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Energy Outlook Investment Report 2014:
EnvironmentEnergy Outlook Investment Report 2014:

Questions about the reliability, affordability and sustainability of our energy future often boil down to questions about investment. But are investors ready to commit capital…

Battery Storage: The New Energy Frontier
EnvironmentBattery Storage: The New Energy Frontier

Battery storage is emerging as an essential component of America's energy picture.

The Price of Climate Risks - Bob Litterman
EnvironmentThe Price of Climate Risks - Bob Litterman

Bob Litterman is the former head of risk at Goldman Sachs worldwide and now a partner in New York based hedge fund Kepos Capital. Bob is co-designer of the Black-Litterman…

Securing Rights, Combating Climate Change
EnvironmentSecuring Rights, Combating Climate Change

Presentation by WRI President and CEO Andrew Steer WRI/Resources and Rights Initiative (RRI) release of the report "Securing Rights, Combating Climate Change: How Strengthening…

India-Wildlife and People
EnvironmentIndia-Wildlife and People

Presentation made by Mayukh Chatterjee of Wildlife Trust of India at the one day workshop organized by on 28th June, 2014 on "Living in harmony…

Corporate Information Transparency Index (CITI)
EnvironmentCorporate Information Transparency Index (CITI)

The Corporate Information Transparency Index (CITI) is a new quantitative evaluation system designed to measure a brand’s performance in managing the environmental impacts…

ASK-EHS Company Introduction | Safety Services | EHS/HSE Consultants
EnvironmentASK-EHS Company Introduction | Safety Services | EHS/HSE Consultants

ASK- EHS Vision: "To Integrate EHS Aspects In All Human Endeavors To Bring Prosperity With Well-Being Of The People." ASK-EHS is capable of catering quality and…