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2010 Buccaneer Bulletin

Mar 09, 2016



Guide to the 2010 Tybee Island Pirate Festival
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B U C C A N E E R S B U L L E T I NA D E V I V o M A R k E T I N g P U B L I C A T I o N Iw w w . b u c c a n e e r s b u l l e t i n . c o m

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A D E V I V o M A R k E T I N g P U B L I C A T I o NB U C C A N E E R S B U L L E T I N w w w . b u c c a n e e r s b u l l e t i n . c o m2

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B U C C A N E E R S B U L L E T I NA D E V I V o M A R k E T I N g P U B L I C A T I o N 3w w w . b u c c a n e e r s b u l l e t i n . c o m

2010 TybeeFest Board of Directors:

Steve Kellam - President

Natalie Gordon - Past President

Steve Kellam - Vice President

Sallie McClelland - Treasurer

Wanda Kindrick - Secretary

Richard Adams

Charissa Murray

Sundi Marino

Shannon Marino

Rich Hammons

Tammie Harvell

2010 Pirate Fest Committee Chairs: Pirate Fest Co-Chair: Charissa MurrayPirate Fest Co-Chair: Steve KellamStaging & Production: Richard AdamsBeverage Sales: Jeff LandrumChildren’s Activities: Deb ZackarchukCostume Contests: Tammie HarvellDecorations: Charissa MurrayEntertainment: Jerry Rogers 105.3Food Vendors: Rich HammonsGate: Katrina Murray and Sadie O. GasterTreasure Hunt: Amy LynchSpecial Projects: Stan HedgecorthMarketing: DeVivo Marketing and Tybee Island Tourism CouncilMerchandise: Sundi MarinoParade: Shannon MarinoSponsorships: Natalie Gordon and Steve KellamTreasurer: Sallie McClellandVendors: Wanda KindrickVolunteers: Brucie Westerman

EscapE thE ORDINaRY - If ONLY fOR a WEEKEND . . .The Tybee Island Pirate Fest began in 2005 with a small handful of individuals that were looking for a unique event to help boost visitation to the island in the off-season months. The first year was even more successful than the organizers, a non-profit called Tybeefest, even imagined it could be. With the support of many dedicated volunteers, The City of Tybee Island and its elected officials, the Tybee Island Tourism Council, and local businesses the event has grown in popularity each year.This years event is expected to be the biggest yet thanks to the sponsorships received and the small admission fee. The festival will be headlined by Drivin N Cryin and Eddie Money. There will be even more activities for families, and an amazing 10,000 sq. ft. tent under which the bands will play -- making this year’s event truly rain or shine. The festival grounds will encompass the entirety of the renovated South Beach Parking Lot by the Tybee Pier from Tybrisa Street to 18th Street. Of course, in its third year, this publication is again full of everything you need to know about the event. We hope that you find it useful and support the many Tybee Island businesses found inside.

paul DeVivoOwner / PublisherDeVivo Marketing

fare Ye Well!

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A D E V I V o M A R k E T I N g P U B L I C A T I o NB U C C A N E E R S B U L L E T I N w w w . b u c c a n e e r s b u l l e t i n . c o m4

2010 tybee Island pirate fest King and Queen

The 2010 Tybee Island Pirate Fest King and Queen of the Buccaneers will be officially crowned at the 3rd Annual Buccaneer Ball on Thursday, October 7 at 7:30pm at The Crab Shack. This years honorees are Paul DeVivo as Pirate King “Silver Beard” DeVivo and Paula DeVivo as the Pirate Queen Lady Morgan. Each year the board of directors of Tybeefest, which produces the Tybee Island Pirate Fest, choose two individuals from the local community to bestow the honor on who embody community involvement and fun spirit of the festival.Paul and Paula DeVivo are well known on Tybee as the owners of DeVivo Marketing, which includes the web site for Tybee - “”, and the publications: “Where to Eat at the Beach” and “Tybee Homes”. They were also founding members of Tybeefest and instrumental in starting the Tybee Island Pirate Fest. Their latest venture is in Pirate Fashions -, attire for the well dressed pirate and wench. So, if it’s treasure you seek, these two probably know where to find it!

admiral paul ”silver Beard” DeVivo and Lady Morgan DeVivo

arrgh… a Royal thanks to all:heather shiver and Blu Owl photography - professional photos of the King and QueenKimberly Gapac and face to face - professional make-up for the QueenBelinda, Jack, Virginia, Razzle Dazzle and the crab shack crew for hosting the photo shot.

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B U C C A N E E R S B U L L E T I NA D E V I V o M A R k E T I N g P U B L I C A T I o N 5w w w . b u c c a n e e r s b u l l e t i n . c o m

past Kings and Queens of the tybee Island pirate fest

In 2007, TybeeFest selected Bonnie Gaster and Jiggs Watson as their Pirate King and Queen. Bonnie is a well known real estate broker on Tybee Island for Prudential SE Coastal Properties. Jiggs owns Tybee Island Insurance and is the organizer of the wet and wild Tybee Island Beach Bum Parade. If you haven’t heard of it The Beach Bum Parade is an island-wide water fight parade that is held each May.

2007King Jiggs Watson

Queen Bonnie Gaster

2006King Gene Kindrick

Queen Debbie Brady Robinson

2005King Jack flaniganQueen Jenny Orr

2008King Jimmy price

Queen Natalie Gordon

In 2008, TybeeFest selected Jimmy Price and Natalie Gordon as the Pirate King and Queen. Jimmy Price is well known on Tybee as the recently retired Chief of Police. Natalie Gordon can do up your do at Salon Isobe and also serves on the board of the Tybee Island Tourism Council.

