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영어이메일 팁 총정리 by 래퍼유(해외영업 현직자)

Aug 17, 2014



영어이메일 팁 총정리 by 래퍼유(해외영업 현직자)

  • Red_ used often with ; * Verbal introductory TRANSITION WORDS Accordingly Indeed As a result Afterwards likewise Consequently Evidently Finally Furthermore Hence However Yet Meanwhile Moreover Nevertheless Therefore Thus For example For instance For this reason *On the contrary *On the other hand then In addition Additionally Just as I expected After all *At the same time As a matter of fact *By the way Fortunately In summary Otherwise *In the first place That is *In the mean time In conclusion *Needless to say *Under the circumstances *Without a doubt *In other words In fact Transition words
  • (1) Were ( Im) sorry to Unfortunately, (2) I am very sorry for ... I'm sorry that you were dissatisfied with ... I am/we are sorry for the confusion/mix up/misunderstanding to compensate for ... (3) will correct the situation it was embarrassing to discover that ... The least I can do is ...
  • (4) I was unsettled to hear that ... Express my regret much to my regret You were entirely right about ... (5) accept the blame for ... please accept my/our apology/apologies for ... My/our apology/apologies for any inconvenience I/we sincerely regret I/we sorely regret I hope this situation can be repaired/mended to your satisfaction -SHOW UNDERSTANDING
  • REQUESTS CLOSING_ We will be waiting for your response with patience Please give us a reply at your earliest convenience. Another one of your prompt response will be greatly appreciated We promise to provide you with results that meet and go beyond your expectation. Our staffs are pouring all out best effort in providing you the best results.
  • . -If I may suggest -we feel that it would best for you to -Have you considered being -in hope to provide you with a upmost quality data -whats your opinion on -Please play close attention to the details of
  • . -We promise to provide you with another one of our quality data -All Macrogens sequencing steffs are pulling the best available -Please trust that Macrogens sequencing teams is working days and nights to provide you with results that fulfill and go beyond your satisfaction. -Trust that Macrogen will always try our best in providing you the best quality data.
  • RESPONSE -Every compliment from my customers makes my tiring day so much better. -Every compliment coming from our customers make our day optimistic -Thank you for showing your appreciation, we will try to keep your expectation. -We are glad that our service was able to fulfill your satisfaction.
  • . -Thank you for reading such a demanding comment. -your attention for reading through such a long email is greatly appreciated. -Thank you for bearing with our long email.
  • CONFUSING WORDS AFFECT & EFFECT EFFECT / AFFECT / AMONGST & BETWEEN GROUP OF TWO GROUP OF THREE OR MORE BETWEEN YOU AND I YOU AND ME COMPARE TO COMPARE WITH EX. Dying is easy compared to giving a speech. EX. Public education doesnt compare with home schooling. CONTINUAL& CONTINUOUS , NEITHER & NOR Either & Or nor . either & or . .
  • COVINCE & PERSUADE. ACT EX. He persuaded me to settle out of court. (Always PERSUAD..TO) EX. He convinced me that I was negligent. (Always CONVINCEDTHAT & OF) FIRST & FIRSTLY INTRODUCING/ OPENING word. LISTING (first, second, third) PROCESS +go forward **we will process or your order / / PROCEED +go forward with **we will proceed with your order / PRECEDE +step / time reference. **A precedes B. +'to come before' (usually in time).
  • 1. Here This is not a university. Its a language school. Its not the same. = THIS 2. She likes art, museums and such kind of things things like that. 3. He cant come because he has been broken his arm. Not passive 4. This neighborhood is very safe, but be careful if you are going out alone. ARE GO IS NEVER CORRECT COMMON MISTAKE
  • 6. When I was very small, I had visited Spain, but I dont remember very well. I had visited=Past before another past 7. Ive been visiting visited seven countries since I was eleven years old. 8. We were disappointed. It was so stupid film. The film was so stupid It was such a stupid film (such noun & so adjective) 9. Have you come been to Korea, Randy? 10. I am in a bit of in a hurry 11. Ill date take her out this Saturday
  • 12. Would you please dont not ask me this question? 13. Yesterday I got was stressed 14. I went to home late Go home is special (idiom) 15. I dont know how to make a cook To cook is a verb A cook is noun 16. I have to lose my weight 17. When I was in high school I was a high schoolar 18. I broke up with my girlfriend
  • 20. Do you have a schedule this weekend? Are you doing anything this weekend? Do you have anything scheduled this weekend? 21. When did you take a trip to Japan? 22. I went played roller-skating last weekend Go roller-skating Went roller-skating 23. She looks like thin Look + adjective THIN 24. I cant go with you. I have another promise appointment Promise is not exactly
  • 25. John and Frank are intimate close friends 26. If you have the hiccups, you should stop breathing. your breath. 27. I just ran 3 blocks. I cant breathe. 28. I have never been to Lotteworld. 29. I will go to on a trip