How can I view documents online? Before deciding on any modifications you want to make to a PDF file or share a PDF file online, you first need to be able to view the PDF file. 

Many people use PDF file readers like Foxit to open PDF files online and view them. However, CUPDF's PDF file opener provides another option to view PDF files without having to download any software. With our free PDF viewer, online users can open pdf file online from any computer with an Internet connection. CUPDF allows users to zoom in on PDF files so that you can read the file more thoroughly and make any necessary changes. CUPDF online pdf editor and reader is free to use - and you can also embed pdf online. It's easier for the reading process to be.

5 Advantages of free online document viewer
1. Accessibility

You can view documents online from every web browser of any operating system, including a cell device. Autosave is enabled to ensure that you never lose what you're working on. 

2. Easy to use PDF viewer

Fed up with having to download additional software to view a PDF file? Use DocFly to view PDF online so you can quickly read and edit your files. No software downloads required.

3. Access files from anywhere

CUPDF is an online service and is accessible via any device connected to the internet. You can use our PDF viewer to access your file from your home, the office, or anywhere else.

4. Great tools, all platforms

Wondering how to view PDF, Mac & PC users? CUPDF's online PDF viewer works on all platforms. 

5. Open pdf file online

when viewing online a PDF file or other regular document file, you will have to download the file and open it in a separate application. However, currently, there is no need for software, you can open pdf file online easily. CUPDF is a free document viewer without downloading, just pdf embedder.

How to view PDF files online
Digital Platform

The perfect choice for viewing documents online, no need to read another digital book when you have CUPDF. Upload and live read comic books, books or technical documents on all equipment.

With the theme toggle function, you can hide/show surrounding items, making document viewing clearer and easier.

Steps to read PDF files:

- Visit website:

- Enter searching for document

- Select Popular Categories

- Click on each title you are interested in to read

It's annoying to have to install PDF reader software for your computer. Don't worry because CUPDF is available.

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