In 2006, TybeeFest chose Gene Kindrick and Debbie Brady Robinson as their Pirate King and Queen. Gene was the longtime commander of American Legion Post 154 on Tybee Island. Debbie is a well known local artist and owner of the Atlantic Beacon Gallery and Hall of Frames. Debbie also serves on the board of the Tybee Island Tourism Council.

For the 1st Annual Pirate Fest event organizers reached out to Jack Flanigan to be their Pirate King and Jenny Orr for Queen. Jack owns The Crab Shack, which is an incredibly popular seafood restaurant on the island known as “Where the elite eat plunder in their bare feet”. The Crab Shack will also host the Buccaneer Ball this year on October 7th. And yes, that is a real parrot he is holding in the picture. Jenny is the owner of Fannie’s restaurant on Tybee’s south end which directly borders the festival grounds and has a great view of all the action.

arrgh! By the blood of henry Morgan,

the grace of Queen Lady Morgan DeVivo and

the insight of King paul “silver Beard” DeVivo,

may fair winds be upon us during this

tybee Island pirate fest.

Drink up me hearties, yo ho!

2009King cullen chambersQueen amy Gaster

In 2009, TybeeFest selected Cullen Chambers and Amy Gaster as the Pirate King and Queen. Cullen Chambers is well known on Tybee as the Executive Director of the Tybee Island Historical Society. Amy Gaster co-owner of Tybee Vacation Rentals is an active member of the island’s business community. and also serves as president of the Tybee Island Tourism Council.

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A D E V I V o M A R k E T I N g P U B L I C A T I o NB U C C A N E E R S B U L L E T I N w w w . b u c c a n e e r s b u l l e t i n . c o m6


In the late 1960’s, the young Long Island, NY native left the comforts of suburbia and headed to San Francisco to pursue his dreams of becoming a rock star. In the early 1970’s, Eddie hooked up with legendary promoter Bill Graham; and exploded onto the music scene.

In 1977, Money released his self-titled debut record and struck Double Platinum with hits such as: “Baby Hold On” and “Two Tickets To Paradise.” His follow-up album, Life For The Taking was released in 1978 and reached Platinum status again. In 1982, The Money Man topped the charts numerous times with singles

“Shakin,” “Think I’m In Love” and “Take A Little Bit.”

With another Platinum record under his belt and the introduction of M-TV and the music video, Money’s over the top narrative videos made him a household name. In 1986, Eddie Money’s duet with Ronnie Spector, “Take Me Home Tonight” reached number 4 on the Billboard Top 100.

With over 28 million records sold worldwide, Eddie Money’s trademark raspy husky voice is easily recognized today. His most recent release, “Gimme Some Water” featured Vince Gill and was a top download in 2008.

In June 2009, Eddie Money’s musical autobiography, Two Tickets To Paradise- The Musical debuted in New York and received rave reviews. Money is currently working on taking his play to Broadway.

Eddie Money is an active supporter of many charities including The Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric Aids Foundation. Money donates a portion of his merchandise proceeds to them annually and has been an important donor for over 10 years.

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B U C C A N E E R S B U L L E T I NA D E V I V o M A R k E T I N g P U B L I C A T I o N 7w w w . b u c c a n e e r s b u l l e t i n . c o m

I wanted to be in a band that would be unafraid of changing genres, mostly because I’m easily distracted and change subjects mid-sentence. “Needs help with self control,” read every report card after fifth grade…smartass…underground comic-readin’ journalistic wannabe…too lazy to write a complete story…I settled on the song format…it’s perfect…a short poem…with its own soundtrack. At 24, I wrote:

“Nobody said it would be fairThey warned you before you went out thereThere’s always a chance to get restartedTo a new world, new lifeScarred but smarter”

At that time, I had restarted myself. I come from an industrial land of things that used to be: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, class of 79…a town, back then, that encouraged you to leave high school, get a job in a factory, get injured and then get workers compensation while picking up a side job at a liquor store or record shop where you got paid under the table.

Great American Bubble Factory is the perfect crescendo to a long twenty-plus year career of Drivin’ N’ Cryin’. I think we’ve found the true essence of what we started to build back in 1985. It’s the truth as we see it set to a soundtrack fueled by music we love, everyone from The Ramones, The Clash, The Seeds, Iggy, Dylan, Patti Smith Group, R.E.M., Thin Lizzy, The Rolling Stones. You get the point.

The song title for “(Whatever Happened to the) Great American Bubble Factory?” hit me one afternoon when I was at the dollar store getting some bubbles for the neighbourhood kids. As I was standing in line, I looked down at the “made in” label and noticed that those bubbles were made in China….China!! That’s a long way for a bottle of freakin’ soap to travel. Come on, maybe we can’t make TVs or refrigerators or cars here anymore, but bubbles?

In my world, the first step to a renewed America and our deliverance from an unspeakable disrespect of the American workforce would be the opening of THE GREAT AMERICAN BUBBLE FACTORY. They would come from miles around to see the Willie Wonka of the New Deal….There’s hope again!!! If you can make it here, why don’t you make it here…

We started demos for this record back in 2001 on September 10th. The next day the

world was upside down and traitors were everywhere, underneath every coffee cup. Joe McCarthy was back and I just didn’t feel like I was ready to tell the story of the blue-collared optimist…

“She said, ‘Son, you’re dreamin’Well, ma, if I’m dreamin’Just don’t you wake me”

This record weaves in and out of the “Midwestern Blues” to the Flannery O’Connor South of “This Town” to the industrial grind of “Detroit City” to the optimistic anthem (and Dictators cover!!) “I Stand Tall” to the

Drivin’ N’ Cryin’Great American Bubble Factory (Vintage Earth Music)Release date: September 29, 2009“We are a band that’s like your record collection.”–That’s a quote from me in one of the first articles ever written about Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ back in the Eighties.

