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SONY Corp.

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May 30, 2018



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  • 8/14/2019 15956049 Sony Corporation


    SONY Corp.

  • 8/14/2019 15956049 Sony Corporation


    Table of contents


    History; origin of name2

    Manufacturing base; Affiliated companies5

    Sony-FIFA Partnership6

    Procurement activities4

    Facts and figures7

    Mission & vision; Marketing mix3
  • 8/14/2019 15956049 Sony Corporation



    Multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered inMintao (Japan);

    One of leading manufacturers of electronics, video,communications, video game consoles and informationtechnology products for the consumer and proffesionalmarkets;
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    Sony is among the Worldwide Top 20 Semiconductor SalesLeaders;

    The company's slogan is Sony. Like no other;

    Sony is the electronics business unit and the parent companyof the Sony Group which is engaged in business through itsfive operating segments, these make Sony one of the mostcomprehensive entertainment companies in the world;

    Sonys principal business operations include:

    Sony Corporation,

    Sony Pictures Entertainment,

    Sony Computer Entertainment,

    Sony BMG Music Entertainment,

    Sonny Ericsson,

    Sony Financial Holdings.
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    Hot Tip
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    In 1945, after World War II, Masaru Ibuka started aradio rapair shop in Tokyo. The next year, he was

    joined by his collegue Akio Morita and they found acompanny which translates in English to TokyoTelecommunications Engineering Corporation. Thecompany built Japan's first tape recorder called the

    Type-G.In the early 1960s, Ibuka traveled in the UnitedStates and heard about Bell Labs invention of thetransistor. He convinced Bell to license thetransistor technology to his Japanese company. InAugust 1955, Tokyo Telecommunications

    Engineering released the Sony TR-55, Japan's firstcommercially produced transistor radio.
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    In May 1956, the company released the TR-6,which featured an innovative slim design andsound quality capable of rivaling portable tuberadios. It was for the TR-6 that Sony firstcontracted "Atchan", a cartoon charactercreated by Fuyuhiko Okabe, to become itsadvertising character. Now known as "SonyBoy", the character first appeared in a cartoonwhich is holding a TR-6 to his ear.

    In 1957, Tokyo TelecommunicationsEngineering came out with the TR-63 model,the smallest (112 71 32 mm) transistor

    radio in commercial production. It was aworldwide commercial success.
  • 8/14/2019 15956049 Sony Corporation


    Origin of name

    The name "Sony" was chosen for the brand as a mix of twowords. One was the Latin word Sonus which is the root of "sonic"and "sound" and the other was "sonny", a familiar term used in1950s America to call a boy. Morita pushed for a word that doesnot exist in any language so that they could claim the word"Sony" as their own.

    At the time of the change, it was extremely unusual for aJapanese company to use Roman letters instead of kanji to spellits name.

    Sony Corporation

    Sony Corporation
  • 8/14/2019 15956049 Sony Corporation


    Mission & vision

    Mission - Sony is working to create value for ourstake holders, and improve the quality of life for thenext generation through our innovations.

    Vision - we must seek new approaches to transformour ability to achieve both profitable and sustainablegrowth.

    Sony Corporation
  • 8/14/2019 15956049 Sony Corporation


    Marketing Mix (Product)

    Sony has a variety of products ranging from electronic devices,games and entertainment. Sony products can be categorized inthe following major product categories:

    Television and projectors,

    Home video,

    Home audio,

    Home theatre system,

    Digital photography,

    Hand cam video camera,

    Portable audio,


    In-car entertainment,

    Mobile phones,

    Storage and recording media,

    Other accessories.
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    Marketing Mix (Promotion)

    Sony has advertised its products through many different ways in media.Through TV we have seen different advertisements of its products suchas Bravia Television or Sony Wega TV. Sony also advertise its productsby targeting those favorable television programs, like sports, series andalso it has its own channel called Sony channel TV. Sony uses someevents to promote its products as well.

    Also, Sony has advertised Playstation through English Premiere League.Through newspapers like Times, Sony has advertised a wide range ofproducts it offers to its customers. And also through posters a messagehas been sent to lot of people to be aware of the products which Sonyoffers.
  • 8/14/2019 15956049 Sony Corporation


    Marketing Mix (Place)

    Sony being the company which positions itself as a seller ofdurable and high-end products, it is practicing selectivedistribution of its products from the selective dealers i.e. SonyWorld. Apart from this they are grey-markets where a practice ofintensive market coverage is practiced, and the products in these

    kind of market normally do not posses all the features andbenefits which Sony offers e.g. warranty and guarantee.

    Through the Internet, Sony has helped its customers to find thenearest retailer shop where we can buy the Sony products. All you

    have to do is to enter their website and specify the product andthe location.
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    Marketing Mix (Place)

    Sony distributes its products in various channels. It uses zero-levelchannel, one level channel and two-level channel.



