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12 Monsters That Will Ruin Your Content Marketing by @PStaunstrup

Jul 29, 2015



1. Pontus Staunstrup @PStaunstrup Content Marketing Monsters That Will Ruin Your 12 2. Forewarned is forarmed If youre going to succeed with Content marketing there are monsters you need to be aware of. Here are 12 monsters and how to beat them. @PStaunstrup 3. 1.Its a project-stein Content marketing is a commitment to create relevant and useful content. And to keep doing it over time. But if management see it as a project they will expect quick results. Solution: Get buy-in from management before you start, and be very clear that it must be a long-term and integrated eort. @PStaunstrup 4. 2. No-Goals Kong Without goals, how will you know if your content marketing is successful? Or which parts worked the best? You need clear goals to measure eciency.Solution: Dene the purpose with your content marketing in your marketing strategy. Then create specic goals and measure regularly. @PStaunstrup 5. 3.The invisible man plan Far too many companies create content only when someone has the time or feel inspired. The target group gets confused and eventually lose interest.Solution: Start by creating a content calender, and plan your content production on a yearly, monthly and weekly basis. And keep a rm schedule for publishing @PStaunstrup 6. 4.The No strategy robot Not having a documented strategy is the single most common reason why content marketing fails. Without a strategy you cant work eciently and use resources wisely. Solution: Take the time to invest in a proper strategy, including guidelines and a clear plan for activities. And make sure you implement it properly. @PStaunstrup 7. 5.The Creature from the Work in a silo lagoon If you belong to a big company someone is probably creating the same kind of content you are elsewhere. This is a waste of time and money. Solution: Coordinate all content planning across the company. This will ensure you get better content for less money. And more opportunities to reuse content in dierent formats and channels.. @PStaunstrup 8. Ecient content marketing is not about pushing out as much content as possible. Its about providing the right content to the right target group. Too much content might drive them away. Solution: Make sure every piece of content you create has a clear purpose and really provides value to your target group. 6.Too much content-zilla @PStaunstrup 9. 7. Dr Jekyll and Mr No Target Audience If you try to talk to everyone you might end up talking to no one. Only by having a clearly dened target audience can you create relevant content. Solution: Take the time to not only to dene your target audience, but also understand who they are and what they need. And this is just as important in B2B as in B2C. @PStaunstrup 10. 8. No Distribution Aliens Even if you create the best content in the world you still need to work just as hard to get it out in dierent channels and in dierent formats. Otherwise no one will see it and interact with it Solution: Always make it easy for your target group to nd your content, by making sure its available where they are. Via search, social media and paid media @PStaunstrup 11. 9. Giant Using content once spiders Creating content thats used only once is a waste of money. You need to use it in several channels and re- use it a lot. Dont worry about tiring people, this actually increases their chance of seeing it. Solution: Create an editorial calender that allows you to plan for re-using and re-making content. @PStaunstrup 12. 10. Mr Evil DIY Man If youre going to do everything from strategy and planning to producing and distributing content the end result will suer. Solution: Engage your colleagues and have them help you with analysing the target group and generate ideas. With everyone onboard distribution is much more eective from a quality and quantity perspective This tip came from Ola Eriksson @PStaunstrup 13. 11.The Vampire of Creating one off content Your job is not to reach potential customers with one piece of content. Its to guide them through a purchase process and build a relationship with them. You need to understand what content to use where. Solution: Map the purchase process and make sure you have content for every step, including building and developing the relationship after the purchase This tip is from Paul Pruneau @PStaunstrup 14. 12.The Creating content by committee mummy Make sure you streamline the approval process of your content. If too many people are involved both the process and quality of the content will suer. Solution: Create clear rules about who gets to weigh in or decide and on what. For example, a product owner doesnt get to decide what formats or channels to use. This tip came from Louis Christ @PStaunstrup 15. A final word werewolf If you avoid these monsters you will have a mucg better chance of succeeding with your content marketing. Start with the strategy, everything else hinges on that one. Good luck, and please visit for more tips and insights. @PStaunstrup 16. Questions? Dont hesitate to get in touch: @PStaunstrup in/pontusstaunstrup @PStaunstrup [email protected]

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