We released our first album Scarred But Smarter in 1986 on 688 Records. 688 was the center of the underground Atlanta rock scene in the 1980’s. Bands as diverse as Hüsker Dü, Rank and File, Lords of the New Church, The Residents and a week-long stint by Iggy Pop graced the hallowed walls of that now-defunct night club. If you drive down Spring Street today, there’s just a doc-in-a-box where the punk rock club used to be.

I met Tim Nielsen just after I moved to Atlanta from Milwaukee. One night I was playing in a pickup band with Die Kreuzen, my good friends from back home (Check out their Touch and Go records produced by Butch Vig). They were staying on my floor, just passing through on tour. We played a lot of shows together a couple of years back when I was in a punk band called The Prosecutors, so we figured what the f...? Let’s see what happens.

Tim was there that night. He played in the big 688 band, The Nightporters, and was a rock star in Atlanta, especially after The Nightporters opened for The Clash at the Fox Theatre. Tim pulled me aside after the show and asked me if I lived down here. I told him that I had just moved to town and was working at the sewage plant, retired from the music world for good at age 24.

Tim stopped by my apartment one afternoon a couple of weeks later and TOLD me he was gonna find me a band to be in. My music was on the folk side of Dylan at the time but I decided I was up to playing just for the fun of it. He got me practicing with a few guys but it wasn’t really happening, so eventually he decided we’d just start our own damn band.

Tim quit The Nightporters and stole their drummer and we played our first Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ show at 688 in October 1985. A little over a year later, I’m sitting in my living room with an album, a real, freakin’ 12-inch vinyl LP record called Scarred But Smarter.

DRIVIN’ N cRYINI Played Guitar on a Chain Gang or,

things you might want to know about my f..... rock bandby kevin kinney

genuine pining for home in “I See Georgia.”I want you settled in, riled up, loaded for bear and somewhere out there on the road in search of the great American dream….

Drivin’ N’ Cryin’:Kevn Kinney: guitar & vocalsTim Nielsen: bass, mandolin & backing vocalsMac Carter: guitarDave V. Johnson: drums, percussion & backing vocals

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A D E V I V o M A R k E T I N g P U B L I C A T I o NB U C C A N E E R S B U L L E T I N w w w . b u c c a n e e r s b u l l e t i n . c o m8

the samuel

adams BandVoted Best Band 2009 by readers of the Tybee Breeze. A collective mix of classic rock and Spanish guitars. Leading this group of talented musicians is psalmist Samuel Adams.His creative mix of blazing spanish guitars and vocals backed by the rhythms of Dave Cahill and the extreme harp’s of Gordon Hill will

have you standing on your feet shouting for more. The classic rock grooves will take you deep in your soul. Experience the Samuel Adams Band. This trio of Tybee Island musicians is a local favorite band that provides music that is good for the soul. info: - 912-376-0372.

Wormsloew Combining Rock, Jam, Pop and Alternative, Wormsloew may have a new look but the music must go on. With the debut album “One of These Days” under their belt. Guitarist and vocalist Andrew Gill and drummer and vocalist Joseph Wilson have added Kevin Arpin on bass and Sam Saussy on keyboards to their

lineup and are gathering new fans with every new show.

Wendell Matthews

Along with Wendell’s original songs, he covers pop, rock, country and folk music without pre-recorded tracks or computers. He frequently uses a wireless mic and strolls among the crowd, making new friends and winning new fans.

Entertaining on the Grand Strand (Calabash, NC to Georgetown, SC. The center of this stretch is Myrtle Beach) Wendell Matthews is a top-notch writer and performer of many different genres of music. After recording three albums of original songs, Wendell assembled a 19-song CD compilation titled

“Recaptured” that is available at his

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B U C C A N E E R S B U L L E T I NA D E V I V o M A R k E T I N g P U B L I C A T I o N 9w w w . b u c c a n e e r s b u l l e t i n . c o m

the Radar cinema

Having formed in 2007, the band “Derogatory” has been playing at popular clubs and venues in Savannah GA and the surrounding area. Derogatory focuses on playing accurate covers of popular rock and alternative from the 90’s as well as current rock with a mix of some timeless classics. With an energetic performance and a good sense of humor

too, Derogatory is sure to entertain a wide range of audiences.

The band consists of Mike Sibilio as lead vocalist and rhythm guitar, Vince Blumberg on bass guitar and vocals, Jeff Wiley on drums, Kevin Schaefer on lead guitar and Rob Tiltin on Guitar and vocals.

If you like to rock out to songs from Bands like, Three Doors Down, Stone Temple Pilots, Seether, Bush, Collective Soul, Fuel, Green Day, to name a few; then you will be sure to like what Derogatory offers up at their live shows!

Booking / Band Contact Information:Jeff - 912-658-6388 • Mike - 912-604-6366 [email protected] •

The Radar Cinema started in Atlanta, GA in 2006 and made its way to Augusta, GA by 2007 in search of musicians of like minds. Will was recruited by Eric and Nick was brought in by Will. A perfect musical match.