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    Marketing Mix (Price)

    Customers directly relate price to quality, particularly in case ofproducts that are ego intensive of technology based. Sony beinga company which emphasizes quality of product, it tends to sell itsgoods with price range from moderately-high to high-prices,depending on the use and the targeted customers.
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    Procurement activities

    Sony's procurement activities are based on two main principles.One is meeting the expectations of Sony customers worldwide.Customers expect Sony products and services to offer a high level ofvalue. They also expect Sony to be a good corporate citizen throughits operations. Sony's procurement activities are no exception inmeeting these expectations.

    The other is relationships with suppliers. Sony procures parts andmaterials for its products from numerous suppliers worldwide. Sony'sworldwide procurement activities require smooth relationships withsuppliers based on mutual trust and cooperation. Sony thereforeplaces importance on creating such relationships with suppliers.

    Sony believes that both Sony and its suppliers need to be goodpartners: in order to provide highly appealing products that satisfycustomers, and to be good corporate citizens through such activitiesas green procurement.
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  • 8/14/2019 15956049 Sony Corporation


    Manufacturing base

    Slightly more than 50% of the electronics' segment's total annual

    production during the fiscal year 2005 took place in Japan, includingthe production of digital cameras, video cameras, flat paneltelevisions, personal computers, semiconductors and componentssuch as batteries and Memory Stick. Approximately 65% of the annualproduction in Japan was destined for other regions.

    Asia, excluding Japan and China, accounted for slightly more than

    10% of total annual production with approximately 60% destined forJapan, the US and the EU. The Americas and Europe togetheraccounted for the remaining slightly less than 25% of total annualproduction, most of which was destined for local distribution and sale.

    Global Slowdown affects retail market not only in U.S. but in all overthe world at this year global giant in electronic and entertainment

    products SONY Corp suffered its first annual loss in 14 years andcould be grimmer in upcoming years too.
  • 8/14/2019 15956049 Sony Corporation


    Affiliated Companies (Japan)

    Sony Bank Inc.

    Sony Broadband Solutions Corporation

    Sony Broadcast Media Co., Ltd

    Sony Chemical & Information Device Corporation

    Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

    Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.,

    Sony Digital Network Applications Inc.

    Sony Disc & Digital Solutions Inc.

    Sony EMCS Corporation.

    Sonny Asurance

    Sony Manufacturing Systems Corporation

    Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc.

    Sony Music Communications Inc.

    Sony Music Distribution (Japan) Inc.

    Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.

    Sony Energy Device Corporation.

    Sony Engineering Corporation

    Sony Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    Sony Facility Management Corporation

    Sony Finance International, Inc.

    Sony Financial Holdings, Inc.

    Sony Global Solutions Inc.

    Sony Human Capital Corporation.

    Sony Institute of Higher Education ShohokuCollege

    Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

    Sony LSI Design Inc.
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    Affiliated Companies (OutsideJapan)

    Sony Americas Holding,Inc

    Sony Australia Ltd.

    Sony Benelux B.V.

    Sony Berlin G.m.b.H.


    Sony BMG Music Entertainment


    Sony Brasil Ltda.

    Sony Broadband Entertainment Inc.

    Sony Capital Corporation

    Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.

    Sony Computer Entertainment EuropeLimited.

    Sony de Mexico S.A. de C.V.

    Sony Deutschland G.m.b.H.

    Sony Device Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

    Sony Electronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

    Sony Electronics Inc.

    Sony Electronics (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

    Sony Korea Corporation

    Sony Latin America Inc.

    Sony Magnetic Products Inc. of America

    Sony Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

    Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Ltd.

    Sony Corporation of Panama, S. A.

    Sony (China) Limited

    Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Ltd.

    Sony Corporation of Panama, S. A.

    Sony (China) Limited
  • 8/14/2019 15956049 Sony Corporation


    Sony-FIFA Partnership

    Sony has signed a global partnershop program contract with FIFA,making it a FIFA Partner. During the eight-year period of thecontract ( 2007-2014), Sony will exercise a broad array of rightsin the Digital Life category which covers a wide range ofbusinesses, from electronics to entertainment at the FIFA WorldCup in 2010 (South Africa) and in 2014 (Brazil), as well as more

    than 50 other FIFA competitions.

    Sony recognizes that it is increasingly important to enhance thecorporate value of the Sony Group. Accordingly, Sony isstrengthening its technologies and product appeal, enabling it tooffer competitive products as well as conducting effective

    marketing activities that enhance brand affinity and customertrust.
  • 8/14/2019 15956049 Sony Corporation


    Facts and figures
  • 8/14/2019 15956049 Sony Corporation


    Facts and figures
  • 8/14/2019 15956049 Sony Corporation


    Facts and figures
  • 8/14/2019 15956049 Sony Corporation



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  • 8/14/2019 15956049 Sony Corporation