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2010 Acura MDX Brochure | DCH Acura of Temecula

Jan 19, 2015



2010 Acura MDX Brochure presented by DCH Acura of Temecula.

To see the 2010 Acura MDX in person or for more information contact DCH Acura of Temecula at (888) 690-6111 or visit our website at

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2. We are not here to do what has already been done. More than a rallying cry, it is a way of thinking. One that affects how we see the world of automotive luxury today, and how we shape it tomorrow. It has led us to develop transformative technologies like Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) and a navigation system with both AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic and Weather. And to look for inspiration beyond the limited confines of current automotive design. It is what pushes us to use premier race circuits as testing grounds for our ideas, as evidenced by our move this year to the top tier of competition in the American Le Mans Series. It is all for the purpose of keeping you in touch, in control and inspired. Letting you experience things that have never been done before. 3. THE RESHAPED 2010 ACURA MDX. IT IS AS POLISHED AS IT IS PURPOSEFUL. AS SPACIOUS AS IT IS ATHLETIC. WITH ABUNDANT POWER AS WELL AS FIRST- CLASS SEATING FO R S EV E N. L U X U RY TRAVEL HAS BEEN GIVEN AN ELEVATED, INSPIRED PERSPECTIVE. 4. MDX SHOWN IN POLISHED METAL METALLIC WITH AVAILABLE ADVANCE PACKAGE. 5. MDX SHOWN IN GRIGIO METALLIC WITH AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGY PACKAGE. 6. IT SEATS SEVEN. BUT WE NEVER LOST SIGHT OF WHOS MOST IMPORTANT. With the MDX, the term sport tuned refers to more than just its handling technology. Slip behind the wheel and you settle into an environment tailored to the act of driving. The ergonomics of Supporting you is a drivers seat, contoured and bolstered to clarify the connectionperformance. between vehicle and driver. In addition, the shape and position of the shift knob, the thick leather grip on the power tilt and telescopic steering wheel, and every other point of contact is designed for precise interaction. It is all for the purpose of making you more relaxed, more confident, more in control.MDX SHOWN IN EBONY LEATHER WITH AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGY PACKAGE. 7. o py CK and CLL B Ung FUn missi Ad d i ARTFULLY CRAFTED. RICHLY APPOINTED. A DESTINATION IN ITSELF.advancing refinements When creating the MDX, Acura designers placed a premium on performance. Equally important was the idea that it not come at the expense of comfort. Your first indication of the care thatLEATHER-TRIMMED SPORT SEATSLuxury designed to went into creating the vehicles cabin is the rich leather that adorns seats, steering wheel and DRIVERS 10-WAY POWER SEAT 1DRIVER RECOGNITION SYSTEM cross all boundaries. other areas of contact. And as much as this material wealth invites your touch, the sweepingTRI-ZONE CLIMATE CONTROL lines of the dash, doors and console also reward your attention. What youll also notice is the HEATED/VENTILATED FRONT SEATS* cabins spaciousness. The vehicles long wheelbase and wide shoulders mean more legroom, DVD REAR ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM more elbow room and more breathing room. Even with every seat occupied. HEATED 2ND-ROW OUTBOARD SEATSMDX SHOWN IN TAUPE LEATHER WITH AVAILABLE ADVANCE PACKAGE. *WITH AVAILABLE ADVANCE PACKAGE WITH AVAILABLE ENTERTAINMENT PACKAGE 8. THE PROVING GROUND: NRBURGRING. Known simply as The Ring by driving enthusiasts, Germanys legendary Nrburgring track is one of the most demanding tests of a vehicles capabilities. As such, it is a required destination for any vehicle thats serious about performance and why Acura engineers spent time there honing the MDXs edge. You can enjoy the results of their efforts on challenging stretches of road a bit closer to home.It is an experience that has its foundation in a chassis made strong yet light by the strategic use of high-tensile steel. The 4-wheel independent suspension then goes to work, optimizing cornering, acceleration and braking by helping to keep as much tire to pavement as possible. The 6-speed Sequential SportShift automatic senses spirited driving and will hold lower gears longer for greater responsiveness. You can also take command of the transmission with steeringwheel-mounted paddle shifters that provide quick, precise gear changes. MDX SHOWN IN POLISHED METAL METALLIC WITH AVAILABLE ADVANCE PACKAGE. advancing expectations4-WHEEL INDEPENDENT SUSPENSION 4-WHEEL DISC BRAKES WITH ABS AND BRAKE ASSIST TORQUE-SENSING, VARIABLE-ASSIST STEERING 18-INCH ALUMINUM-ALLOY WHEELS 19-INCH ALUMINUM-ALLOY WHEELS**WITH AVAILABLE ADVANCE PACKAGE 9. MORE THAN AN OBSESSION WITH POWER, ITS A PASSION FOR INNOVATION. Experience the commanding presence of the MDX first hand and you start to get a sense of the power within. Point the vehicle Exhilarating high-end horsepower. toward the nearest on-ramp and you will not be disappointed. Exceptional low-end torque. But the MDXs 300-hp, 3.7-liter, 24-valve power plant delivers Efficient operation.more than just brute force. Its also been meticulously engineered for nearly