After writing and playing a sort of prog rock style for a year and garnering a fan base largely comprised of fellow musicians, it was time for change and The Radar Cinema parted ways with their original vocalist/synth player. In 2009, The Radar Cinema auditioned Jean Paul and Jordan to fill the void and opted to keep them both and became a quintet utilizing theory, philosophy, whales, and a Speak & Spell to create the mis-mash of styles that permeate their music today. Now packed with 120% more awesomeness than ever before, The Radar Cinema might just be the most perfect band to ever grace Hot Springs Dr.

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A D E V I V o M A R k E T I N g P U B L I C A T I o NB U C C A N E E R S B U L L E T I N w w w . b u c c a n e e r s b u l l e t i n . c o m10

the train Wrecks Savannah, Ga.’s own local-boys-done-good, The Train Wrecks offer up raucous and rol l icking Americana that’s as equal ly indebted to the tradit ionalist legacies of A.P. Carter and Johnny Cash as i t is to the forward-thinking rock & rol l of Wilco and Lucero. Local rev iewers have been “blown away” by the band’s l ive shows, and the Wrecks have been off icial ly dubbed “The Hardest Gigging Band in Savannah”, a testament to the love and dedication they have for their music.

The band recently completed the recording of their debut CD “Whiskey & War”, and released it in the fal l of 2007. The rev iews rol led in! The Connect dubbed the record “simply a revelat ion….the kind of s imultaneously s l ick and raw record which Ryan Adams regularly cranks out to much cr it ical acclaim”, while Murmur Magazine cal led it the “best record to come out of Savannah in years”.

This CD was selected by TAXI and the editors of Bil lboard Magazine to par ticipate in the Disc Makers’ Independent Music World Ser ies Southeast in Atlanta, GA. Of the 2,000 bands/ar t ists who submitted an entr y, The Train Wrecks were selected as the best Americana band.

In the t ime since the band’s inception they have gained rather than lost momentum. Over the summer they played an opening act for Outlaw Countr y Troubadour, Jerr y Jeff Walker, at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for a sold out crowd of 2000. They were honoured to be invited to Waycross, GA, to play at the Annual Gram Parson’s tr ibute concer t and be a par t of his last ing musical legacy.

They have been touring regional ly as wel l as continuing to expand their amount of or ig inal music. The band is currently rehearsing and f ine tuning their new music to be featured on their next ful l length studio release. Through their touring and recording, The Train Wrecks are cl imbing to the top one hard hitt ing l ive show at a t ime.

Jason Bible (guitar, voice, harmonica) is an award-winning singer-songwriter hai l ing from Ft. Worth, TX. Carolina-raised Markus Kuhlmann (drums, voice) and Savannah born Eric Dunn (elec. bass, upright bass, voice), and Stuart Harmening (dobro, banjo, guitar) have played both local ly and national ly gaining the attention of any audience they play in front of . Al l four br ing their own unique perspective and talents to the table to create a s ingular musical v ision, one that they hope to br ing to as many people as possible as they continue to tour t irelessly and passionately.

VapOuR Vapour is a group of guys that share the common bond of Jesus Christ. Their sole purpose is to spread the Word through music. Although they come from very diverse musical backgrounds they pull it all together to bring you music that rocks. In your face rock and roll that makes no bones

about their stance for Jesus Christ. You want rock? You got it!

Vapour has been together since late 2008, with lead singer Heath Holly joining in Feb of 2010. We are currently finalists in Macon, Georgia’s Battle of the Baddest Bands- finals will be Sept 4th at the historic Cox Capital Theater in downtown Macon. Band members have shared the stage with many national and regional artists, such as Doc Holliday, Decemberadio, Stuck Mojo, and Charlie Hall. With over 40 years of combined musical experience, Vapour brings a high-energy, polished, and professional show to any festival, concert or venue. Our number one goal is to honor our Lord and King, Jesus Christ, and to have a whole lot of fun doing it!

Line up:Heath Holly - vocals, acoustic guitarsStephen Mosely - lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocalsMatt Ramey - rhythm guitarsBlake Dillard - percussionDouglas Pennington - Bass and backing vocals

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B U C C A N E E R S B U L L E T I NA D E V I V o M A R k E T I N g P U B L I C A T I o N 11w w w . b u c c a n e e r s b u l l e t i n . c o m

Dodd ferrelle Dodd Ferrelle is a songwriter/singer from

Athens, Georgia who started playing guitar

and writing songs at 12 years old in Savannah,


He formed his first garage band, Me’an Mills,

when he was 16, along with Jon Mills. Me’an

Mills released three recordings and toured the

Southeast bar circuit for many years before

moving to Athens, where Dodd and Jon started

the band Rags. Dodd left Rags in 1998 to follow

his own vision.

The critically acclaimed A Carriage on the Hill was released early in 2001,

featuring members of Asa Nisi Masa, Pylon and Sugar. The Tin Foil Stars were

formed when Tim Adams’ (formerly of Snail) guitar was added to the mix.

Dodd and The Tinfoil Stars hit the road soon after the release of Always Almost

There and only took a break from touring long enough to record the follow up

The Murder of Love. Those two CDs were packed with songs written and road

tested with a working band that played venues from Jacksonville, FL to New York


the Looters The Looters are back! In another life they played such huge festivals as Jazz Below the Sea in Almere, Holland and the Atlanta Jazz Festival in Georgia. The band is best known for backing international artists like Rosa King, Saskia Laroo, and Kristina Beaty (now Kristina Train), but

has also enjoyed regional success with their own music. Usually Joe Layden sings and plays lead, Eric Layden plays bass and sings back-up, and Kenny Savage handles rhythm, harmonica and harmony.

The group plays originals, blues, classic rock, jazz, funk, 80s tunes, and even old school country!

