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Interest Groups. Introduction What is an interest group? People who share common goals and organize to influence government Interest groups focus.

Dec 15, 2015



Lexie Mowery
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Interest Groups Slide 2 Introduction What is an interest group? People who share common goals and organize to influence government Interest groups focus on specific problems unlike political parties Madison warned against factions in Federalist No. 10 Are they adverse to the rights of other citizens or a way for citizens to interact with the government? Why do people join interest groups? People join interest groups to promote their economic self- interests Due to their values, beliefs, attitudes Slide 3 Types of Interest Groups Business Related National Association of Manufacturers Agricultural Groups National Farmers Union Professional Associations American Bar Association American Medical Association Environmental Groups Public Interest Groups Foreign Interest Groups Slide 4 The Work of Lobbyists Many interest groups try to contact lawmakers to influence policy called Lobbying They provide useful info to policymakers through personal contact and through testifying Lobbyists help draft bills Slide 5 Interest Groups Seek Support Use mass media television, newspapers, magazines and radio to create support for their views Members write letters to Congress to demonstrate public support for a policy Limitations include competition w/ other interest groups and diversity within each interest group Slide 6 Rise of Political Action Committees What is a Political Action Committee? Organizations specifically designed to collect $ and provide financial support for a political candidate. PACS began when federal legislation prevented individuals from donating very much Federal Regulations for PACs Register w/ govt, donate to five candidates, raise money from 50 contributors No limits for Super PACs Slide 7 Types and Strategies of PACs Types: Affiliated PACs: tied to corporations, labor unions, health organizations Nonconnected PACs: not tied to any interest groups, organize just for elections Strategies for Influence: Promise campaign support for candidates who favor their policies Give money to policymakers in the hope they might gain access Slide 8 Super PACs and Dirty Ads