flawless output. While conventional engine designs often pit the demands of low-end torque and high-end horsepower against each other, the MDXs VTEC engine satisfies the needs of both. Its a bit like having an on-demand racing camshaft to give you plenty of power down the road without compromising power off the line.To keep excitement levels rising along with the tach, the MDX engine also incorporates two specialized breathing systems. A dual-stage intake manifold utilizes two separate air delivery pathways, including a precisely tuned sonic wave, to pack the maximum amount of air into the combustion chambers. The variable-flow exhaust also contributes to the unimpeded delivery of power, with valves that stay closed at lower RPMsto provide proper back pressure, and then open wide at higher speeds to release a rush of power, as well as a satisfying sound. advancing exhilaration300-HP, VTEC ENGINE DUAL-STAGE INTAKE MANIFOLD VARIABLE-FLOW EXHAUST DRIVE-BY-WIRE THROTTLE SYSTEM SUPER HANDLING ALL-WHEEL DRIVE (SH-AWD) 10. SUPER HANDLING ALL-WHEEL DRIVE. DESIGNED TO HELP YOU KEEP CONTROL OF EVERYTHING, EXCEPT FEELINGS OF EXHILARATION. Charging into an unbanked curve is as much a test of a vehicles all-wheel-drive system as the typical foul-weather scenario. And nothing bolsters feelings of excitement like Dry-weather underlying sense of control. Unlike most systems that only react to wheel slippage, Foul-weather stability. Acuras Super Handling All-Wheel Drive is also an active participant in the delivery of Exhilarating response.precise handling. Anticipating where more traction is needed in a variety of situations, such as accelerating through a curve, it distributes power to where its needed even before any slippage occurs. When you take a corner, the system can also send up to 100% of available rear-wheel torque to the outside wheel and rotate that wheel slightly faster. The combination of these two actions substantially increases the vehicles cornering ability. The result is an increased sense of stability and thrills.MDX SHOWN IN POLISHED METAL METALLIC . 11. VOICE RECOGNITION Taking charge of a vehicle as thrilling as the MDX shouldnt keep you from connecting with other avenues of enjoyment in your life. With available Technology and Advance Packages that include voice recognition, simplypress the steering wheel-mounted voice control button for intimatecontrol of a number of systems. Whether you desire directions, a favorite song or an ideal temperature, your word is the MDXs command. TEMPERATURE 72 DEGREESDISPLAY WEATHER FIND NEAREST ZAGAT RESTAURANT CD PLAY TRACK 5CALL OFFICE DISPLAY TRAFFIC INCIDENTS ACURALINK REAL-TIME WEATHER :::BLUETOOTH HANDSFREELINK ::: ACURALINK REAL-TIME TRAFFIC ::: See current information as well as forecasts for Link your compatible Bluetooth enabled mobileThe available navigation system quickly com- over 75 U.S. cities right on the screen of the available phone and you can make and receive calls withoutmunicates traffic flow as well as collisions, road navigation system.2taking your hands off the wheel.3 construction and weather-related incidents.4 ZAGAT SURVEY RESTAURANT REVIEWS ::: AUDIO SYSTEM CONTROLS ::: TRI-ZONE CLIMATE CONTROL ::: Get trusted recommendations, complete with food, The MDXs ability to recognize a vast list of commandsSimply voice your preference and the system will service and decor ratings with this feature of the lets you verbally control most of the functions ofadjust the temperature for the driver as well as the available navigation system. the vehicles audio system. front- and second-row passengers. 12. PINPOINT A DESIRE. FOLLOW A DREAM. FREE YOURSELF FROM MADDENING TRAFFIC DELAYS. Focus on the possibilities. And the clear roads ahead with an available GPS-linkedadvancing freedom navigation system.5 Packed with advanced technologies like a destination database with ACURALINK REAL-TIME TRAFFIC4*In the know, information on over seven million points of interest and a voice recognition featureVOICE RECOGNITION* and in the now. that allows for easy maneuvering via simple voice commands, MDXs navigation system DESTINATION DATABASE* has an eye on the future. Consider AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic: 4 a service that constantly ZAGAT SURVEY RATINGS* monitors traffic flow as well as reports delays due to collisions, road construction orBLUETOOTH HANDSFREELINK3 GPS-LINKED CLIMATE CONTROL* weather. All in an effort to keep everyone moving smoothly ahead.MDX SHOWN IN EBONY LEATHER WITH AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGY PACKAGE. * WITH AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGY AND ADVANCE PACKAGES 13. AUDIOFROM SOUND STUDIO TO VEHICLE. LOSING NOTHING IN TRANSLATION. Recorded music first comes to life in a sound studio. There, every element is manipulated until it conforms to the artists vision.Acura/ELS Surround How the music is experienced from that moment on is another Premium Audio System. matter. Thats where GRAMMY Award-winning engineer and producer Elliot Scheiner comes in. An expert at making all the elements of music perform as one, he worked intimately with Acura engineers, fine-tuning every part of the available Acura/ELS Surround System to create