The Looters used to share the bill with such stars as Medeski, Martin, and Wood, DeeDee Bridgewater, Sheila E., Terence Blanchard, Russel Gunn, Sonny Rollins, and Chucho Valdez….but nowadays you can usually find them playing at Augie’s Pub, Coach’s Corner, Buffalo’s, Cafe Loco, or Isaac’s downtown.

Some of the other artists lead man Joe Layden has played with as a singer or guitarist include Dr. Dan Matrazzo, Jack Sherman (Red Hot Chilli Peppers, In From the Cold, Bob Dylan), Eric Culberson, Perpetual Groove, Squat, members of Gam and Superhorse, Sean Costello, and Yonrico Scott (Derek Trucks Band).

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A D E V I V o M A R k E T I N g P U B L I C A T I o NB U C C A N E E R S B U L L E T I N w w w . b u c c a n e e r s b u l l e t i n . c o m12

1st place: Treasure Chest with $200 Gold Coins and an Official Tybee Island Pirate Fest Flag.

2nd place: Official Tybee Island Pirate Fest Flag & 2 Official Tybee Island Pirate Fest T-shirts. Entry Fee: There is no fee to participate. Contest is open to the first 200 Adults, 18 years and over that enter.

When: Sunday, Oct. 10th - 11am -2pm

Where: South Beach Parking Lot

How To Play: Pick up your treasure map with clues starting at 11am on Sunday, Oct. 10th from the Pirate Fest Merchandise Booth. Participants, which can be teams, will have from 11am until 2pm to complete the hunt. Contest is limited to the first 200 maps issued. Follow the clues to find the treasure. The first person to find the treasure wins! 1st & 2nd place winners announced Sunday at 2:30pm on main stage.

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B U C C A N E E R S B U L L E T I NA D E V I V o M A R k E T I N g P U B L I C A T I o N 13w w w . b u c c a n e e r s b u l l e t i n . c o m

family man now, the Birmingham, AL native is a successful business owner in

Richmond Hill, GA and spends his spare time with his two guitars, named (Les)

Paul and Paully and riding motorcycles with the real love of his life, his wife

Kathy. Baltimore native Stephen Klohr joined Shift-n-Gears in October 2008

and brought along exciting new sounds from bands like Sister Hazel, Green

Day and Matchbox 20. Stephen’s fearless skill on the guitar and his dynamic

vocal range have provided the perfect accompaniment to the band’s genre-

shifting style. Stephen performed with Baltimore bands Back Street Kids and

Kix and is an Aircraft Model Manager for Gulfstream in Savannah. Lead singer,

David “Red” Shaffer has sung in metal and rock bands for over 15 years. Red

performed with multiple bands while in Germany including Afraid of Reality?

and Hollow Point Hard Core.

Formed in 2008, Shift-n-Gears

is from the Savannah suburb of

Richmond Hill, Georgia. Shift-

n-Gears music takes you on a

roller-coaster journey into the

heart of 30 years of rock music.

This group of professional

musicians is dedicated to the

highest quality sound and

making music that everyone can


Shift-n-Gears has performed

for the 4th of July festivals

in Richmond Hill (2009)

and Hunter Army Airfield (2010), the Ogeechee Seafood Festival (2009) and

Savannah venues like Wild Wing Cafe and Pour Larry’s in City Market, and

Rock House on Tybee Island. The name Shift-n-Gears was chosen to reflect the

varying styles and genres of rock music the band performs, and as a reference

to the location of the band’s first practice studio – located above a transmission


Shift-n-Gears founder and lead guitarist, Stuart Nethery, first picked up the

guitar at age 14 and has played and recorded in the Seattle area with original-

music bands Twisted Fate and Blind Paradigm in the early ‘90’s. He played

alongside bands like Sweetwater and Candlebox in the Seattle music scene. A

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A D E V I V o M A R k E T I N g P U B L I C A T I o NB U C C A N E E R S B U L L E T I N w w w . b u c c a n e e r s b u l l e t i n . c o m14

October 7Buccaneer BallCome one, come all, to the 3rd Annual Buccaneer Ball! The Crab Shack hosts the kick off to the 6th Annual Pirate Fest, a weekend full of swashbuckling fun for all! The Buccaneer Ball boasts live entertainment by The Fundamentals, costume contests, grub and grog as only The Crab Shack can provide, and, of course, a bounty of pirates and wenches! This event is open to pirates and wenches over the age of 18. More info about the Buccaneer Ball or to purchase tickets visit: www.buccaneerball.comWHEN: Thursday, Oct. 7, 7pm-10pmWHERE: The Crab Shack, 40 Estill Hammock Rd. COST: $25 in advance, $30 at door INFO: or 912-786-9857

October 8Pirate FestBring your family and your friends, dressed up in your finest Pirate attire (or shop the Thieves Market for some while there), to the official start of the 6th Annual Tybee Island Pirate Fest. WHEN: Friday, Oct. 8, 6pm-11pm. Gates open at 5pm. WHAT: Thieves Market: Pirate Treasure, Arts & Crafts, Grog, Grub and much more are all there for just a few doubloons. 6pm-11pmLITTLE MATEy’S COVE (Kid’s Activities): 6pm-9pm See page 16.MuSIC: 6-7pm: Shift-n-Gears7-8:15pm: Dodd Ferrelle9-11pm: Drivin-N-CryinWHERE: South Beach Parking Lot, Tybrisa St. to 18th St. COST: $15.00 Weekend Pass in advance or $10 per day Friday & Saturday at the gate. Children 12 & under are FREE!INFO: or 912-786-5444

October 9Pirate FestBe a Pirate for the day and join in as they celebrate their victorious invasion of Tybee. WHEN: Saturday, Oct. 9, 10am-11pm. Gates Open at 9:30am. WHAT: Thieves Market: Pirate Treasure, Arts & Crafts, Grog and Grub are all there for just a few doubloons. 10am-11pm

Official schedule of EventsThere’s Always Something Happening On Tybee!

