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[ 3 : ] hurt skirt

Dec 31, 2015




[ 3 : ] hurt skirt. [ə]. permission perhaps. [I]. trick without. [ e I ]. danger safety. [ 3 : ] hurt skirt. [ə]. permission perhaps. [I]. trick without. [ eI ]. anger safety. sister. brother. I have got a young _____. brother. sister. I have not got a young _____. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


[3:] hurtskirt[]permission

perhaps[I]trickwithout[eI]dangersafety[3:] hurtskirt[]permission

perhaps[I]trickwithout[eI]angersafetyI have got a young _____sisterbrotherI have not got a young _____brothersisterYes ,I must care about her/him

No, I mustnt care about her/himYes ,I should take her/him from school

No, I shouldn't take her/him from schoolwash the disheshelp father with his car My mother


My fathermustmustnt

Willing helpers To do the shopping

To pick up garbage [bd ] near the river

To collect secondhand books

A local hospital

To sweep paths [p ]

To do tricks

To rake leaves

To wash off graffiti[rfit]

To water flowers

To sew [s ] soft toys

To help elderly [eldl ]and lonely[lnl ]people

to pick up garbageTo help elderly and lonely peopleto rake leavesto water flowersto do tricksto help the children I think it isgreatboringa waste of timeusefulinterestingfunimportantto wash off graffitito collect secondhand booksto do the shoppingHomeworkS.B. ex 4p 42