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04 prophethood of muhammed(saw)

May 18, 2015





2. Jan 29, 2015 2DSS/RIU.ISLAMABAD 3. Jan 29, 2015 3 By the end of this lecture, InshaAllah, you are expected to know: Characteristics of prophet Muhammad Finality of prophet hood. Basis of relationship of ummah and prophet Muhammad DSS/RIU.ISLAMABAD 4. Jan 29, 2015 4 CHARECTERISTICS OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD DSS/RIU.ISLAMABAD 5. Jan 29, 2015 5 What Distinguishes Muhammad from Others ??What Distinguishes Muhammad from Others ?? Last Prophet Revived the faith conveyed by all prophets Pure message retransmitted throw him No messenger after him Book is preserved Sunnah (practice, sayings, approvals) is recorded in details (No better compilation of any person in history is present) DSS/RIU.ISLAMABAD 6. Jan 29, 2015 6 From Abu Huraira, (Allah be pleased with him): Allah's messenger Muhammad SAW) said: I have been bestowed with excellence over (other) Prophets in six respects: (1) I have been gifted with comprehensive words, (2) I have been helped through awe (being put in the hearts of enemies) (3) spoils have been made lawful to me, (4) the whole earth turned into a mosque for me and a means of purification, (5) I have been ordained as the Prophet for all humanity, and (6) the line of the Prophets has been terminated with me. (Sahih Muslim, Vol.1, p.199, Mishkat, p.512) DSS/RIU.ISLAMABAD 7. Jan 29, 2015 77 UNIVERSALITY 28.AndWehavenotsentyou(OMuhammadSAW)except asagiverofgladtidingsandaWarnertoallmankind, DSS/RIU.ISLAMABAD 8. Jan 29, 2015 88 158.Say(OMuhammadSAW): "Omankind!Verily,IamsenttoyouallastheMessengerofAllah toWhombelongsthedominionoftheheavensandtheearth DSS/RIU.ISLAMABAD 9. Jan 29, 2015 99 COMPLETENESSOF Al-ShAREEAH 3. Thisday,Ihaveperfectedyourreligionforyou, completedMyFavoruponyou,andhavechosenforyou Islamasyourreligion. DSS/RIU.ISLAMABAD 10. Jan 29, 2015 10 Social lifeSocial life Knowledge & learning Knowledge & learning Ethics & Etiquettes Ethics & Etiquettes HygieneHygiene Human Rights & Relations Human Rights & Relations Law & Justice Law & Justice Commerce & Economy Commerce & Economy Politics & Governance Politics & Governance Muhammads guidance covers all walks of life DSS/RIU.ISLAMABAD 11. Jan 29, 2015 1111 PRESERVATIONOFREVELATION 9. VerilyWe:ItisWeWhohavesentdowntheDhikr(i.e.the Qur'n)andsurely,Wewillguardit(fromcorruption. AlHijar DSS/RIU.ISLAMABAD 12. Jan 29, 2015 12 The Miracle given to Muhammad pbuh Al-Quran. A UNIQUE BOOK Memorized in Full by hundreds of thousands TOP in being read daily by millions all over the world. Preserved in its ORIGINAL form for the last 14 centuries DSS/RIU.ISLAMABAD 13. Jan 29, 2015 13DSS/RIU.ISLAMABAD FINALITY OF PROPHETHOOD 14. Jan 29, 2015 14 HADITH: The Last Brick From Abu Huraira, (Allah be pleased with him): Allah's messenger SAW) said: Certainly my example and the example of prophets earlier than me is like the example of a palace most elegant and most beautiful constructed by a person except (that he left in it) a blank space for a brick in one of its corners and that made the people (who were) going around it wonder (at its marvellousness) and exclaimed (in perplexion): Why not is this brick inlaid in here! The Prophet SAW) said, I am that (corner's last) brick and I am the last of the prophets. Sahih Bukhari, Vol. 1, p.501 & Sahih Muslim, Vol. 2, p.248 DSS/RIU.ISLAMABAD 15. Jan 29, 2015 15 No Nabi No Rasool After Me From Anas bin Malik, (Allah be pleased with him) Allah's messenger Muhammad SAW) said: Verily, risalat' and nubuwwat' are terminated, so there shall be neither a rasool' nor a nabi' after me'. (Tirmidhi, Kitab-ur-Rouya Babu Zahab-un- Nubuwwa, Musnad Ahmad, Marwiyat-Anas bin Malik) DSS/RIU.ISLAMABAD 16. Jan 29, 2015 16 Thirty Liars in the Ummah It is related by Hazrat Thauban, (Allah be pleased with him) that our Prophet SAW) said In my Ummat there shall be born thirty liars, each of them will pretend that he is a prophet but I am the last of the prophets, there shall be no prophet after me . (Abu Dawood and Tirmizi) DSS/RIU.ISLAMABAD 17. Jan 29, 2015 17 If There Were To Be A Prophet It Would Have Been Umar(RA) It is narrated by Uqba bin Aamer, (Allah be pleased with him) that Allah's Messenger Muhammad(SAW) said, If there could ever be a prophet after me, indeed Umar bin Khattab would have been such. (Tirmizi, Vol. 2, p.209) DSS/RIU.ISLAMABAD 18. Jan 29, 2015 18 A man in the time of Imam Abu Hanifa (80 A.H.-150 A.H.) laid claim to Prophet hood and said "Let me show you the proofs of my prophet hood." The great Imam thereupon warned the people: "Anyone who asks of this man the credentials of prophet hood, shall become an apostate, for the Prophet of God (PBUH) has explicitly declared: "No prophet will come after me." (Manaqib al-Imam-i-Azam Abi Hanifa, Ibn Ahmad al-Makki, Vol. I, p.161, published in Hyderabad, India, 1321 A.H.) OPINION OF MUSLIM SCHOLARS DSS/RIU.ISLAMABAD 19. Jan 29, 2015 19 True Concept of God- Lost Ignorance & Darkness Barbarism & ruthlessness Sexual Slavery, Nudity & Persecution of women Usury and Exploitation Fear and terror Class and Colour discrimination Times Before Muhammad(S.A.W) Times After Muhammad(S.AW) True Concept of God- Restored Knowledge & Light Kindness & mercy Womens status and rights Justice and fairness Peace and security Love and Brotherhood DSS/RIU.ISLAMABAD 20. Jan 29, 2015 20 (FAITH) (LOVE) DSS/RIU.ISLAMABAD (Obedience) (To follow) 21. Jan 29, 2015 21DSS/RIU.ISLAMABAD