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1. Dairy Farming 2. Milk ing 3. Bulk Milk Coo lers 4.Bactofuge 5.Clarifier 6.Pasteurizer / Sterilizer /UHT 8.Milk Sto rage 7. Homogenizer 10. Milk Prod ucts 9 Packing Life cycle of Milk 11.Consume r Rights Lic ens ing Qua lit y Ass ura nce & Foo d S afe ty Adult erant s Det ectio n Pos sib le Bus ine ss Com mun ity Ru ral Fa rme rs Sup pli ers

1. Dairy Farming

Feb 24, 2016




Life cycle of Milk. 11.Consumer Rights. 1. Dairy Farming. 10. Milk Products. 2. Milking. 3. Bulk Milk Coolers. 9 Packing. 4.Bactofuge 5.Clarifier 6.Pasteurizer/ Sterilizer /UHT . 8.Milk Storage. 7. Homogenizer. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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1.Dairy Farming 2. Milking

3. Bulk Milk Coolers

4.Bactofuge 5.Clarifier 6.Pasteurizer/ Sterilizer/UHT

8.Milk Storage

7. Homogenizer10. Milk Products

9 Packing Life cycle of Milk11.Consumer Rights1