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團隊研發能力 – 抗煞一號

Jan 04, 2016




團隊研發能力 – 抗煞一號. 二十天之內,完成抗煞一號的研發. Prototype System Architecture. Sample Flow. Monitor. Inject. output. Micro Pump. Computer. Signal Flow. Signal. CRP molecules. Biosensor. Signal. Amplifier IC. RF device. Batteries 12V. 動物實驗部分 - 生理信號之量測. 醫工系 趙福杉教授. Physical signal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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  • Prototype System ArchitectureBiosensorAmplifier ICSignalSignalRF deviceComputerInjectoutputCRP moleculesMicro PumpBatteries 12V

    Sample FlowSignal FlowMonitor

  • -Physical signal(Eg: Heat Rate)Pre-amplifierTransmitterdemoReceiver

  • -

  • 2006

  • The WAP-BioS ProjectWearableTo be

  • The WAP-BioS Project --WAP-BioS

  • The WAP-BioS Project Service Provider: 200410

  • Source:

  • GatewayGatewayInternetADSL3GBluetoothLow data rate, low power consumption, fast connectivity services, secure and reliable communication, Zigbee

  • -(WSN)WSN MIT Technology Review (2006) 2010 WSN nodes 1.27 ~1.85 41 million wireless sensor endpoints will be deployed for all industrial WSN applications in 2010 for a market worth $5.3 billion.36 million wireless sensor endpoints will be deployed for all commercial building WSN applications in 2010 for a market worth $1.4 billion: On-World, 2006

  • Application Stacks802.15.4 TransceiverMAC LayerNetwork LayerStar/Cluster/MeshApplication LayerIII SDK Framework IEEE802.15.4ZigBee AllianceSecurity LayerMCU8/16/32 bitIIICustomerApplicationChip Vendor

  • III ZigBee DevicesZigBee User BadgeBeacon / Router / Coordinator(Outdoor)Beacon / Router / Coordinator(Indoor)ZigBee USB DongleTemperature & Humidity SensorEnable ZigBee DeviceZigBee SDIO DongleZigBee ModuleZigBee RS232 Dongle

  • RFID RFID, radio frequency identification) RFIDRFIDRFID/ReaderRFID ReaderRFID TagApplicationPlatform

  • RFIDAn Example of How GTIN Integration Works With the EPC31234567890120000000123456890128Company Prefix Item Reference Check Digit )Illustrative Example (EAN-13): 12 34567 89012 8Remove Check DigitHeaderEPC Manager NumberObject Class NumberSerial NumberGTINEPC:

  • RFID (:Fujitsu)Livestock & animal managementStick RFID tags on books for automatic recognition of library & booksLibrary & book managementGate type antennaApparelJewelryLuxury watchMerchandise managementEmbed RFID in equipment/devices to enhance interactivity.AmusementManagement of chemical quantity/historyCheck/record of medical practiceMedical careManufacturing/DistributionIncoming & ShippingStorage & StockTransportation/ deliveryNon-contact, Rewritable & RecordableEnabling Virtual recognition of people and thingsTraceability Security monitoring Vehicle management

  • 2003RFID200410RFID200411RFID20056RFIDRFID

  • RFID ()