October 16-17, 2010Festival of the ArtsUpscale Art and Fine craft show with exceptional artists, live music and entertainment and culinary delights rain or shine. This festival is part of

the Tybee culture and continues to establish higher standards for participation. South Beach in a magnificent tent with bigger prizes and more artists! It will be the hub of island activity on festival weekend including painters, jewelers, potters, woodworkers, photographers, and weavers from throughout the Southeast. Entries will be juried for cash awards on Saturday morning. No charge to the public.

December 31, 2010

New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Bring in the New Year with a bang! Enjoy the show launched from

the Tybee Pier at the stroke of midnight at one of Tybee’s many

restaurants and bars, or watch it from the beach. It promises to be

spectacular! (912) 786-5444/(800) 868-2322

January 1, 2011Polar Bear PlungeThis event has become a Tybee tradition, held every January 1st at noon at the Pier on the south end of the island. Plan to be with us next year, invigorating your soul with a cleansing (and cold) plunge into the Atlantic.

March 4-5, 2011

3rd Annual Mardi Gras Tybee

Join in the fun for the 3rd Annual Mardi Gras Tybee! Festivities include

the Masquerade Ball, the Mardi Gras Tybee Parade & the Mardi Gras

Tybee Street Party with free live entertainment & more!

November 25, 2010 to January 1, 2011Tybee for the HolidaysPlease make plans to join Tybee Island residents and businesses for a month long celebration of the holiday season. Starting Thanksgiving weekend and lasting thru New Year’s Day, we have a full calendar of events, activities and special occasions planned as only our whimsical islanders can! Holiday lights, a parade, special days to shop, a tea with Santa, PLUS a jump in the ocean with the polar bears. Tybee Island is only minutes from Savannah and we invite you to for the Holidays!

• Lights on for Tybee 12/3/10 - 6:30pm • Holiday Parade 12/4/10 - 11:00am • New Year’s Eve Fireworks 12/31/10 - Midnight • Polar Bear Plunge 1/1/11 -


Page 15: 2010 Buccaneer Bulletin

B U C C A N E E R S B U L L E T I NA D E V I V o M A R k E T I N g P U B L I C A T I o N 15w w w . b u c c a n e e r s b u l l e t i n . c o m

ADuLT & KREW COSTuME CONTEST: 4-5:30pm on the Main Stage. See page 17.LITTLE MATEy’S COVE (Kid’s Activities): 10am-6pm See page 16.MuSIC: 12-1pm: Wendell Matthews1-2pm: Music Playing - Don’t Miss The Pirate Victory Parade!2-3pm: Wormsloew 3-3:45pm: Radar Cinema 5:30-6:15pm: The Looters - Acoustic set7-8:15pm: The Train Wrecks9-11pm: Eddie MoneyWHERE: South Beach Parking LotCOST: $15.00 Weekend Pass in advance or $10 per day Friday & Saturday at the gate. Children 12 & under are FREE!INFO: or 912-786-5444

PIRATE’S VICTORy PARADE: The Memorial Park area between 4th and 5th Streets & from 14th Street to Tybrisa Street are usually the more populated spots to watch the parade. This parade is must for families! Parade participants will pass out treasure along the route.WHEN: Saturday, Oct. 9, 1pmWHERE: Begins at Hwy 80 at 2nd Avenue, proceeds down Butler Avenue to Tybrisa Street - see map on page 19. (Parade Staging will be at North Beach Parking Lot.)

October 10Pirate FestMore pillaging, plundering and treasure hunting! WHEN: Sunday, Oct. 10, 11am-4pm. Free Admission.WHAT: Thieves Market: Pirate Treasure, Arts & Crafts, Grog and Grub are all there for just a few doubloons. 11am-4pmLITTLE MATEy’S COVE (Kid’s Activities): 11am-4pm See page 16.TREASuRE HuNT: Hunt begins 11am -2pm. Winner announced on Main Stage 2:30pm. See page 12. MuSIC: 11am-11:45pm: Michael Moody 12-12:45pm: Derogatory 1-1:45pm: Vapour 2:45-4pm: Sam Adams Band WHERE: South Beach Parking LotCOST: FREE!INFO: or 912-786-5444

Page 16: 2010 Buccaneer Bulletin

A D E V I V o M A R k E T I N g P U B L I C A T I o NB U C C A N E E R S B U L L E T I N w w w . b u c c a n e e r s b u l l e t i n . c o m16

Official schedule of Events

October 8Children’s Activities6-9pm: Captain Jim & Krew6-9pm: Petting Zoo6-9pm: Blackbeard’s Pirate Ship - Pirates available for pictures. 7-7:30pm: Blackbeard’s Pirate Ship -performance8-9pm: Captain Jim & Krew - Illusion Show WHEN: 6-9pmWHERE: Little Matey’s Cove - Thieves Market,

South Beach Parking LotCOST: $15.00 Weekend Pass in advance or $10 per day Friday & Saturday at the gate. Children 12 & under are FREE!

