 7THE SWEET SPOT?ANY SEAT IN LINCOLN NAVIGATOR.THX II CERTIFIED 5.1 SURROUND AUDIO SYSTEM.1. A center-channel THX Slot Speaker array produces TMIncluded in the available Elite Package, the THX II Certifieda wide, spacious sound stage and home theater-like5.1 Surround Audio System brings home-theater sound to ambience.Lincoln Navigator. Whether youre driving or comfortably2. The available voice-activated Navigation System,seated in Navigators third row, youll experience the sweetwith nearly 10 gigabytes of hard drive storage, letsspot for THX sound quality. Experience DVD-Audio discsyou rip, store and manage up to 2400 tracks with itsin true surround sound and listen to CDs, MP3s, standard Jukebox feature.SIRIUS Satellite Radio, and even digital music stored on 3. Digital media players and flash drives connect via USByour phone like never before. In this acoustically engineeredport and are voice-activated through the Lincoln SYNCcabin, bass notes thump, drum beats pop, and vocals arecommunications and entertainment system.presented with astounding clarity. Fourteen strategically 4. Sophisticated Digital Signal Processing providesaimed and focused speakers ensure a high-impact listeningspectral balance, wide dynamic range and exceptionalevent. On Lincoln Navigator models not equipped with the acoustic performance, w