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1917 Revolutions

Mar 19, 2016




1917 Revolutions. Started with bread. A lack of bread to be precise Disturbances in food lines of freezing, frustrated shoppers in St. Petersburg (now Petrograd ) erupted in violence People soon clashed with the police. Military Joins in. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

1917 Revolution

1917 RevolutionsStarted with breadA lack of bread to be preciseDisturbances in food lines of freezing, frustrated shoppers in St. Petersburg (now Petrograd) erupted in violencePeople soon clashed with the police

Military Joins in Military units soon joined the fight against the policeThey did not want to go back to the front

Women raise hellOn February 23, International Womens Day, female demonstrators were joined on the streets by striking factory workers from the giant Putilov metallurgical factory

S--- gonna hit the fanBy the 27th, mutinous troops supported the revolutionary civilian population

So, Nicholas heads back to Petrograd by train

The train he was on was diverted by rebellious railway workers and forced into the town of Pskov

Bye bye NickyIt was here the Nicholas was finally persuaded by his senior officers to resign his military and royal command

He abdicated his throne on March 2 and passed the throne on to his younger brother the Grand Duke Michael

Its never easy to break upNicholas took his break-up very casually

Once he relinquished the throne it is said Nicholas returned to his train car, had some tea and smoked a cigarette

He had just given up the throne of the largest Empire in the world

End of the RomanovsMichael refused the crown

The Romanov dynasty ends right there

Who will replace Nicky?Two bodies are ready to step in and take control of Russia

The provisionary government

The Petrograd Soviet

Provisional GovernmentMarch 14, 1917, the Soviet and Duma agreed on a provisional government with LVOV at its head.

Provisional GovernmentThe provisional government held power

The soviets held some influence and represented the lower-class citizens

Soon they start to go in different directionsThe WarThe provisional government wanted to continue the war

The Bolsheviks wanted Russia to exit the WarThe RED flagThe symbol for the revolution was a red flag

It now flew from many buildings in Petrograd

Hello Lenin When the March Revolution occurred, Lenin was in Switzerland. The Bolsheviks had played no major part in the revolution. The Germans, hoping to stir up chaos in Russia, offered Lenin a sealed train to travel across German territory to Finland Train Station in St. Petersburg

Upon arrival, Lenin immediately attacked the provisional government "all power to the Soviets"

Lenin urged soldiers to desert, offering them "Peace, bread and land".

Karensky the killerAlexander Kerensky made Minister of War

Banish the BolsheviksLvov ordered Kerensky to end the treasonous demonstrations of the Bolsheviks and Lenin

JULY RIOTS: Kerenski's soldiers put down the Bolsheviks with a vengeance. Shocked, the Russian people demanded Lvov step down.

Kerensky took over the Provisional Government and hunts down Bolsheviks

Finland here I come!!!!Lenin fled to Finland to avoid arrest by Kerenskys soldiers

Lived in a haystack / Wore a wig...

General Kornilov

!July 31, 1917, commander-in- chief of the Russian Army by Kerensky. Kornilov marched on St. Petersburg to overthrow Kerensky and the Provisional Government

What is Trotsky doing?Trotsky was living in New York City at the time of the February Revolution

During the war he went from Austria to Switzerland to France to Spain to New York

Upon hearing about the revolution he immediately boards a ship with his family and heads back to Russia

Detained in the MaritimesHis ship is boarded by the British Navy when it is in Halifax

Trotsky and his family are taken to a prison camp

Trotsky stays there for one month before being allowed back to Russia

He re-enters Russia in May of 1917Arrival in RUSSIATrotsky arrives in Russia in early May

On May 10, Lenin asks Trotsky to officially join the Bolshevik party

They put aside any differences they had in the past and move forward

Trotsky and his speechesOnce in Russia, Trotsky and Lenin both makes numerous speeches

Trotsky spoke many times at the Naval base of Kronstadt

Urging the sailors to join the revolutionary movement

He defends them time and time again, they join his cause

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