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14 Tips and Secrets to grow user base

Jan 23, 2017



  • Tips and Secrets to grow your user base

    @coursebirdie @abhlshachauhan

  • Hello, Im Abhilasha!

    Co-Founder of Coursebirdie @coursebirdie | @abhlshachauhan

  • and, I will tell you 14 tips and secrets that will grow

    your user base.

  • lets start

  • abhilasha chauhan

    1Get your product on Hacker News & PH & Reddit

  • abhilasha chauhan

    2Get on Quora and Yahoo Answers

  • abhilasha chauhan

    3Write Blogs

  • 4Get in the Press. It will be hard so try pitching

    first to bloggers.

  • 5Speed up your website.

    Website that load faster rank higher in search results.

  • BEST TIPS AND SECRETSabhilasha chauhan

    6Stand for Something

  • 7Show Social Proof on your website

  • abhilasha chauhan

    8Organize Meetups

  • abhilasha chauhan

    9Learn about SEO and start doing it.

  • abhilasha chauhan

    10Learn Google Adwords and start investing in it.

  • 11Focus on Language and Write Good Copy

  • 12Start a Referral Program

  • abhilasha chauhan

    13Free is awesome. Give away users something of value for free.

  • 14Learn about product integration hacks and do it for your business.

  • and thats it for now

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