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10B Couchsurfing

Jul 30, 2015



1. COUCHSURFING 10 B English File Elementary 2. PARIS: THEO I ____(to met) Tho at the Place DItalie metro station. He____ (to be) 24 and his English ____ (to be) good. At his apartment I ______ (to meet) his flatmate, Roger. They ______ (to be) very friendly. They ______ (to make) me a delicious dinner of crpes and ham and eggs. Then they ____ (to take) me to Footsie, a great bar near the Opra. Some friends _____(to come) and in the end the conversation _____ (to change) to French. That _____ (to be) difficult for me and I ______ (to get) tired. Finally, we _____ (to go) to a party near Montmartre. It ____ (to be) great! Lots of friendly people. I _____ (to go) back to Thos flat on the back of his bicycle. 3. VIENNA: ARTUR I stayed with Artur, a ______1 student. He was ______ 2, but when I _______3 I wanted to have a bath and I forgot to turn off the _______4. The bathroom was _____ ____ 5water. Oops! 4. PUT THE SENTENCES IN THE RIGHT ORDER BUDAPEST: JUDIT a) I flew home to London, tired but happy. b) I arrived late at Judits flat. c) She wasnt very happy. d) We had dinner together in the Castro bar in the city centre. e) I got off the train at the wrong station f) She took me with her to a shopping centre to help her choose a dress for a party.

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