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Aug 18, 2015



  1. 1. Sales and Distribution
  2. 2. Started in US in 1959 with 1 product Global turn over of Rs.45000 crores / USD 10.9 Billion Debt free company Largest direct selling company of the world 600 patents, 450 products 100% money back guarantee on products 32000 product training session each yr The Amway opportunity foundation supports more that 800000 visually impaired children Facts about Amway Business Opportunity
  3. 3. Around 140 products in five categories: Home Care, Personal Care, Nutrition & Wellness Attitude & Artistry, Agricare APSA80 Insurance thur AMSURE Max New York Life.
  4. 4. It is Rs.2200 Crores for the year ended 31/12/2011 !!
  5. 5. Third Party manufacturing 7 manufacturers in India, largest being Sarvottam Care, Baddi. 4 main regional warehouses Bangalore Kolkata Delhi Mumbai 55 smaller warehouses across 4000 towns and cities 140 Plus offices 5,00,000 Plus Amway Business owners (ABO)
  6. 6. Raw Materials Amway Manufacturing and Distribution ABOs End Consumers
  8. 8. Amway globally follows a combined strategy of direct selling and multi-level marketing for distribution. Every ABO becomes a part of Amways distribution network. Amway business owners can earn income and other incentives in a variety of ways. They fall under the categories of: Retail Markup, Volume Rebates, Leadership Bonuses and Higher Awards and Incentives.
  9. 9. Amway ABO 1 END CONSUMER SPONSOR ABO 2 END CONSUMER SPONSOR ABO 3Every ABO & Sponsor has to register with Amway
  10. 10. ABOs can buy products directly from Amway at wholesale prices and sell them at retail prices directly to customers or add a mark up and sell them to other ABOs. the difference is earned by the ABO. The retail markup for Amway is 20%
  11. 11. Every product is allocated a Point Value (PV) and a Business Volume (BV). The PV is used to calculate the rebate percentage earned. The BV is usually close to the wholesale price of the product less any sales tax. The rebate paid is calculated by multiplying the PV rebate percentage by the total BV. PV BV Rebate (% of BV) 10,000+ 6,60,000 21% 7,000 4,62,000 18% 4,000 2,64,000 15% 2,000 1,32,000 12% 1,000 66,000 9% 300 19,800 6% 1PV = 66 BV Approximately every family requires products equivalent to 100 PV per month.
  12. 12. Lets presume that you have 2 friends, who are interested in buying Amway products and you make them your customers. So in order to meet the monthly requirements of your own along with your friends you can easily sell products worth 300 PV. You Personal use 100 PV Customer1: Sale:100 PV Customer 2 Sale:100 PV 300 PV = 19800 BV 6 % Rebate On final volume Total sale 19800 Retail profit margin @ 20% of personal sale 3960 Commission earned 6% of total BV 1188 Total amount earned Rs.5148
  13. 13. Let us now take another example of you having sponsored 4 persons as Amway Business owners and each of you doing a business of 300 PV i.e. purchasing Amway products worth BV of 19,800 each Total sale : 1500 PV =99000 BV Total Sales Turnover of the group 99000 BV Total Performance Bonus earned by group is 9% of 99000 BV Rs. 8,910 (X) Performance Bonus paid to your down lines A, B, C & D [6% of 79,200 BV (turnover of down lines)] Rs. 4,752 (B) Bonus paid to you (X - B) Rs. 4,158 Retail Profit margin @ 20% on personal volume Rs. 3,960 Your Total Earning of the month = Rs. 4158 + Rs. 3960 = Rs. 8,118 You Sale : 300PV A Sale: 300 PV A Sale: 300 PV A Sale: 300 PV A Sale: 300 PV
  14. 14. Performance Bonus Commission leadership bonus 4 % leadership bonus for a sponsor whose down lines have become direct distributors. Recognition levels Silver Gold Platinum Diamond. etc
  15. 15. Amway Lead Organization. Head Office in USA Regional Affiliate Organizations e.g. Amway (India) IBOs End Consumers 100% Money-back Guarantee
  16. 16. Payment Mode - Account payee cheques drawn in favor of Primary Applicant/Entity only
  17. 17. THAN K YOU You dont need to lead anyone personally to God. You just have to sign up 10 people into the Amway Business Opportunity and change their Lives. Make each one of the above 10 sign up 10 people into the Opportunity and help change their Lives Continuation of the above Cycle helps thousands and millions of People around the World to Financial Independence. Their Blessings will automatically give you the path to Salvation / Moksha..
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