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Ольга Качалина - Mobile prototyping. fake it till you make it. - Wargaming

Jun 19, 2015




Эта презентация предшествовала воркшоп Ольги Качалиной. Она рассказывала и показывала какими инструментами пользуется для создания макетов и прототипов интерфейсов. На воркшопе пошагово создавали информационную архитектуру приложения, первоначальный макет, детализированный макет и наконец сделали прототип интерактивным.

  • 1. Mobile prototypingFake it till you make itOlga KachalinaUX designerWorld of Tanks Blitz

2. What is a prototype? 3. Paper prototyping Concept simulation and idea visualisation Initial testing Early stage user involvement Visualisation of end product for stakeholders 4. Paper prototypingMyths 5. I cannot draw 6. I cannot draw 7. Why do it on paper if there are mockups? 8. There should be some tool for that 9. Its much easier to do it on board 10. Paper thing does not look realistic 11. Looks amateur 12. Impossible to make paper interactive 13. Paper prototypingPrintable stencils UI elements Device prototypePrototyping on paper Stencils 14. Paper prototyping*on practice 15. Mockup prototyping 16. Mockup prototyping Clear app layout Simulates the final functionality Full functionality testing Quick fix opportunities 17. Mockup prototyping 18. Mockup prototypingMyths Time consuming Designers and developers can read the documentation Looks dry and not very pretty 19. +balsamiq.comMockup prototyping 20. Mockup prototyping*on practiceI II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X 21. Mockup prototyping*on practice 22. High definition prototyping 23. High definition prototyping 24. High definition prototyping Very realistic Animation and gesture simulation Productive testing during development process Simulating almost real user experience Testing of graphic design concepts 25. High definition prototypingMyths Time-consuming Expensive Quite difficult 26. High definition prototyping 27. So why do you need to prototype? Mistakes are early and cheap Gather more information Better time and resource evaluation Clear feel and look of the final product User experience testing Live specification 28. Fake it till you make it

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