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10 Songs That Will Motivate You Before a Job Interview

Jan 22, 2018




  • 10 songs that will motivate you before a job interview

    Youve got your outfit sorted, done some thorough research, planned your route and prepared some questions to ask. In other words, youre all set for the big interview! The only thing left to do is get yourself in the right mindset to tackle that tricky meeting.If youre able to walk into your interview with your head held high, brimming with confidence and visualizing a successful outcome, it stands to reason that youll leave a positive impression on your interviewer.

    So to help you get pumped up, inspired and ready to tackle anything, weve compiled a list of ten terrific motivational tunes to get you in the zone.

  • 1. Survivor Eye of the TigerNo motivational song list on the planet would be complete without this 80s rock staple. Originally the theme song to Rocky III, its now the soundtrack to self-motivation and will spur you on to reach greater heights. Simply plug in your earphones, press play and prepare for instant inspiration!

  • 2. Journey Dont Stop Believin

    Job hunting can be a disheartening experience. Weve all endured the disappointment of missing out on roles and it can often be difficult to motivate yourself and recover from a setback. At times like these, you need Journeys rock anthem to give you a jolt out of the slump. Dont Stop believing/hold on are wise words that will encourage you to keep going and keep chasing that dream job. If its good enough to inspire numerous American sports teams, its good enough for us!

  • 3. Queen Dont Stop Me NowAccording to studies Dont stop me now is the most feel-good song of all time. Its not difficult to see why. From start to finish, the whole song is one huge burst of positivity and optimism, so its an absolute cert for our pre-interview playlist. If lyrics like Im a shooting star leaping through the skies / like a tiger defying the laws of gravity / Im a racing car passi ng by like Lady Godiva / Im gonna go go go theres no stopping me dont get you fired up, nothing will!

  • 4. James Brown I feel goodIf you weren't feeling good about your job interview before listening to this upbeat funk masterpiece by James Brown, you sure will after! Wash away all of your negative feelings with this classic song, and youll be impressing the interviewer in no time.

  • 5. Queen we are the champions

    Pretty much everyone who was alive in the 90s has heard this classic by Queen. Out of all the songs to pump you up, this one takes it to the next level. You will be feeling like a champion before your job interview even begins!

  • 6. Duck sauce Barbra StreisandThis song may not carry a motivational message but its happy woooooos will certainly keep your mind off your fear.

  • 7. Katy Perry Roar

    Katy Perry herself said it best when she described roar as a pick yourself up and dust yourself off and keep going female empowerment song Need we say more?

  • 8. Pharrell Williams Happy

    A song all about happiness titled Happy? You cant go wrong! This fuzzy pop song takes upbeat to a whole new level and will break you out even the lowest of interview slumps.

  • 9. David Guetta ft. Sia - TitaniumShoot me down but I wont fall. I am titanium. That should be your job interview mantra.

  • Weve saved the best till last, our personal favourite finally is

  • 10. Europe The Final Countdown Oh yes, we didThat unmistakable introthat countdown. It has it all. Cheesy lighting effects, bad haircuts, behind the scene shots and intense band close-ups. Who cares about the lyrics? In fact, were united in our total lack of understanding of said lyrics. Sing along you know you want to.

  • Do you agree with our selection or have we missed an obvious choice? Perhaps you have a motivational track in mind that youd like to share with others?

    Whats your ultimate YOU GOT THIS song for that crucial job interview?

    Feel free to add yours to the list and tweet us at @jobhop!

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