Document viewer and great benefits update 2022

The document viewer online is one of the current optimal solutions. Instead of having to pass various apps or software to read user documentation only use the unique document viewer that can solve all problems.With useful features, the document viewer is commonly used. Especially the majority of websites allow users to use it for free. Further security information is secure. Learn about the current common documentation viewer.

What is a document viewer?

A document viewer is an office tool used to read data files stored in common forms such as word, excel, pdf,...
Just use the unique document viewer you can do so much from view, and edit to the file sort explicitly.
Moreover, high security can help users store important documents.

File types can be viewed by document viewer:
  • Doc / Docx document viewer
  • Xls file reader / xlsx
  • See pdf file documentation
  • Ppt / pptx viewer
  • Txt text reader
  • Other documents and files: zip, rar,...
The main functionality of the document viewer:
  • Read and see the documentation
  • Document management
  • Edit documents
  • Zoom in and zoom out
  • Search for saved documents
  • Can attach documents to an email easily
  • Convert documents to different file formats such as pdf to word or otherwise quickly

9 Document viewer PDF viewer free

Pdf is the common file format used on all electronic platforms to store documents. The reason the pdf is increasingly popular is that it will keep the original state even though it is open on any platform.

However, to be able to see and read the pdf file you must have a support website. There's been a lot of websites to be born but not everything fits the user configuration. Program to read pdf easily:

1. Cupdf

Cupdf is a free pdf file reader. Besides, users can store and share documents with people. Users can post and store documents that they love not worrying about. Moreover, cupdf solves the problem of managing the document.

Advantage of Cupdf:

  • Read and edit pdf documents easily
  • Search for documents from giant material storage
  • Share a document directly without having to save a file on the machine
  • Allow sharing links on social platforms
  • Posting on pdf documents, doc, ppt quickly
  • Easily tracking, sorting, and managing documents
  • There is a direct interaction between users and viewers

2. PDF Foxit Reader

Pdf Foxit reader is considered as one of the fastest and most compact pdf document readers. Foxit reader allows users to create, and edit a pdf file quickly. In addition, the user can also note the note, set the password, and underline the pdf file.
Special features are enabled and allow users to protect their documents. Reader supports operating systems: Windows, Ios, Linux and website.
The main drawback is that only computer support is not available on mobile devices.

3. Nitro reader

Nitro PDF is a pdf file reader support editor that allows the creation of pdf files from various formats. Users can view and edit pdf files through add-ons like underline, comments,...
Not only allows you to read documents on your computer, but you can also edit and add notes. In addition, users can share pdf files through Google Drive, Box, OneDrive and Dropbox.

Advantage of Nitro reader:

  • Read all pdf files
  • Update quickly data
  • Live on text through underline, highlights,...
  • Compatible with the majority of operating systems
4. Adobe reader

Adobe reader is a widely used pdf reader. With the adobe reader who can quickly read, customize, or zoom. Specifically equipped with computer protection protection from malicious code.
Adobe reader allows users to annotate directly on the document. In addition to reading it can be edited with very simple manipulation.
Also, allow the format of format from pdf to word and excel and vice versa.

5. Free File Viewer

Free File Viewer allows Adobe PDF files and Microsoft office files. With useful features that help users see different file formats. You can see documents: pdf, text, binary files, audio files, image files, image files, and excel sheets. 

Advantage of Free File Viewer:

  • Support more than 200 types of files with different formats: doc, txt, jpg, gif, mp4,...
  • Show MS Office documents and pdf without adobe reader or ms
  • No cost and no installation
  • Make most user requests available
6. Gogopdf
Gogopdf is a website that supports conversions, compression, and split documents. Typically users can't send files that are too large, so Gogopdf was born and solved this problem.

Advantage of Gogopdf:

  • Sharing documents easily
  • Quickly, convenient to improve productivity
  • It's understandable to use not too much time to learn about the site

How to use Gogopdf:

  • Go to the website
  • Upload a pdf file to split.
  • Some options appear on the screen, click embed
  • Wait for completion and download a split file
7. Expert Reader

An expert PDF reader is a free product for windows.
With the most advanced features developed, expert pdf is selected by many people.
Similarly, other website expert readers help users view, annotate, edit, and print pdf files.

8. Javelin PDF Reader

If you're looking for a simple pdf file reading, the javelin pdf reader is a good choice for you.
The software allows users to open files and annotate information that they want. Support users who read pdfs very quickly and efficiently.
The Javelin pdf reader is supported using both ios and windows operating systems. However, the main drawback is that there are not many features such as other pdf file support software.

9. Cool PDF Reader

Cool pdf reader is a document viewer with a simple interface, optimizing the use of carefully studied use. In addition to reading, editing, and annotations, Cool Pdf is also able to zoom in, shrink and rotate documents.
Is used globally in 72 languages. Provide the ability to convert pdf files to another format. With many expansion features, Cool Pdf is a great pdf document reader who should note.

Advantage of Cool PDF Reader:

  • Connect with all the fast devices
  • The simple file editing process
  • Sign in easily

This is the most commonly used document viewer online that not only helps users read, and edit, but can also convert to various file formats.
If you're having trouble viewing files on your computer system, browsers are a reasonable choice for you.
Especially with the request not only to stop at the view, edit the document but also post, data sharing to the discussion, Cupdf is a suggestion for you. Cupdf is a free website to be used on phones, tablets and laptops.