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1 Re-Introduction to the Nexgen eration of eCylinders Products ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in door opening solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user

Mar 26, 2015




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1 Re-Introduction to the Nexgen eration of eCylinders Products ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in door opening solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience Selling the new Slide 2 What we will cover Re-Intro to NexGen XT Software Overview Web Based Cloud overview Live Demo Support Materials available Smart SFIC Sales & Marketing eCylinder Sales & Marketing Summarize Call to Action 2 Slide 3 NexGen XT Cylinder Tested Technology in high abuse industrial applications Features Durable Indoor/Outdoor Use Electronic core installation and removal 2000 audit events Temp Range -40 F to 160 F Pick & Bump Resistant Fits 6 & 7 pin housings Stores Blacklist of lost keys Slide 4 NEXGEN XT Key Small, Rugged, Convenient Features Rechargeable battery, 800 openings (1.75 hrs to recharge) 5,000 cylinders maximum 5,000 audit events maximum All Access programming done at key Key powers the cylinder One Key-multiple functions Operate Audit Control (remove cores) Setup (load Blacklist) Slide 5 LED Indicators 5 Slide 6 Nexgen XT Accessories Accessories Key Charger Charge from PC, wall, or vehicle Uses standard Micro-USB cable Programming Key Programmer Programs and charges the key Connects to PC USB port Uses standard Micro-USB cable Slide 7 NEXGEN XT Software Stand Alone or Web Based Activity reports display all accesses & unauthorized user activity. Exception reporting- Alarm indications provide instant notification of unauthorized user activity. Customizable reports show only the information you select. Keys can be programmed while software is unattended. Slide 8 Web-Based Software Terminology Clarification What is web-based Cloud software? Cloud is a metaphor for the Internet. Applications based online accessed by Web Browser Data is stored on remote servers CMW & XTWM fit this description Cloud vs. SaaS (terms you need to know) SaaS Software as a Service or Software on Demand Deployed over the internet Run behind a firewall on a local area network or personal computer Data typically stored locally Slide 9 Advantages contributing to Higher ROI Web-Based Software Lower upfront costs Lower infrastructure costs - not having to manage and maintain internal systems Reduction of internal IT staff no maintenance of software and systems Higher Security - keeping the data off of local laptops/desktops More Advantages NO CDs to install NO Large Downloads NO Upgrades to worry about: Youre always using the latest and greatest. No Technical Experience necessary - We handle all the security, uptime, backups, upgrades and other IT type stuff. No Sleepless nights - Data is stored on Secure Servers that are always-updated & backed-up and contained in a highly-secure data center. Slide 10 Our Goal Reduce upfront costs with monthly/annual contracts. Why? Medeco System Hosting No emailing of system files Faster system implementation no local installation Easier to support (for EU & Dealers) everything online Easier upgrades server based/no individual upgrades NO system incompatibilities on our servers Ease of Use (locally) Infrastructure savings use any PC with web access Data Maintenance all done by Medeco Data Backup all done by Medeco Data Security one copy of data in secure server Web-Based Software Slide 11 11 eCylinder Marketing/Sales Tools EU Want/Need Comparison will be available in Excel format