Little Matey’s Cove

October 9 Children’s Activities10am-9pm: Petting Zoo10am-9pm: Captain Jim & Krew10am-9pm: Blackbeard’s Pirate Ship10am-1pm: Free Face Painting11am: Captain Jim & Krew - Illusion Show12pm: Pet Costume Contest - See page 17. 1pm: Pirate Victory Parade (Butler Avenue) 1-3pm: Blackbeard’s Pirate Ship - roving pirates3pm: Children’s Costume Contest on the Children’s Stage. 4pm: Blackbeard’s Pirate Ship - Display of Weaponry Show 6pm: Music - Lacey Caldwell7pm: Captain Jim & Krew - Illusion ShowWHEN: 10am-9pmWHERE: Little Matey’s Cove - Thieves Market, South Beach Parking LotCOST: $15.00 Weekend Pass in advance or $10 per day Friday & Saturday at the gate. Children 12 & under are FREE!

October 10 Children’s Activities11am-4pm: Petting Zoo11am-4pm: Blackbeard’s Pirate Ship1-2pm: Limbo Contest – children 12 and under WHEN: 11am-4pmWHERE: Little Matey’s Cove - Thieves Market, South Beach Parking LotCOST: FREE!INFO: or 912-786-5444

Page 17: 2010 Buccaneer Bulletin

B U C C A N E E R S B U L L E T I NA D E V I V o M A R k E T I N g P U B L I C A T I o N 17w w w . b u c c a n e e r s b u l l e t i n . c o m

captain Jim Is Magic The Captain’s vessel went down at sea causing the loss of his leg below his knee. He floated for days on a makeshift raft, finally washing ashore on an Island. He made a peg leg from an old wooden bottle, determined to be a survivor. Captain Jim now sets sail on a Magical Adventure bringing amazing illusions and exciting fun for all.J.I.M. stands for Jim Is Magic!

A Fully Rigged Replica of Blackbeard’s 1718 Flagship the “Queen Anne’s Revenge” This scaled down pirate ship is complete with square rigged sails, smoking cannons, realistic sound effects and a crew of professional performers that entertain with lighthearted piratical merriment, songs, games, and some factual pirate history.

Prepare your selves for the swashbuckling escapades of Captain Dan Leeward, Crazy Saddie, Holly Roger, and Blackbeard himself, as they and the rest of this ship’s crew relive the golden days of piracy with their unique maritime skullduggery. So keep a weathered eye... thar be Pirates in these waters!

~The Crew of Blackbeard’s Pirate Ship.

MaGIc, MusIc, MYstERY & MaYhEM! 2010 tybee Island pirate fest

costume contest

2009 Winner

2009 Winner

all-american petting Zoo

The Double C Ranch and All-American Petting Zoo teaches kids to respect and take care of animals. Children learn about the scientific names of animals, what they eat, the products they produce - rather than just reading about such subjects in text books.

The menagerie includes a pot-bellied pig who likes to play soccer, a camel, donkey, kangaroo, zebra, baby buffalo, horses, llamas, emus, rheas, angora goats and more.

Adult & Krew Costume Contest Saturday, October 9th - 4pm.

Come claim ye awards for donning your finest pirate attire. Treasure chests full of booty and

loot from all over Tybee Island will be awarded to the Finest Attired Female, Finest Attired Male, and Finest Attired Amateur Krew. Prizes are valued at over a thousand dollars and include hotel stays at several of Tybee’s grandest hotels, gift certificates to local bars

and restaurants, baubles and trinkets looted from some of our shops and galleries. This is a family friendly costume event that will be held at center stage of the Thieves Market. Costumes should not be too risque! Krew prizes will be limited to a maximum of eight members. Please register at the Gate between the hours of 11am and 2:30pm, Saturday, October 9th. Field will be narrowed to less than 20 contestants for male and female and four krews prior to contest. Come dressed to register! No pilfering, plundering, looting, brawling, or lewd behavior during registration or contest.

Children’s Costume Contest - Saturday, October 9th - 3pm Registration: Please sign up at the Little Matey’s Cove between 1pm and 2pm. Everyone will receive a prize for entering.Treasure Chests will be awarded in the following categories: Boys 0 - 6 years, Girls 0 -6 years, Boys 7 -13 years, Girls 7 -13 years. Please report to Little Matey’s Cove for contest no later than 2:40pm for line-up. Contest begins promptly at 3pm.

Pet Costume Contest Saturday, October 9th - 12pmRegistration: Please sign up at the Little Matey’s Cove at 11:30am, judging at Noon. Contest to benefit the Shell Art Casper Fund - Tybee Cat Rescue - $5.00 donation. Free TYB Casper sticker to all participants, and

Prizes for First and Second Place winners.

Photos by:Christopher Murray

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A D E V I V o M A R k E T I N g P U B L I C A T I o NB U C C A N E E R S B U L L E T I N w w w . b u c c a n e e r s b u l l e t i n . c o m18

Family Friendly Pirate Attire Only.No Real Weapons Allowed!No Glass, Fireworks, Fighting Or Illegal Substances.No Profane Language, Lewd, Vulgar Or Disorderly Conduct.No Under Age (21) Drinking!All Alcoholic Beverages Must Be In A Plastic Cup. (No Cans Or Bottles!)No Coolers Allowed.No Unauthorized Soliciting.No Skateboards, Skate Shoes, Roller Blades, Bicycles Or Unauthorized Vehicles On Festival Grounds.No Radios Or Boom Boxes.No Outside Chairs.Please Put Litter In Trash cans.Dogs Must Be On A Leash On Festival Grounds.All Children Must Be Accompanied By A Parent Or Legal Guardian.Not Responsible For Accidents Or Personal Injury.Not Liable For Loss or Damage To Personal Property.Festival Organizers Reserve The Right To Refuse Entrance Or Eject Anyone They Deem Creating A Disturbance Or Danger To Themselves Or Others.

