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1 Psychology 305A: Personality Psychology January 7 Lecture 1

Jan 18, 2018



John Lennon,

1 Psychology 305A: Personality Psychology January 7 Lecture 1 Muhammad Ali, John Lennon, Karla Homolka, Your support team: Sunaina Assanand, Daniel Randles, Sam Rumak, Austin Lee, Gordon Yung. Please read the course syllabus thoroughly. Course syllabus 5 Course description: Eight theoretical perspectives on personality. Trait. Biological. Psychoanalytic. Psychosocial. Learning. Cognitive. Motive. Self-actualization/determination. 6 Course format: Lectures. Discussion. Activities. Readings. Three case studies, each scheduled before an exam, opportunity for review: Jeffrey Dahmer, Adolf Hitler, Malcolm X. 7 Course website:Password: psych305. Slides will be posted after class. 8 Textbook: Carver, S. C., & Scheier, M. F. (2012). Perspectives on Personality. Purchase the 7 th edition. In the event of discrepancies, rely upon class material. Access card provides access to a study guide. Optional. 9 Evaluation: Exams: 3 x 33.33% each (without paper); 3 x 25% (with paper). Multiple choice/open-ended extended response questions. Non-cumulative. Material presented in lecture and textbook. Paper: Optional. 25%; only included if it increases your final grade. Psychobiography. Up to three theories of personality; self, family member, friend, public figure, fictional character. 10 Peer mentor program: Optional tutorial sessions, led by peer mentors. Discuss questions in small and large groups. Submit questions of concern or interest ahead of time. Assess, explore, collaborate! Dates and times TBA. 11 Participation: Strongly encouraged and appreciated. Respect classmates efforts to contribute to discussion. Refrain from dominating discussion. Positive and informative classroom environment. The ? bag: Questions, suggestions, comments. Anonymous. 12 Missed classes and student contacts (spaces provided in syllabus): Name? Year of study? Major? Hometown? Reasons for enrolling in Psychology 305A? Interests and concerns related to this course? 13 Laptop use: If used for inappropriate activities in class (e.g., surfing), sit in back three rows of classroom. Academic concession: For medical, emotional, or personal problems, contact me before exam dates and paper due date. You may be able to obtain academic concession from the dean of your faculty. 14 Psychology Departments policy on distribution of grades: For 300-level courses, required mean = 66-70%, SD=13%. Withdrawal dates: January 20 (no W), February 14 (with W). 15 Questions, concerns, comments? 16 17 Learning Objectives A list of the knowledge or abilities that you should acquire from the information discussed in each class period. Use as a diagnostic tool to monitor your progress. Create essay questions from the learning objectives to assess your mastery. 18 Learning objectives are not presented in the textbook. Consider constructing learning objectives for each section of the textbook (e.g., what should I take away from this section?).

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