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May 25, 2015



  • 1.

2. List three forces and identify as contact or non- contact. (educated guess)

  • Silently complete Do Now and copy homework.
  • Review Lesson Steps.
  • Discuss Do Now.
  • More graded work returned... late/ missing accepted by tomorrow for full credit- late credit Thurs &Fri (not accepted next week)
  • Safety contracts coming soon. Homework.
  • Response time lab
  • Demo: circular motion

Write a paragraph- long story, poem, or comic for your assigned safety rule. TLW identify the forces acting between objects in direct contact or at a distance. MHSCE P1.1C; P1.1E; P3.1A; P3.6B 3. Namecm response time

  • Mrs. Gall15 cm
  • Robert W.12 cm
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