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[email protected] - September, 2008

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  • 8/14/2019 [email protected] - September, 2008


    3 7ITS TIMEStart consideringplan options: openenrollment forhealth plans andreimbursementbenefits beginsin October.

    2SUSTAINABLE DUKECollect plastic cupsfor recycling duringDuke home footballgames and helpchildren and theenvironment.

    This paper consists of 30% recycled

    post-consumer fiber. Please recycle after reading.

    2008 Gold Medal, Internal Periodical Staff Writing

    2007 Bronze Medal, Print Internal Audience Tabloids/Newsletters

    NEW CALENDARDuke launches anonline calendar thatserves as an archwayto campus, highlightingevents, lectures, artsand more.

    Go ahead, tell him.

    Tell Duke head football coach David Cutcliffe he cant succeed.Tell him that Duke is destined to be the doormat of the Atlantic

    Coast Conference and the NCAA. Remind him that Duke entered the2008 season with a 25-game losing streak in the ACC and that Dukehasnt had a winning season or played in a bowl game since 1994.

    Cutcliffe, appointed in December as the 21st head football coach inDuke history, has heard it all, knows hell hear more but hes lovingevery minute of it.

    This is fun every single day to take this on, Cutcliffe said. Ive hadpeople who had the audacity and I love it when they say it because it

    just fuels the fire Yeah youre having fun now. Wait til the games start.I even had somebody within the university Im not going to say who say, Well just see.

    Im going to pick up the phone and call him once we start playingand say, Hey, I just wantedyou to know were still havingfun playing.

    For those who thinkturning around Duke football

    wont happen, Cutcliffe says:You can accept conditions asthey exist, or take responsibility

    in order to bring about change.I want people to

    understand that Duke istaking football seriously, saidCutcliffe, who turns 54 thismonth. I have also done this:I have taken the time to makesure that they understand this culture change is not just about the players.

    Weve got to change the fans culture.The change began when Duke hired Cutcliffe, sending a signal that it

    would no longer allow the program to be a punch line. Cutcliffe joined Dukeas a coach with 22 bowl game appearances, including the 2007 and 2008Outback bowls, and a Southeastern Conference coach of the year honor.

    His resume includes serving as assistant head coach and offensivecoordinator at the University of Tennessee, and six years as head coachat the University of Mississippi, where he compiled a 44-29 record andappeared in five bowl games.

    Among his collegiate credentials are mentoring Super Bowl MVPquarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning.

    Cutcliffes football roots began at an Alabama high school as a linebacker.His father died in his sophomore year and football coaches became the most

    important men in his life. He knew hed be a coach one day.After high school, Cutcliffe went on to the University of Alabama,

    where he was a student assistant under head coach Paul Bear Bryant. Hereturned to his high school alma mater and became head coach and won astate championship. After two high school seasons, Cutcliffe joinedTennessee and helped the Volunteers win the 1998 national championship.

    Duke is such a

    vibrant part of

    Durham, and Durham such a

    vibrant part of Duke. Thats

    why I enjoy talking to thepeople who work here

    every day.

    David Cutcliffe,

    Duke Head Football Coach

    >> See DAWN OF A NEW DAY, PAGE 5

    Among Coach David Cutcliffes collegiate credentials are mentoring Super Bowl MVP quarterbacks

    Eli Manning, left, and brother, Peyton Manning, right.


    N E W S Y O U C A N U S E : : V o l u m e 3 , I s s u e 7 : : S e p t e m b e r 2 0 0 8

    Dawnof a New


  • 8/14/2019 [email protected] - September, 2008


    Got a lecture you want the Duke communityto attend or want to find something fun todo at Duke this weekend?

    Go to [email protected], the universitys new calendarat

    Launched in August, the calendar highlights campus

    events ranging from arts and athletics to lectures, religiousevents, university ceremonies and more.We worked with students, faculty and staff from

    across campus to identify what people really want in anonline calendar, said Deborah Johnson, assistant viceprovost, who led the project in partnership with theOffice of Information Technology and BlackwellInteractive. We hope the calendar will encourage morepeople to take advantage of the many concerts, films,lectures, games and other events that make Duke such anexciting place to work.