pirate fest code Of conduct••••••



Page 19: 2010 Buccaneer Bulletin

B U C C A N E E R S B U L L E T I NA D E V I V o M A R k E T I N g P U B L I C A T I o N 19w w w . b u c c a n e e r s b u l l e t i n . c o m

Page 20: 2010 Buccaneer Bulletin

A D E V I V o M A R k E T I N g P U B L I C A T I o NB U C C A N E E R S B U L L E T I N w w w . b u c c a n e e r s b u l l e t i n . c o m20

The League of the Black Flag is a close knit group of friends who portray pirates in the true spirit of “The Golden Age of Pirates”. Founding

members Tommy Morfoot, Bob Bean and Joseph Davis are used for the skull image featured on their pirate banner. William Buckley and Sasha Katz are the final 2 members of the League added just a couple of years ago. The League has been guests at festivals and conventions all over the southern US including Tybee Island Pirate Festival, St Augustine Pirate Festival, PyrateCon in New Orleans, DragonCon, MegaCon, ChattaCon, ConNooga, Georgia Renaissance Festival, Georgia Independence Day Festival, PiratePalooza, Stone Mountain Chili Cook-off and appearing as dance hosts for pirate parties all over the south. The League dresses in period appropriate garb and carries weapons that are functional. They are all proficient in the safety and care of all the weapons they carry and can demonstrate how to use each and explain how each was used and functions. They also carry actual firing flintlocks and can partner with local authorities to demonstrate their firing and care. We can also provide sword fighting demonstrations and explain the weapons and how they were used in fights and battles.

The League of the Black Flag is one of the most authentic groups you will find, they interact with the public and remain in character through the entire event. They have been known to carry candle lanterns and flags which draw attention to the group as you would expect any top group of reinactors to do. They also break into songs and chats that were the norm for pirates. All in all, they are true pirates. Members of the League have been featured in such publications as Pyrates Magazine, The New York Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the History Channel and The Travel Channel and they are also scheduled to appear in a National Geographic Documentary on Pirates and Piracy.

~ Captain Bob

the League of the Black flag

featured Krewe

Page 21: 2010 Buccaneer Bulletin

B U C C A N E E R S B U L L E T I NA D E V I V o M A R k E T I N g P U B L I C A T I o N 21w w w . b u c c a n e e r s b u l l e t i n . c o m

admirals KreweInduction into the Admirals Krewe of Tybee Fest is earned after serving in a key

organisational role for at least two Pirate Fest events. Tybee Fest, the non-profit, all

volunteer organization which produces Pirate Fest and other events on Tybee Island

would not be sustainable without the hard work and dedication of its volunteers.

Collectively this krewe represents thousands of hours of service to Tybee Fest and

the Pirate Fest. Once achieving the designation of an Admirals Krewe member, the

Admiral retains this title for life and is presented with a

commemorative medal.

The Admirals

Paul DeVivo - Fleet Admiral

Richard Adams

Paula DeVivo

Carrie Efird

Amy Gaster

Amanda Jandura

Annette Jandura

Steve Kellam

Stan Hedgecorth

Ross Howard

Sundi Marino

Rob McLellan

Susie Morris

Charissa Murray

Katrina Murray

Freda Rutherford

Mike Scarbrough

Iris Scarbrough

Janet Schaaf

Joel Solomon

Dr. D Tsoulos

Lawanna Tsoulos

Deb Zackarchuk

At the inaugural Buccaneer Ball in 2008 Ross Howard, then President of Tybee Fest, made the following speech and presented Paul DeVivo with a framed banner from the first Tybee Island Pirate Fest.

Page 22: 2010 Buccaneer Bulletin

A D E V I V o M A R k E T I N g P U B L I C A T I o NB U C C A N E E R S B U L L E T I N w w w . b u c c a n e e r s b u l l e t i n . c o m22

The Sand Bar Crew & The Satin Slippers N.Y.B. (MUMMERS) from Philadelphia will once again be marching down Butler Avenue. This year we will be adding Poseidon’s Pirates of Atlantis and our new float that will have plenty of eye catching color with smoke and of course awesome music

to party with. This Year Gisella “G”, Danny “O” & Kiara will be leading the S&B Crew down Butler Avenue and will be handing out all kinds of stuff. You may ask what is a Mummer? Well I will tell you.

Who and What are Mummers?To define them simply, Mummers are costumed entertainers welcoming in the New Year. Some of the earliest mummers date back to early Egypt, pagan Rome and Greece, England, Germany, and France. Historically, Mummery

has influenced customs and perpetuated many interesting traditions. Every nation had its festivals at one time or another, each marked by parades and displays of fanciful costumes. All of these cultures passed along their traditions from generation to generation, and eventually these traditions were brought to America by immigrants. The S&B Crew would like to send special thanks to everyone that helped in getting this show on the road. Our sister crew the Satin Slippers and there families all who helped build the float and get the costumes ready and of course my beautiful wife Gisella who put up with me while I was getting everything together. With that said.Let’s get this parade on the streets and party.

Pirates of the Seven Seas & Poseidon’s Pirates of Atlantis

The Sand Bar Presents

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B U C C A N E E R S B U L L E T I NA D E V I V o M A R k E T I N g P U B L I C A T I o N 23w w w . b u c c a n e e r s b u l l e t i n . c o m

Page 24: 2010 Buccaneer Bulletin

A D E V I V o M A R k E T I N g P U B L I C A T I o NB U C C A N E E R S B U L L E T I N w w w . b u c c a n e e r s b u l l e t i n . c o m24