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Course Administration Syllabus questions Assessment Questions Self –Efficacy Discussion Break Class Exercises

Course Administration Syllabus questions Assessment Questions Self –Efficacy Discussion Break Class Exercises.

Jan 12, 2016



Cathleen Evans
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  • Course Administration Syllabus questions

    Assessment Questions

    Self Efficacy DiscussionBreakClass Exercises

  • Lets Self-Discover!

  • Turn to your neighbor and answer these 2 questions:

    What did you what to be when you grew up?Who influenced you the most and why?

  • Refers to an individuals belief that he or she is capable of performing a task.

    Beliefs and expectations about ones ability to accomplish a specific task effectively

  • SELF EFFICACY Our ability in what we can do.

    Confidence that we can complete the task before us.

    SELF RESPECT The sense of value we place on ourselves. Our ability to assert our wants and needs in life.

  • LOW SELF EFFICACY:are more likely to lessen their effort or give up altogetherQuestion whether or not they can complete a task

    HIGH SELF-EFFICACYWill try harder when faced with a challengeWill respond better to negative feedback with increased effort and motivation

  • Experience Mastery experience success fosters success. Prior experiences-prior successes

    Modeling Observing success, becoming more confident because you see someone else doing the task

    Verbal persuasion- becoming more confident because someone convinces you that you have the skills necessary to be successful. (motivational speakers)

    Assessment of current physical and emotional capabilities

  • Introduce yourself

    Share about a time when you thought to yourself, There is no way I can do this.but somehow, you did it. What were the conditionsWhat made it possible for you to pull it off? What was the situation and how did you ultimately do it?


    On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest) how much self-efficacy do you think you have?Do you think self-efficacy is important?Do you have self efficacy regarding your current job? Did you have self efficacy before you took your present job? If not explain why.Whats the difference between self confidence and self efficacy to you?If your self efficacy is lower than you would like, what do you need to do to increase it?