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101 to 200 MS Word MCQ Questions - MCQ Sets

Mar 10, 2016



Muhammad Nadeem

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  • 5/29/2015 101to200MSWordMCQQuestionsMCQSets 1/16

    Now you are at Home MCQ Questions Microsoft Word 101 to 200 MS Word MCQ Questions

    101 to 200 MS Word MCQ Questions

    MS Word MCQ Questions


    101. What is the shortcut key for Superscript the selected text?

    c. Ctrl + Shift + =d. Ctrl + Shift +

    102. What is the shortcut key toClose Active Documentin Microsoft Word?

    c. Ctrl + Shift + F4d. None of above

    103. What is the shortcut key to show font dialog box?





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  • 5/29/2015 101to200MSWordMCQQuestionsMCQSets 2/16

    b. Ctrl + Shift + Fc. Ctrl + Shift + Pd. All of the above

    104. How to remove all character formats?a. Shift + Spacebar

    c. Ctrl + Spacebar

    105. What is the shortcut key to Undo the last action in a document?

    d. None of above

    106. Which key do you press to force a page break?

    d. none of the above

    107. To increase a paragraph indent, use the _____ shortcut keys.

    108. To move to the end of the document, press the _____ key(s).

    c. ctrl+down arrow

  • 5/29/2015 101to200MSWordMCQQuestionsMCQSets 3/16

    109. Which key is used to select all the text in the document?

    110. To undo the last work, press ..

    111. The scroll box on the vertical scroll bar indicates the _____.a. position of the insertion point from the top of the pageb. distance of the insertion point from the left marginc. current relative location of the document portion displayed in the windowd. rank of the word in which the insertion point is found

    112. Headers and footers can include text and graphics, as well as the _____.

    d. all of the above

    113. Text boundary can be displayed or hidden froma. Auto text option from Insert menub. Options from Tools menuc. Customize from Tools menu

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    114. _____ are types of changes that occur when text has been omitted from a document and must be

    115. Which would you choose to move selected text from one place to another?a. Move and Pasteb. Copy and Pastec. Cut and Pasted. Delete and Paste

    a. Close Documentb. Close Word Applicationc. Cut the Selected Contentsd. Copy the Selected Contents

    117. Which is not a data source component?a. mail merge toolbar

    118. In Word, the mailing list is known as the ____________.

    119. On the horizontal ruler, an upside down T indicates a _____ tab stop.

    c. decimal-aligned

  • 5/29/2015 101to200MSWordMCQQuestionsMCQSets 5/16

    120. To erase a character to the right of the insertion point, press the _____ key.

    a. Delete Dialog Boxb. Font Dialog Box

    a. Undo the last Actionb. Repeat the last Actionc. Delete the last paged. Delete the first page

    123. Ctrl + Delete is used toa. Delete the word just after the cursorb. Delete the word just before the cursorc. Delete the single letter just after the cursord. Delete the single letter just before the cursor

    124. Ctrl + Backspace is used toa. Delete the single letter just before the cursorb. Delete the single letter just after the cursorc. Delete the word just before the cursord. Delete the word just after the cursor

    125. Auto text and Auto correct are ___________ tools.

  • 5/29/2015 101to200MSWordMCQQuestionsMCQSets 6/16

    d. none of the above

    126. In normal view, automatic page breaks _____.a. do not displayb. display on the screen as a single dotted horizontal linec. display on the screen above the header and beneath the footerd. display on the screen as a line separated by the words Page Break

    127. What is the extension of Word files?

    128. To autofit the width of columna. Double click the right border of columnb. Double click the left border of columnc. Double click the column header

    129. To open Columns dialog box quickly

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