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10 Essential Best Practices Of Building Enterprise Mobile Apps

Jan 23, 2018



  1. 1. 2010 WinWire Technologies WinWire Technologies, Inc. Confidential 10 Essential Best Practices of Building Enterprise Mobile Apps @WinWire Wired2Win Webinar Series
  2. 2. 2010 WinWire Technologies Who We Are IT solutions company making information actionable for the enterprises in the mobile-cloud world Collaborative and Analytics solutions leveraging pre-built solution accelerators Cloud, Collaboration & Analytics Technologies Mobility,
  3. 3. 2010 WinWire Technologies
  4. 4. 2010 WinWire Technologies Agenda Current mobility landscape and how we got here? How is mobility transforming the enterprise? Enterprise Mobility: Challenges Mobile apps front-end: Different ecosystems Mobile apps backend: What do you need to know Best Practices of building Enterprise Mobile Apps
  5. 5. 7,095,476,818 The Total World Population 48%52% Urban Rural 2,484,915,152 Internet Users 35%Internet Penetration 6,572,950,124 Mobile Subscribers 93% Mobile Penetration SOURCE: We Are Social. Landscape
  6. 6. Mobility=Transformation The Reality is Enterprise Mobility Freedom for Businesses Mobile is transforming Businesses User is KING
  7. 7. Mobility=Transformation, Why? Engaging UX Feature Integration Speed of Innovation Social Interaction Instant On Battery life Lithium-ion Always Connected App Store Distribution Sensors and Context
  8. 8. The Challenges Enterprises face Source :Enterprise mobility Exchange
  9. 9. Source :Enterprise mobility Exchange
  10. 10. Source :Enterprise mobility Exchange
  11. 11. Source :Enterprise mobility Exchange
  12. 12. 2010 WinWire Technologies Delivery Dilemma Faster Than Ever Deliver A Better Experience Across An Explosion Of Devices & OSs
  13. 13. 2010 WinWire Technologies Typical Mobile Engagement Mobile Strategy Design Considerations Development and testing Deployment App Management Engineering Process, Development Methodology and Project Management App Type Platform Support Deployment Models User Experience Performance Data & Connectivity Device Profiles Security Stability Deploy & LaunchPerformance UI Connectivity Security Physical devices & Networks Functionality Market Enablement Roll out plan OTA strategy Device Management BYOD/MDM Remote Wipes Upgrades Usage Analytics Central Monitoring
  14. 14. Apple Objective-C iOS XCode Google Java Android Eclipse Blackberry Java BBX/BBOS Eclipse Microsoft C# Metro Visual Studio HTML/JS HTML5 No Standard iPhone/ iPad Android Phones/ Tablets Blackberry/ Playbook Windows Phones/ Tablets Native Apps Client Side of a Mobile App
  15. 15. Apple Objective-C iOS XCode Google Java Android Eclipse RIM Java BBX/BBOS Eclipse Microsoft C# Metro Visual Studio HTML/JS HTML5 No Standard iPhone/ iPad Android Phones/ Tablets Blackberry/ Playbook Windows Phones/ Tablets Native Apps Backend Integration Mobile Web App (Multiple Devices) Language OS IDE ISV Client SDKs PayPal SAP Box Others PayPal SAP Box Others PayPal SAP Box Others PayPal SAP Box Others Web Services W3C
  16. 16. 10 Best Practices of Building Enterprise Mobile Apps
  17. 17. Best Practice: 1 Focus on Your Strategy and Mobile Use Cases
  18. 18. 2010 WinWire Technologies Mobile Use Cases Mobile is Transformative Quickest tendency is to take what you have and put it on mobile device How can it help increase productivity of my company Develop a strategy That is not the best use Field apps
  19. 19. Best Practice: 2 Focus on the Right App Candidate(s)
  20. 20. 2010 WinWire Technologies Right App Candidate What is the value it provides? Go through the actual business process Can we build it? Security Is it business incremental?
  21. 21. Best Practice: 3 Develop a easy UX
  22. 22. 2010 WinWire Technologies Easy UX Mobile is all about UX People wont use if you dont get this right You dont have to cram everything into it In mobile, its about removing the features rather than adding Get to task on hand as quickly as possible
  23. 23. Best Practice: 4 Develop an Appropriate UI
  24. 24. 2010 WinWire Technologies Appropriate UI Its all about being effective Remember there are more than 1M apps For Brochure ware apps, its all about glamour For productivity apps, its about keeping it simple Get things done
  25. 25. Best Practice: 5 Identify Target Devices and Prototype Iteratively
  26. 26. 2010 WinWire Technologies Target Devices and Prototypes Common ask it should work on everything Android has 120,000 combinations Development is completely different across environments Develop device management plans Develop hands on prototype - As fast and as early Give the prototype to actual users Decide if its a device being provided or is it BYOD
  27. 27. Best Practice: 6 Identify the Right Development Toolset
  28. 28. 2010 WinWire Technologies Development Tool Set Understand The App Deployment Implications There Is So Much Noise Out There HTML / Native / Cross Platform / Hybrid Let the use case determine the technology Focus On The Use Case Is the scale going to be large; or load going to be elastic?
  29. 29. Best Practice: 7 Plan for Security & Data
  30. 30. 2010 WinWire Technologies Plan for Data and Security It is intrinsic to the mobile experience Where is the data coming from and going to? How many data sources? Do we maintain state? Offline/online? Is there any data mobilization required?
  31. 31. Best Practice: 8 Plan for a Thorough Testing
  32. 32. 2010 WinWire Technologies Testing Approach Strategy No amount of testing is enough User ranking in the App Store your brand is at stake User Plan for functional testing, test automation, regression testing Testing User Testing Gestures & other functions of phone Carrier / Network Testing Session Testing
  33. 33. Best Practice: 9 Plan for Deployment
  34. 34. 2010 WinWire Technologies Deployment Is it private app store? Is it public app store? Do you need to have an MDM/MAM solution?
  35. 35. Best Practice: 10 Remember, its a Start
  36. 36. 2010 WinWire Technologies Its a Start Your app development project is a start The ecosystem is continuously changing How do you support and maintain? Refresh, upgrade & accommodate change Keep users coming back and productivity levels high
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