    The new calendar is more functional and appealingthan its predecessor, Johnson said. It enables Duke officesto enter events just once and have them also appear ondepartment, school or unit calendars and even private

    group calendars. The new system also is compatible withstandard personal calendar tools.Calendar viewers can sort quickly through all

    upcoming events and view them within dates or specificcategories. Ongoing events, such as art exhibits, arefeatured in a separate area on the home page, reducingclutter in the daily event listings. Viewers also cansubscribe to RSS feeds to receive notification aboutevents posted by specific groups, or in particular timeperiods or categories.

    Designated individuals may enter events for thenew calendar for their school, department or unit, asmay any Duke community member with a valid NetIDand password. Submissions will be individually reviewedand published as appropriate.

    By the offices of News and Communication and

    Communication Services

    New online events calendar is archway to DukeView events by day, week, month, year:

    Use the mini-calendar and the Day, Week, and

    Month links to view events for desired dates. See

    future dates by using the Year link to display all

    months in that year.

    Search events: Search for a keyword.

    Use an asterisk (*) wildcard for parts of words,

    or a question mark (?) for a single character.

    Search by keywords and categories with

    Advanced Search.

    Select categories: Use

    Calendar Views to see all

    events in a category

    grouping. Expand view

    to display more specific


    Manage events: If youre a

    calendar administrator, use this

    to manage your groups events.

    NetID and password required.

    Submit events: Use this to

    submit events for consideration.

    NetID and password required.

    Ongoing: Look here for events

    that span a period of days.



    Refectory Cafe expands to Duke Law SchoolA popular dining spot at Duke is spreading its wings.

    Bon Vivant Catering, which has operated the Refectory Cafe in

    the Divinity School since 2005, is opening a second eatery in the Duke

    Law School at the corner of Towerview and Science drives.

    The Refectory at Duke Law will open Sept. 8 in the atrium facing

    Science Drive. It will serve meals

    from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday

    through Friday.

    The decision to add a new

    eatery in the Law School was

    prompted by a growing need for

    convenient, healthy dining options in

    the graduate schools, said Jim

    Wulforst, director of Duke Dining

    Services. A committee from the Law School selected Bon Vivant

    Catering from five vendors who submitted bids. I anticipate the

    Refectory will continue to woo customers in the Law School in the

    same way it does at the Divinity School.

    In addition to grilled grass-fed beef burgers and seasoned fresh-

    cut fries, the new Refectory will emphasize the same fresh, local

    produce and gourmet-quality dishes that draw hundreds of staff and

    faculty each day to the Divinity School location on West Campus.

    Use your DukeCard FLEX account at either Refectory location

    and receive a 10 percent discount. For menus, .

    Get techie with OITThe Office of Information Technologys Learn IT @ Lunch

    seminar series for Duke staff and faculty continues this fall with topics

    ranging from computer security to Web 2.0.

    Fall sessions include Introduction to Scalable/Parallel Computing

    on Sept. 17 and Staying Secure: Tips and Tricks on Oct. 15.

    All sessions are noon to 1 p.m. in Suite 106 of the OIT

    Telecommunications Building at the Duke Renaissance Computing

    Institute (RENCI) Center, 309 Science Drive Extension, West Campus.

    For directions, visit

    Previous sessions on Elluminate, DukeWiki, ViewsFlash and other

    topics are available at iTunesU at .

    For details on Learn IT @ Lunch, visit

    or send e-mail to [email protected]

    New electronicnewsletter launches

    Check your e-mail inbox each

    Thursday for The Week at Duke, a

    new electronic newsletter for staff

    and faculty. Launched in August, the

    e-mail is filled with links to news you

    can use about campus events,research and sites such as

    Employee Services.

    Dukes Office of News and

    Communications launched The

    Week at Duke to replace eDuke

    Daily, eDuke Monthly and eDuke

    Media Clips, which provided

    summaries of Duke news,

    research and media coverage.

    Providing timely information to the Duke

    community is one of the most important aspects of our

    communications program, said Vice President for Public Affairs and

    Government Relations Michael Schoenfeld. The Week at Duke will do

    that quickly and easily.


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